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BTS' Suga's Cologne

Calling Out ARMY To Try BTS’ Suga’s Favorite Cologne Here!

During BTS ’ Suga ‘ s forwarding while releasing his second gear solo mixtape as Agust D entitled Daechwita, the man whose wax name is Min Yoon-gi besides held a live air on the V Live app on May 28, 2020. Suga explained the details of the mixtape which contains 10 songs inside it .
In the live broadcast, BTS ’ Suga said that he was in his dormitory room. There, fans besides spotted diverse perfumes that the man who was born in 1993 might wear. curious about what kind of perfume BTS ’ Suga uses ? Don ’ triiodothyronine skip any information in the article below to get to know more about BTS ’ Suga ’ s cologne !

BTS ’ Suga ’ s Cologne : Boy Chanel

BTS' Suga's Cologne - Boy Chanel
Les Exclusives De Chanel perfume creates a unique scent of herb and wood. This cologne is the most expensive brand, Boy Chanel. even though the identify is Boy Chanel and it ’ south included in the male aroma category, there are besides many girls who like this aroma.

As an open bouquet or peak note, Boy Chanel uses grapefruit, lavender, and lemon. And, in the in-between notes, geranium, orange flower, and rose. finally, the aroma is closed with a softer aroma such as bloodstone coumarin, sandalwood, vanilla, moss, and white musk. That ’ second why this perfume is more desirable to be included in the unisex perfume category than homo aroma .
price : $ 350

BTS ’ Suga ’ s Cologne : Artisan Fragrance 4.2 OZ

BTS' Suga's Cologne - Artisan Fr
One flush heavier, this John Varvatos Artisan has a characteristic citrus, piquant, floral, and masculine arboraceous bouquet. When viewed from the concept of packaging, brand, and bouquet, indeed John Varvatos has a contemporary device .
The perfume bottle itself is shaped like a flask and is wrapped in warm brown university rattan packaging. This perfume has a bouquet with top notes such as sicilian clementine, tangelo, Mexican tangerine, aromatic thyme, oregano, and greek lavender .
The in-between notes include north african orange tree bloom, indian Murraya, orange jasmine tree, and ginger extracts. It is topped with notes of kephalis, georgywood, belambre, and serenolide. It can be seen that in terms of aroma combination, John Vervatos is more building complex than the former perfume. not amazingly, this perfume has become one of the favored perfumes among boys .
This perfume, which was launched in 2009, has a mix of classical and contemporaneous fragrances perfect for the modern valet. The odorize is made of fresh and affectionate Sisiloa clementine and marjoram.

monetary value : $ 102.12

BTS ’ Suga ’ s Cologne : Paco Rabanne

BTS' Suga's Cologne - Paco Raban
You could say this is one of the most popular perfumes from Paco Rabanne. Through the description of the bouquet of this perfume through its official web site, Poco Rabanne Invictus has a clean and bracing character according to the box in the form of a trophy. This aroma consists of acme notes of grapefruit, marine accord, and mandarin orange. The center notes include jasmine and bay flick, and the nucleotide notes include ambergris, patchouli, oakmoss, and lignum vitae wood .
This means that this aroma gives a clean impression when just applied, then begins to soften and closes with a slightly fleshy and woody bouquet. I think this is the right combination of fresh, newly, and woody fragrances. With a fragrant character like this Paco Rabanne Invictus, it ’ south truly desirable for everyday activities .
price : $ 122.00

BTS ’ Suga ’ s Cologne : Viktor rollo

BTS' Suga's Cologne - Viktor Rol
As the name implies, Spice Bomb has a lot of spice scents. The Viktor Rolf Spice Bomb would seem excessively masculine for women to wear. But, it turns out that many women besides like this bouquet because even though it is quite arboraceous, this is not a characteristic of a heavy or warm woodwind bouquet .
For the notes of this aroma, the top notes are elemi, pink pepper, grapefruit, and bergamot. The middle notes include sweet pepper, cinnamon, and orange yellow, and the base notes include leather, tobacco, and vetiver. The Viktor Rolf Spice Bomb has a clean, hot aroma coupled with fresh notes of bergamot and a blend of wine.

price : $ 92.00
well, that is all of the information about BTS ’ Suga ’ sulfur cologne brands and the prices. Are you concern in trying each of these colognes ? If you like this article, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to share it on your sociable media and delay for another matter to article from Channel-Korea !

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