Easy do’s and don’ts for nailing your Chinese New Year outfit

SINGAPORE — If you are feeling a little uninspired about what to wear for taiwanese New Year, well, the bad news is you do not have a lot of prison term to shop for, short list, and snap up those brand new outfits brimming with symbolic good fortune. The adept newsworthiness is that we are here to help. For the clueless and the curious, we have put together a list of bash and don ’ triiodothyronine for getting dressed this chinese New Year. And we have not done it alone, either — we have solicited the adept advice of celebrity hairdresser Keith Png, who can tell you all about what ’ s hot, what ’ s not, and what outfits merely might help you get bigger hongbaos this season. And boys, there are tips for you, excessively. “ A lot of guys, including myself and particularly those who are not adventurous, would preferably just tire undergarments in a gay color, ” Png chuckled. “ I will go out to buy loss underwear for Chinese New Year, and then realise it is always sold out ! ” well, this class, take the dunk and let your gay spirit show on the outdoor, besides — Png will show you how. While he is at it, he besides answers the questions that are probably in your mind, such as, “ Should I leave my qipao in the closet this year ? ”, “ How can a guy look like he actually put some attempt into his chinese New Year outfit ? ” and “ Would it be cunning or crass to incorporate year-of-the-rooster touches into my equip ? ”

The only motion he can not answer is how to smuggle pineapple tarts home with you if your dress has no pockets — you will have to figure that one out on your own. DO : SPLASH OUT IN PINK Surprise, storm : pink is the latest “ in ” semblance, estimate by the fashion runways. “ One of the more noticeable spring-summer trends is tap — all shades of pink — which is besides identical relevant for chinese New Year, ” Png said. “ Girls afraid of wearing bolshevik for taiwanese New Year and looking like a hongbao can go for pink — and it ’ s perceived as a more youthful semblance, excessively. For model, pink lipstick makes you look younger than crimson lipstick. ” Because pink can be an submerge color to wear, consider breaking it up in your outfit. If you are wearing a beige full-dress, Png suggests a tap belt or heels ; and if your dress is of, say, a french rose or magenta shade, you can tone it down with a black cardigan. The color works well on guys, excessively. “ Most guy front good in baby pink, ” Png asserted. “ even guys who are not concerned about how they look somehow look more dressed in a well-fitted pink shirt, as opposed to a egg white or blue shirt, because it shows that this guy actually made the feat — to buy a pinko shirt ! ” If you are a guy who is afraid of the shade, Png suggests wearing a jean jacket or shirt over a pink tee, or even a polo shirt with subtle tap accents. “ once you start wearing pink and pick up compliments, I think you ’ ll get used to it, ” he said. suffice : PLAY UP YOUR SLEEVES Another tendency that is very current, Png said, is sleeves that feature of speech detailling such as embellishments, puffs or cutouts. “ rather of having details on the collar or breast, designers are paying more attention to the sleeves, ” he said. so when you are shopping for that raw outfit for chinese New Year, seek out clothes with sleeves that say, “ Look at me ”. DO : CHICKEN OUT

It is the year of the cock — why should we not have fun with that ? Wearing a feather boa might be a tad extraordinary for us mere mortals, but poultry-themed accessories can help turn you into poetry in movement. “ Trendy stores sell humble pins and cosmetic badges with concern designs. If you ’ rhenium lucky, you might find one of a cock to add onto your crown or jersey, ” Png said. Girls can besides look for theme accessories that have to do with the dame du jour. Just don ’ t go overboard on the pineapple tarts and bak kwa, or you might end up with a turkey wattle. DON ’ T : GO TOO FESTIVE “ There ’ second nothing wrong with wearing a cheongsam during chinese New Year, and for those of us who are younger, this is probably the merely affair on which you feel it ’ s legit to wear one, ” Png said. But the trick to looking classy and chic is to go the Oriental road in either color or manner, not both — in other words, wear either a qipao or something red, and not a crimson qipao, for example. furthermore, updated qipao designs are easily accessible now, so you do not have to look like a wait in a chinese restaurant, Png said. “ If you have a fatty pocket, you can invest in an Ong Shunmugam dress — she is known for her mod interpretations of asian designs. Local couturier Peter Kor has launched a chinese New Year collection that features modern interpretations of the cheongsam. And I have realised that many external batch market brands such as Zara and H & M have come up with clothes that have mandarin collars or frog buttons. ” For a more elusive tint of Chinoiserie, Png suggests using floral printed accessories. For exercise, “ You could show up in a plain, neutral beige attire and a clutch with an oriental floral print. It would look advanced and have traditional influences at the same time — that way, you won ’ thyroxine look brassy. ” DON ’ T : BE TOO MATCHY-MATCHY chinese New Year outfits that hang into the “ disturbing ” category are those that consist of the lapp color from question to toe — Png has seen “ not merely bolshevik, but even purple or pink, ” he said. Yes, pink might be an on-trend color right now, but, as with all things, he cautioned, “ use it in moderation ”. “ Head-to-toe pink — pink dress, pink bag, pink pumps — is obviously a no-no, ” he stressed. besides, do not match your lip color with the color of your outfit. “ It makes you look excessively coordinated and a bit amusing, ” he said. alternatively, if you are wearing a traumatize pink or fuchsia trim, keep it simple with a nude lip. If you are wearing a top that is faintly baby pink, you can afford to play around with bright colours, or add a small semblance for shine.

DON ’ T : GO TOO CASUAL When getting dressed, there should constantly be a sense of occasion — and in the event of Chinese New Year, that means showing respect to older folks by not being baggy. “ I wouldn ’ t advise guys to wear tank tops — I feel it ’ s not appropriate to wear a tank top when paying visits to aged members of the class, ” Png said. “ If you want to wear a tank car top, you should always throw on a shirt over it. ” Similarly, “ soccer jerseys are a no-no for me — and shorts that are besides tight or besides short. There are some guys who wear very short, nasty shorts. Put that in for girls, besides — please don ’ t do that ! ”

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