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Although not light armor, the bracers of armor can accept magic armor special abilities

The Arms and Equipment Guide says

A character who has the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item feats, angstrom well as mage armor and all the early prerequisites necessary, can add the armor especial abilities … to a located of bracers of armor. The cost is the lapp as for adding a special ability to normal armor : an addition in the effective bonus of the bracers. just as magic armor can never exceed a +8 [ note : Should be +5 ] enhancement bonus, bracers of armor never provide more than a +8 armor bonus. however, especial abilities can increase the effective bonus deoxyadenosine monophosphate high as +13 ( bracers +8 with an ability valued at +5, such as heavy fortification ). ( 130 )

The sidebar continues, explaining, for case, how to add epic poem magic trick armor limited abilities to bracers of armor. Although written for Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition, these rules were n’t updated to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, so they remain legal in the distinctive Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign but are national to child adjustments by the DM.

besides, not only can bracers of armor have magic armor particular abilities, but according to an example on page 221 of the Magic Item Compendium, bracers of armor +1 or better can besides have attached to them a least or lesser augment quartz glass, and, by extension, bracers of armor +3 or better can have attached to them a greater augment crystal. ( Note, however, that the exercise is reverse to the text that says lesser and greater augment crystals can alone be attached to items with a charming enhancement bonus. )
Although not explicitly stated, bracers of armor do n’t interfere with a monk ‘s special abilities, the armor bonus coming as it does from a match of charming armbands. ( The DMG ‘s NPC monks ( 118-9 ) even have bracers and do n’t suffer because of them, for model. )

…Or maybe wear a beekeeper’s outfit

This requires a generous DM. The beekeeper ‘s equip ( Arms and Equipment Guide 22, 29 ) ( 9 general practitioner ; 4 pound. ) is not armor so far it grants the wearer a +6 armor bonus to Armor Class “ against attacks from stinging and biting creatures that are size Fine ” ( 29 ). That aforementioned generous DM may rule that because the beekeeper ‘s outfit provides an armor bonus ( albeit one that lone functions in very specific circumstances ), a masterwork beekeeper ‘s kit is eligible to receive magic trick armor special abilities. This is n’t something I ‘d count on, though .

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