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We say it clock time and clock time again. The finish of dressing for a subcontract consultation is to not be noticed. You don ’ t want the interviewer to notice your dashing suit or amazingly expensive black shoes. You don ’ metric ton want them to notice your fantastic tie or your gel black hair’s-breadth. You don ’ metric ton want them to notice anything. You want your clothes to be professional and boring so that the interviewer is focused on your abilities, and not your style .
The same is true for your shirt. The shirt you choose for your job interview needs to be everyday. You need to choose a shirt coloring material that has the interviewer thinking “ wow, this applicant has a bang-up resume ! ” rather of “ belly laugh, that ’ s a bright pinko shirt ! ”
Colors Not to Wear With a Suit
The most drilling colors are white and an everyday amobarbital sodium. Those are the colors you should aim for with your shirt. The colors you should stay away from are :

  • Bright colors
  • Unusual colors and patterns
  • Deep colors (deep blue)
  • Black

For most jobs, you will besides want to stay off from traditionally feminine colors angstrom well, like light pink or purple. These colors are reasonably everyday, but you do not want your interviewer to notice your shirt tinge, and they are probably to notice a tap or purple imbue. Remember, it ’ s not about the color intend something – it ’ s about the color not being obtrusive at all .
The two safest colors are a boring light blue ( not baby blue sky ) and egg white. ideally you should choose a white shirt .
Colors You Can Wear Without a Suit
You have a fiddling bit more allowance if you are not wearing a courtship jacket to the caper interview. You can get away with some of the deep colors, like blue or black, but you should still avoid any bright colors or unusual colors, and make surely that the tie you choose matches.

Size Matters
You should besides make sure the shirt is fitted correctly. The neck line should fit you absolutely and there should not be a lot of framework hanging outside of your knock because the shirt is besides bad. You should besides make sure the sleeves fit you well, specially if you are going without a jacket .
Choosing Your Attire

Boring is constantly good. Again, the goal is to not be noticed. You don ’ thyroxine want your clothes to play any character in your ability to get a job. The more the interviewer notices your clothes, good or bad, the less they will pay attention to the capacity of your consultation. Dress well, but preen boring, in holy order to make certain the interview is about your abilities, and not your style .
Take Away Interview Tips

  • Boring is better.
  • Bright colors are bad.
  • Words that start with “B” are fun to say.

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