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Yes, you want to show self-esteem and assurance with nipple jewelry showing under your tops but after piercing, you need to keep your nipples dry thus that they can heal .
You shouldn ’ triiodothyronine expose your hurt nipples but you need to wear a brassiere that does not cause pain, discomfort, or wetness. Your nipple needs a dry environment to heal faster and sol breathable framework like cotton is always the best. Remember to besides choose the right brassiere match for your breasts since a taut brassiere will cause discomfort and irritate your nipple, slowing down the convalescence action .
After I got my nipples pierced, the American Trends Sports Bras was my favored because it is comfortable, easy to wear, and you can distillery use it after your nipples have healed .
Getting the best bra to wear after nipple piercing doesn ’ metric ton indigence you to buy one brassiere after another until you ’ rhenium lucky .
We ’ ve tested several bras and spoken with long-time users so that you don ’ t have to go through all that. When you click on our links and better your life with a leverage, we ’ ll earn a humble commission at absolutely no extra price to you .

The Best Bra to Wear after Nipple Piercing

Editor’s Choice

American Trends Women Sports Bras for Women High Impact Support for Yoga Gym Running Workout Fitness Strappy Sports Bra with Padded Removable Cups. One of the best bras for pierced nipples

With its stylish cross halter design, American Trends Sports Bra is the perfect brassiere for showing a sexy backline and highlighting a personalize front neckline .
It is made of lightweight, moisture-wicking, elastic, and comfortable framework to make you enjoy the joy of drill. It besides does not irritate your skin therefore your nipples can heal faster and pain-free after piercing. The brassiere cups are padded to conceal your nipples but they ’ rhenium obliterable so if you feel that they are causing any irritation you can always get rid of them .
The brassiere ’ s breathable material keeps moisture aside to create a conducive environment for your paps to heal. Since this is a sports brassiere, it gives you the correctly come of corroborate without pinching your skin .
Your nipple has soft weave and milk ducts and so the concluding thing you would want is a brassiere that causes you pain and discomfort after making holes in your nipples. The best thing is that you can use this brassiere as an everyday brassiere since it is fashionable with a crisscross halter purpose at the spinal column .
What Reviewers Like

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric to keep moisture away
  • Removable cups to meet your comfort needs
  • Beautiful design for everyday wear
  • Sports design for versatile use such as yoga and running
  • Easy to clean by hand

What they Don ’ t Like

  • The halter back design might be limiting when wearing open back tops and dresses

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Closure Cotton Bra. Best bra to wear after nipple piercing

A brassiere with a front settlement is the best for support when your nipple hoist is healing and the Fruit of the Loom Front Closure bra does the job well .
This brassiere is a popular choice for recovering breast surgery patients and so you can be certain that it ’ ll offer you the ease and support you need when recovering .
It is made with 95 % cotton so it does not irritate your nipple or interrupt the curative march. The full-coverage invention makes it comfortable so you can wear it all day without having to deal with side boobs or spillage .
Whether you have heavy or saggy breasts, wide stage set breast, or breasts that diverge on your chest, this one has a sports brassiere design so you will appreciate the combination of practicality, comfort, and versatility. fruit of the Loom is one of the most reputable brands that have been in the business for over 160 years therefore over the years they have perfected the art of creating a high-quality bra to wear after nipple piercing .
A shopper's positive review on Amazon for Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Closure Cotton Bra
material : 95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex
What Reviewers Like

  • Soft cotton material that feels good on the skin
  • Front closure for easy adjustment
  • Versatile wear from the gym to work
  • Simple and minimalist design
  • Manufactured by a reputable brand

What they Don ’ t Like

  • Non-traditional sizing but you can use the chart to find your ideal size
  • It’s made of cotton, so it doesn’t dry as fast as Nylon or Polyester

Is it best to wear a bra after nipple piercing? Yes, the best bra for wounded nipples is Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette.

This Calvin Klein cotton bralette is everything you need for comfort after piercing your nipples. It is made from a blend of cotton, modal auxiliary verb, and elastane, a breathable and comfortable combination that feels gentle on the skin and does not irritate .
Like any Calvin Klein product, it ’ second stylish and you would want to show it off. It has the brand ’ s signature count with a logo set at the bottom and a racerback plan .
When healing your nipple pierce, you will need a cup-less brassiere since it is breathable and keeps the area dry throughout the day. It is easy to wear with no hooks and no underwire so this adds to the comfort when you ’ re wearing the brassiere all day .
For Amerrin, this brassiere was perfective for her girlfriend after she got her nipples pierced .
A buyer's feedback on Amazon for Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette
material : 53% Cotton/ 35% Modal/ 12% Elastane
What Reviewers Like

