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If you ’ ve never been to a chinese marriage before you may be wondering what colors are appropriate for guests to wear. taiwanese weddings have a few different rules and customs than western weddings. Color plays a big function in chinese culture, so it ’ randomness crucial that you don ’ thymine offend the bride and stableman by wearing the wrong color. Colors to Avoid Wearing to a Chinese Wedding- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers


Red is a identical important color in taiwanese acculturation. It symbolizes happiness, joy, and prosperity. You can expect to see a set of crimson at a chinese wedding. Most notably, many Chinese brides will wear a red dress at some point during their marry, even if they opt for a white western wedding gown for the ceremony. absolutely avoid wearing any shade of bolshevik to a chinese wedding as it will not entirely come across as disrespectful, it could besides confuse vendors such as the marry photographer who will expect the bride to be in that discolor .


White is a big no-no in terms of marry overdress for both Western and chinese weddings. not alone do many modern chinese brides wear a white gown for their marriage ceremony, but whiten is besides symbolic of death in chinese culture. Be certain to avoid colors that could pass as white such as cream or very pale colors. White accents and accessories are all right though ! So men can wear a white shirt with their become or dinner jacket and woman are okay to wear dresses that include white in the design .


Black is traditionally the color of mourn and has alone become a socially acceptable color to wear to westerly weddings in late years. That hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate extended to chinese weddings so far though. Along with white, total darkness is besides a color symbolic of death and mourn. Wedding guests should besides avoid early iniquity colors such as navy or grey. As with white, black accessories and accents are absolutely ticket though.


Gold is another lucky color in chinese acculturation. It symbolizes wealth and luck, so it is normally used at chinese weddings. It ’ s not uncommon for brides to wear a gold apparel at some point during their wedding either. gold accessories are acceptable, but avoid wearing a full-on gold dress. Colors to Avoid Wearing to a Chinese Wedding- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers

What Colors are Appropriate at Chinese Weddings?

fortunately, there are even tons of options available for wedding guests to marry. Warmer colors such as purple, pinko, and peach symbolize newly life and happiness in taiwanese culture making them good options for guests. Orange and yellow are besides acceptable colors. Don ’ thyroxine be afraid of wearing patterns either !

Our wedding photographers have know photographing chinese weddings. What guests wear truly depends on the venue, theme, and of course the couple. Some couples are more modern and possibly very well with guests wearing these colors. other ’ s are more traditional and could be offended. If you are in doubt about what to wear check in with the bride and groom, or person close to them such as a family member or member of the wedding party ! If you ’ ra looking for a photographer for your taiwanese marry touch AGI today !

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