Style and Beauty Secrets from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

CMT ‘s collision series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders : Making the team is in its eleventh season, and there ‘s distillery then much to learn about how the ladies keep up their iconic look during four-hour games ! From their bras to the boots, here are 13 things about their beauty and style that we learned from the cheerleaders themselves and their longtime squad leaders .

1 ) They do their own hair and makeup for games. “ Most people would assume we would have it done for us ! ” says Danielle, a 5-year veteran of the team. “ however, for photograph shoots in uniform, or calendar shoots on the beach, we do have a glam squad of professionals to help us out. ”

2 ) They can’t have red lips or red nails. Since the ’80s, “ We ‘ve gone from crimson fingernails to nude and natural nails. We ‘ve gone from red lips to nude, ” says Kelli Finglass, the Director of the DCC. They do n’t need to make such a dramatic makeup statement anymore thanks to the 60-yard high-definition screen they ‘ve got today .

3 ) They wash their own uniforms. Football players may get their uniforms laundered on-site, but not sol for the cheerleaders ! “ It ‘s gotten a small trickier since we added crystals to the stars, ” says Finglass. But now the stars sit on a velcro root, so they ‘re removable. Says Judy Trammell, the team ‘s choreographer, “ The white fabric is a polyester and it does n’t wrinkle ; You can put it in the wash machine, you do n’t have to have it cleaned. ”

4 ) They have to wear their hair down… even for practice. “ Most dancers and cheerleaders are used to having their hair pulled back, but that is not the casing if you ‘re a DCC, ” says Melissa, a 3rd-year vet. “ We not entirely have our haircloth styled and down the entire game, but our dances about always have some shape of ‘hairography. ‘ ” Says Danielle, a 5th year vet from Long Island, New York ( below ). “ One thing I ‘ve learned from my have hera with DCC is setting my hair in rollers. I will curl my hair and set them in Velcro rollers astir top and pin the rest until usher time. This helps with volume and keeps the lock long ! ”

” We love back-teasing haircloth at the base of the root and using hair spray to keep all that flipping hair out of our faces, ” says Melissa ( below ). “ I use ‘Spray and Play ‘ or ‘Spray and Play Harder ‘ by Big Sexy Hair. Both have great holding power but be sure your hair’s-breadth is where you want it to be before spraying because it will be there all night ! Start with the back of the pate of the point, act to the sides, and finally end at the movement. Tease in layers, let set, and then smooth out for hair that lasts all game day. ”

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ARLINGTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 3 : Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform during a preseason game against the Houston Texans at AT & T Stadium on September 3, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys defeated the Texans 21-14. ( Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images )

5 ) Finding long-lasting makeup is key. “ To keep our smasher workplace in station we all use primers, ” says Jennifer, a 4th-year vet from Plano, Texas. “ urban Decay makes my favored eyeshadow flat coat. A commodity foundation, like NARS or Makeup Forever, can badly go a long way in keeping us Jumbotron-pretty even in fourthly quarter. ” The ladies besides all love Zinc Beauty, a makeup line created by the DCC makeup artist of more than 15 years, Peggy Segundo. Says Jennifer, “ Zinc is a customizable organic smasher line for each peel timbre. Each customer gets a particular formula that matches them 100 %. ”

Ardell, Urban Decay, Sexy Hair, Zinc Beauty
Ardell, Urban Decay, Sexy Hair, Zinc Beauty

6 ) Lashes are really important. “ define lashes are besides a game changer, ” says Jennifer. “ Some girls get extensions, but I personally use Ardell strip lashes, # 105. ”

7 ) They have to wear sheer hosiery with their uniform. “ They wear skin-toned hosiery with the uniform, ” says Finglass. “ They ‘ve all found the brands they individually like. It ‘s got to be sheer, and it ca n’t peak out of the undifferentiated, like it ca n’t be ‘reinforced ‘ anything like that because it has to look identical natural. They supply their own hosiery. ”

8 ) They get their haircuts and color taken care of for the whole year. “ They do appearances year-round and they do have to maintain the look we established and the expect they have in their promotion photos, ” says Finglass. “ They go to our official salon, Tangerine, in Dallas and have appointments for alimony all year retentive. That ‘s actually kind of exciting and that ‘s a very fun perk up specially for the girls that come from small towns and went to a short local smasher living room and then you come to this Dallas salon with two stories, 20 stylists, and equipment that looks like you could fly to the moon in it. It ‘s truly quite glamorous. ”

9 ) … And their tans! “ They have memberships at Palm Beach Tan and Planet Tan in Dallas, ” says Finglass. “ Most of them now use the spray on tans like Mystic Tan and Versa. ” But they ‘re not into custom contoured impermanent soundbox makeup. “ They do n’t have the time and they ‘re sweating excessively much in the 3 1/2, 4 hours of maneuver, ” she says .

DCC beauty secrets
Courtesy Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
10 ) They wear their own bras. “ The girls bring their own bras in, ” says Finglass. “ We tie the blouse around the brassiere and keep everything in place. We ‘ve considered and are actually possibly going to have discussions about creating custom bras, but the cheerleaders are all shaped differently and have their favorites. ”

11 ) Those boots weren’t always comfortable. “ When we beginning got them, it was more troublesome because the girls had to go through blisters. We had to figure out the best means to stretch them., ” says Finglass. “ But they ‘ve been so much improved they ‘ve been able to wear them and dance in them right aside alternatively of having to go through that process of having your feet get worn out and callus. This year seems to be a big improvement. ” Cheerleader Robin, below, poses with this class ‘s raw, light kick style from Lucchese .

DCC beauty secrets
Courtesy Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
12 ) They all wear special socks under them. “ We all like to wear different socks with our Lucchese Boots, it equitable depends how they fit individually, ” says Jinelle, a 5th-year vet from Australia ( below ). “ The Lucchese team customizes our boots. They visit during the summer to properly fit each DCC and to ensure we all receive a perfective pair. Some like very chummy, addled socks for an extra cozy fit, however in this Texas inflame, I prefer a slender sock, as it allows me to feel grounded on the turf and better able to maneuver the boots. Of course, my plot day socks are ‘Australian ‘ theme ! We all have our small superstitions for game day, and acts as a little slice of home for me, which I love getting to wear when I cheer on the boy ! ”

DCC beauty secrets
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13 ) .. .But they don’t get to keep the boots! “ They kind of recycle them and use them for drill boots the future class, ” says Finglass. “ The first year we did the Lucchese bang, that year ‘s team got to keep one trophy kick. ”

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