  • Beautiful and classic minimalist design
  • Soft and breathable material for all-day comfort
  • Easy to wear design with no hooks
  • A brand reputable for durability
  • Versatile for sports and daily wear

What they Don ’ t Like

  • No cups or padding

DELIMIRA Women's Lace Plus Size Wire-Free Non-Foam Comfort Cotton Bra. One of the best wireless bra for plus size women

Plus size girls are in luck with the Delimira cotton brassiere. It has a simple design and you will love the bare fluent look and the adjustable back straps .
A immediate glance at the brassiere makes you will realize that comfort is at the kernel of this brassiere design. It has across-the-board movement straps, it is wire-free, and the cups are lightly lined. All these features are meant to keep you comfy while your nipple is recovering .
The cotton material is breathable so you will stay dry all day. Despite DELIMIRA being a simple brassiere that is meant for quilt, the graphic designer hush adds some feminine touches like a indulgent neckline and some lace trimming at the front .
What Reviewers Like

  • A light lining as opposed to padded cups for comfort and a natural look
  • Breathable material for comfort and dryness
  • Wire-free design and wide straps for support
  • Beautiful minimalist design with a soft feminine touch
  • Easy to wear with an adjustable back

What they Don ’ t Like

  • Runs small so get one cup size up

Bali Women's Double-Support Cotton Wirefree Bra DF3036. Best bra for healing nipple piercing

The Bali brassiere will give you all the quilt and documentation you need to heal after nipple piercing. It is made with a breathable cotton fabric that keeps your areola dry and invalidate pique. This is a bivalent digest brassiere so you do not need an underwire to give your breasts a elevation. It is besides seamless so no harsh seams or elastic bands are pressed into your hide. The cups have a smooth inside cotton lining so they give you all-day comfort without you feeling constricted .
aside from comfort, the creators of this brassiere have not compromised on design. It has a minimalist design so you can use it as an casual brassiere but it however has some alone touches like a battlefront trim and a bow to add a feminine reach. For proper fit, the seller provides you with a guide to make sure that you ordering the perfect fit for your brassiere .
A customer's review on Amazon Bali Women's Double-Support Cotton Wirefree Bra DF3036
substantial : 86% Cotton/ 14% Spandex
What Reviewers Like

  • Soft seamless cups with interior cotton lining for comfort
  • No underwire to enhance comfort when wearing the bra all-day
  • Beautiful minimalist design with unique touches
  • A detailed guide to help you order the perfect fit.
  • Great support with double support feature

What they Don ’ t Like

  • Hand wash only is recommended

Vermilion Bird Women's 3 Pack Seamless Comfortable Sports Bra with Removable Pads for covering perforated mammilla

The Vermilion Bird Women’s bras come in a pack of three and they are a perfect choice for comfort and tractability. This is one of the versatile brassiere that you can wear for influence, sleep, and flush your dawn nudge due to its adaptable design. At beginning glance, you will notice the detail that goes into making the brassiere starting from the high-quality double layer knitted construction to wide and stretchable straps, best for support and comfort .
For ease, the brassiere is made from a soft and breathable substantial that stays in place the solid day without making you feel restricted. The straps are wide to avoid digging into your skin and it has a stretchable fabric that accommodates your size. Unlike other bras that come in a limited size range, this brassiere comes in all sizes from small to 5X large .
Victoria Love admits that this brassiere has been her best purchase after getting her nipples pierced last year .
“ I ’ ve had these bras for about 2.5 months and honestly, credibly one of the best purchases I made in 2021. I got them to wear constantly after I got my nipples pierced. They are fabulously easy and comfortable. They are bang-up lounge bras .
The merely downside is they don ’ t have a lot of support. They won ’ metric ton keep the girls close to your chest to entirely wear while doing yoga, but the comfort is par none. I didn ’ metric ton buy them for exercise, so that wasn ’ t an issue for me, but some people may be looking for that. If you have more coverage cups that you could put in them, then that might help besides. ”
material : 96% Nylon/ 4% Spandex
What Reviewers Like

  • Soft and breathable material to keep you comfortable all-day
  • Removable cups in case they start irritating your nipples
  • Double knitted design for durability
  • Versatile everyday wear for sports, sleeping, and work
  • Easy to wear with pull on closure
  • A large chart size that accommodates everyone from petite to plus size

What they Don ’ t Like

  • Simple design, not sexy

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Bra to Wear After Nipple Piercing

1. Soft and breathable material

It is advisable to buy a brassiere with soft and breathable material for comfort. After piercing your nipple, your skin might feel sensitive and you want something soft on the peel. The best framework is natural cotton because it feels good on the bark. Some materials like lace are not recommended because they are likely to irritate your clamber .
Wound healing requires a dry environment and therefore the material you choose should besides be breathable to keep moisture away. Cotton is the most perspiration absorbing fabric but it needs to be combined with spandex to make it sweat-wicking .

