Here’s your glimpse into Civil War-era clothing

There ’ s no denying the fact that fashion trends change over prison term. Think back to what we were wearing 10 years ago … or 20. The clothing choices of our past are absurd. But when we go even further back, to the days of discomfort and dysfunction, that affirmation is brought to an extreme point. wartime clothes and civilian wear alike was wholly different in the 1860s. Bonnets and skirs abounded, and war uniforms were hot and rarely functional .
Take a look at just how unlike the clothing was during these times — and consider how life might have been in wearing these complicated rigs. ( And with no breeze conditioning — we shudder at the think. ) together, we consider good how far military wear has come and how function meets daily operations .
Solider uniforms
Here’s your glimpse into Civil War-era clothingPlate 172 of the “Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies,” containing illustrations of uniforms worn by Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War (US Department of War)
Considering we were fighting ourselves, it ’ s not hard to believe that solid uniforms — Union and Confederate alike — were quite alike. The main differentiation between sides were the colors and footwear.

Union soldiers wore a navy blue top and a lighter blue on their pants. They besides wore black boots that were cuffed with white ankle coverings. meanwhile, Confederate soldiers wore grey pants, grey tops, and black boots. The cuts and manners in which gear was worn were identical alike, most notably, a roll battalion on the back and spike bayonet on the rifle .
Women’s clothing
Here’s your glimpse into Civil War-era clothingAn example of a Civil War-era field nurse dress (Daisy Viktoria, YouTube) meanwhile, women wore big, billowing dresses that flowed out with hoop undergarments. Gloves, bonnets and button-down boots were besides day by day norms. These fancier outfits were common at the meter for women who spent their days socializing. But after the attack of the war, dresses became less detailed and certain accessories, like gloves, were frequently done away with all in all. Higher classes still dressed to impress, while those who joined war efforts had to opt for more practical wear .
Working dresses were most often long sleeved and accompanied by aprons. Classes normally wore different types of fabrics, besides. With lower class opting for cotton or coarse materials, while upper class chose fabrics with big patterns, stripes, and textures like velvet and silk.

due to the high death rate of the war, all classes normally owned black outfits to express their mourn after losing a love one .
Men’s wear

Those who were not fighting had their own style of dress during the Civil War. rich men normally wore suits and hats. Suits had big long coats and hats were tall and wide-brimmed. The think summons at the time was that excess fabric monetary value more money, indeed clothes were frequently big and billow. Dresses besides had overindulgence fabrics on the skirts.

While working classes break big, unaffixed pants that were normally held up with suspenders. Loose, long-sleeved cotton shirts topped off the look with a bind or ascot for style, and tall boots .
Kids wear
Here’s your glimpse into Civil War-era clothingExamples of tunics, button-pants and other typical clothing for boys in era of the American Civil War. (Reenacting 1860s Life – American Civil War era, YouTube) Kids were normally dressed in clothe very alike to their parents … just light. For case, dresses and trousers were normally mid-calf level for girls and boys, respectively. This was to differentiate kids ’ invest. It besides allowed kids to wear the lapp pieces as they grew improbable. The main difference was younger males who wore dresses, which traditionally took position until or around the age of 5. however, this custom changed around the 1860s — the starting signal of the war — when young boys began wearing knickerbockers, which were wide-legged pants that buttoned at the knee .

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