What Crystals Can Do for Your Health, According to Science

share on PinterestNadine Greef/Stocksy United Crystals are pretty, mystic, and they capture the resource. They just might be one of the most popular trends in alternative medicine. It ’ mho believed by some that holding crystals or positioning them on respective areas of the body can give physical and mental benefits. The estimate is that crystals interact with the body ’ s energy playing field, creating balance and alignment.

many people use crystals for tension and concenter, while others believe that crystals have the exponent to heal physical ailments and illnesses. How a lot truth is there in the theory that crystals have the ability to heal the body ? Let ’ s take a count at crystal history, lore, and the science behind them to answer that wonder .

Crystal history

Crystals are a group of minerals. very merely, they ’ rhenium beautiful, semi-rare stones — some are clean and some have bright colors. Jude Polack, fall through and director of bewater, a company that sells crystal-infused water bottles, explains there is a farseeing history of crystals being used for wellbeing. “ Archaeological finds show that amber was in use for auspices and wellbeing as far back as 10,000 years ago in the UK, ” she says. “ Records from Ancient Sumer show that crystals were used for prosperity and health. ” In Egypt, Polack notes that multiple stones were used for medicative and ritual purposes, including :

  • lapis lazuli
  • turquoise
  • carnelian
  • emerald
  • quartz

According to Polack, Leonardo da Vinci reportedly kept a gem on his desk, claiming, “ Amethyst dispels evil thoughts and speeds up thinking. ”

Crystal lore

Some in the alternative music community believe these stones have real healing powers. One park impression is that crystals interact with the body ’ s energy fields, besides known as vibrational department of energy. The estimate is that crystals can redirect and re-channel energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations, helping to unblock areas of the body or energy field that have become “ stick. ” “ Crystals have potent healing powers, and when we touch them, healing is immediately activated, ” says cosmic energy therapist Eva Antoniadou. As the quartz glass vibrations interact with the body ’ s natural energetic frequency, the body is said to be left feel focused, relaxed, and clear. “ Crystals absorb energy from pressure and movement and convert it into an electronic frequency, ” says Polack. “ It ’ s this frequency, alone to each type of crystal, that users are relying on when working with crystals, and given that many pain and anxiety relief devices work on like principles, we do believe they can help in these areas. ” Methods of treating pain and early disorders with electrical current admit :

  • radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • electronic muscle stimulation (EMS)
  • transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Compared to these therapies, any frequency a crystal might emit would be infinitesimal .

Crystal science

When it comes to the science, there ’ mho about no tell to support crystal curative. Two researchers, the brothers Pierre and Jack Curie, conducted a study in 1880 and found that changing the temperature of crystals and putting press on them could create electricity. This is known as the piezoelectric effect. It ’ s used in engineering like :

  • microphones
  • quartz watches
  • inkjet printers
  • sonar
  • medical implants

The knead of the brothers Curie suggests that holding crystals may have a minor effect on the soundbox ’ s energy levels, though whether that effect can produce healing might is hush up for debate. Another study by C.C. french on crystals and curative was presented at two external conferences in 1999 and 2001 but never published in a peer-reviewed journal. In the study, 80 volunteers were given either substantial crystals or fakes. Six participants reported feeling nothing. The rest reported feeling a change in energy. In other words, the knock-off crystals were precisely as effective, which suggests that the placebo effect was working its charming. As psychologist Richard Wiseman told The Telegraph at the fourth dimension, “ It is suggestive that the baron of crystals is in the mind alternatively of in the crystals. ” tied some people who work with crystals hold the belief that the very exponent of crystals lies in the placebo effect. polack, for example, believes that crystals work through a combination of the placebo consequence and by creating changes in energetic frequency.

“ A combination of placebo, which is mighty in itself, and the previously mentioned energetic properties of certain crystals surely seem to have a real impact on the torso, ” she says .

What works and what doesn’t?

If you ’ re thinking about adding crystals into your health routine, it ’ s crucial to be naturalistic about what they can do and what they can ’ thymine .

Mental health disorders

Crystals are sometimes called on to support mental health conditions, like anxiety or depressive disorder .

There ’ s no scientific proof that crystals have any significant effect on energy, emotions, or mental health. Don ’ thymine replace aesculapian treatment for anxiety, depression, and other diagnosable conditions with crystals .

alternatively, use them to create a sense of being grounded and centered while besides following your doctor ’ s or psychologist ’ sulfur advice. Plus, if you feel that crystals are helping, it ’ sulfur always worth using them, tied if it is just the placebo effect at play. Crystals can provide documentation, not discussion .

Improving mood or outlook

Crystals can provide accompaniment when you ’ re feeling down or stressed besides. fair as they can provide support for genial health issues, crystals can help you boost your mood. They can be used as a cock to invoke feelings of :

  • grounding
  • connection
  • spiritual meaning
  • purpose
  • a sense of something greater than yourself

This likely has more to do with your relationship to the crystal rather than the crystal itself .

Pain and illness

While some crystal practitioners believe that crystals can help with real, physical ailments, there have so far to be any scientific studies to support this theory. “ We never advise using crystals to treat illness or wound, although there surely are many who do, ” says Polack .

While using crystals likely won ’ thyroxine hurt you, follow your doctor ’ randomness steering when it comes to physical injury, chronic pain, or illness. The more support you have from different modalities, the better. That doesn ’ metric ton mean crystals can ’ thyroxine be one joyride in your toolbox .


Some studies show that crystals have the office to create an electrical appoint, but that ’ s about all the evidence shows. While it ’ randomness ill-defined how much this affects your department of energy battlefield, it ’ mho clear that many people believe that they benefit from using crystals. “ ultimately crystals are, in our feel, as individual in their electric potential impression as the person using them, ” says Polack. We may never know for certain whether crystals help us through energy or through the placebo effect. still, angstrom farseeing as you don ’ triiodothyronine waive checkup care, crystals may be a helpful addition to your health practice.

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