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During the Aztec time period in the country of Mexico, the clothes that women wore were an important symbol of their marital condition. The typical tradition was for the boy ’ s mother to put ’ sulfur stigmatize new blouse on the bridget to show that she was about to get marry. Another objet d’art of dress that was symbolic for showing marital status was a skirt that would be a wedding endow from the prepare ’ s beget. It is tradition for the mother of the groom to lay down the annulus on a entangle. For the male, the bride ’ mho mother would get him a cape and tie it on him. similarly to the skirt, the bride ’ south mother would buy the stableman a breechcloth and place it before him as a give. These are the usual garments would wear in order to show that a man and womanhood were getting married. These two garments were authoritative because, at the end of the ceremony, the bride and the stableman will tie the crown and blouse together to show they are joined.

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The clothe of the men and women was simple and was all made of cotton. When young girls reached the old age of 4 they would begin to wear short skirts and blouses. Once they reached the age of seven they would wear what their mothers would wear, which would just be a longer annulus. There is no actual evidence that states that women wore a specific hardening of clothes to attract men and vice versa. normally, men would only wear a breechcloth but alone when they reached the long time of five. Before that, it was a custom that very young children, both girls, and boys would not wear anything. Unlike today ’ second acculturation wear showing more clamber is a popular means of attracting the diametric sexual activity, the Aztecs were accustomed to that room of animation. Before the Spaniards came and colonized them, there was more skin than dress. When they say the first army come to conquer them, they were all surprised at how much armor they were wearing because it was out of the average for them to see that. just as the Aztecs were surprised by the spanish army, the spanish united states army was shocked at the miss of invest that the aztec people of Mexico had.

There were three types of people who lived in the Aztec period of Mexico, the common people, the upper class, and the military. As I mentioned earlier, the people of the aztec culture would wear a breechcloth, but if they wanted to show a higher social standing it would have embellishment or fringes on the end, this besides applied to women on their skirts. The upper class consists of religious leaders who wore clothe that was adorned much more than a common person. The symbols would be meaningful, and the bright the colors the more esteemed the person was. The military invest was wholly different from that of the baronial class or common people. They were considered heroes and would wear medals and jewels to be more detectable when they walked around the village.

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