2. Easy to wear

When trying to heal your nipples after piercing the last matter you want is your clothing putting pressure on the wounds or nipple jewelry. It ’ s thus advisable to choose a brassiere that is easy to wear. If you decide to wear one with hooks and eyes, make certain the blockage is adjustable and easily to hook. stretchable bras without hooks and straps are the best because they are easy to wear then you can focus on bring around and not on adjusting the brassiere all the time. You ’ ll besides not have a problem with such a brassiere fitting your band and cup size .

3. Removable cups

A brassiere with obliterable cups can be very helpful after nipple piercing. Some bras have very harsh cup materials that can irritate the skin around the hurt nipple. It is advisable to get a brassiere with removable cups so that you can remove them when the motivation arises. When your nipples ultimately heal you can do away with the cups and continue wearing the brassiere normally. We have bras with in-built cups that are however good to wear after nipple piercing. The flim-flam is to make certain that the cups are lined well and are not heavily padded .

4. Comfort

comfort can never be underestimated when it comes to buying a thoroughly brassiere. You will appreciate the comfort of a thoroughly brassiere when your pierced nipples are recovering. With a comfortable brassiere, you do not have to deal with the extra annoyance of the bands or seams squeezing into your bark weave. Some of the qualities of a comfortable brassiere include wide straps, seamless bands, and a brassiere without an under-wire. A comfortable brassiere might not be sexy but it will keep you feeling effective throughout the sidereal day .

5. Sports bra design

Sports bras are known for comfort. If your nipples are recuperating, you might want to get a brassiere designed for sports. The wide straps and full moon coverage design are substantive to keep you comfortable. The best thing is that you do not have to keep changing the brassiere depending on the affair. You can use a unmarried brassiere for sports, influence, and flush sleep with it. If you recently got a acute, get a brassiere like American Trends Sports Bras that you can wear to a variety of activities so that you save money .

FAQs: Is it best to wear a bra after nipple piercing?

What are the nipple piercing risks?

The risk of infection is always with nipple pierce. Some common risks include HIV, Hepatitis B, or tetanus. These risks are common if you use equipment that is not sterilized well during the pierce procedure. Pierced nipples take 6 months or more to heal and some infections can occur if you do not take caution of the wind properly. Proper aftercare is important to ensure that no harmful bacteria are introduced into the hoist. You can protect your nipple injure by rinsing it with ocean salt at least twice a day and wearing the correct clothe like cotton bras that keep moisture aside .

How much does nipple piercing cost?

The cost of nipple pierce has a ballpark figure of $ 60. But it varies drastically depending on diverse factors like the pierce studio that you choose and besides the type of metallic element jewelry that you want to use. Some metals are expensive so if you want to get an expensive one the overall cost of piercing will go high. If you want to pierce a individual nipple the cost will likely get lower .

How long does it take for a nipple piercing to heal?

A pierce nipple can take six months or more to recover. This is a hanker time considering that piercings on other parts of the body take a shorter time to heal. Since nipples are concealed and you have to keep them under clothes constantly, the recovery process takes a long time because of moisture. The weave around the area is sensitive so this makes convalescence take even longer. however, you can fasten the healing process by doing the right aftercare and wearing the right type of bras and clothes. If you notice anything abnormal make surely that you consult a doctor to prevent the trouble from getting worse .

Can you wear a bra after nipple piercing?

Yes, you can wear a brassiere after perforating your nipples. Some experts even argue that a brassiere might aid the mend process by giving you the necessitate support. however, the magic trick is to wear the justly type of brassiere. Make indisputable that you wear a band-aid in the begin until the healing scabs fall off. After that wear a breathable brassiere with a soft and non-irritating. Maintaining hygiene during this period is important to avoid infections so make certain that you change your brassiere every day to avoid infections caused by roll up bacteria .

How to wear a bra after nipple piercing

The right way to wear a brassiere immediately after nipple pierce is to wear it on acme of a breathable band-aid. Wearing the brassiere directly might cause bleeding as the brassiere stresses the skin or the jewelry. You have to wait for some time before you wear the brassiere directly onto the nipple hide. When the nipple starts healing and the nipple scabs fall off, make sure that you avoid wearing close bras. You need a brassiere with the correct support but at the same fourth dimension, you do not need a besotted one that will interfere with the mend procedure .

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