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Matching Shoes With Brown Trousers Overview

In a dressy position, brown trousers are a great alternate to charcoal, and as casual pants, they ’ re a capital fall option .
Read on for how to pair shoes with this crafty gasp semblance. For the purposes of this discussion, we ’ rhenium limiting the color to any shade of chocolate ( except white, of path ) .
Brown-Trouser-Coordination-Graphic note : There are exceptions to every rule.
Use your commodity sagacity, and feel loose to leave us a remark if you have questions !

Read on for full explanations and intelligent of the above coordination suggestions. Or, pawl here to go see our Ultimate Shoe & Trouser Color Coordination Matrix showcasing how to match any color shoes with any color trousers .

How To Coordinate Brown Trousers With Different Shoes

Best Shoe Matches


Burgundy is a red-brown, so these are very much in the same color family as brown. This is big for dressy outfits, specially if you ’ re substituting a brown suit for a charcoal or dark blue one. The last person to do this to any bang-up effect was Ronald Reagan, so you ’ ll get some rarity cool points besides .


A particularly good free-and-easy option, grey shoes with embrown trousers is an upbeat combination that we cosign when you ’ re out of the position and dressing casually .

Light Brown

If you ’ re wearing a brown university lawsuit or befit separates, a light brown university shoe is a perfective complement. You get points for variation on a color theme, and it ’ s allow for most offices .


Navy shoes are baffling to come by, but if you can pick up a pair, try them with brown pants. This is conceptually exchangeable to pairing grey trousers with united states navy shoes and will work peculiarly well in lighter shades of each color .

Acceptable Shoe Matches


This one is seasonal worker and best done with the lightest nuance of chocolate you can find. But not white chocolate. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be obtuse .

No-Go Shoe Matches


As we stated in our article on beige shoes, this combination resembles the inside of a sugarcoat browning automatic rifle a bite excessively a lot for our taste. We love Three Musketeers good deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as the future guy, but it doesn ’ t need to be represented in our clothes .


We ’ ve said it before, we ’ ll say it again : black and brown don ’ metric ton spirit good in concert. If you don ’ thyroxine get it, write it on a blackboard one hundred times until you get do !

Dark Brown

Though we love darkness brown shoes, it ’ south far excessively matchy-matchy with any chocolate-colored trouser. however, this is another copulate that has caused some intra-blogger disturb. We have it under “ no-go ” but if you think you ’ ve made this pair well, please plowshare it with us in the comments !


You are not a shrub, nor should you dress like one. green shoes are much better with beige, blue, or tan trousers. Jeans are besides a better bet. Try any of these combinations before attempting to pair green shoes with embrown pants .


orange and brown has a weirdly seventies feel to us, and we all know that the seventies were the worst decade for menswear, seconded only by the nineties. If you ever find a brown necktie with a faint burn orange pattern, all right, possibly that will work. Orange shoes and brown trousers, though ? No.


Purple shoes and brown trousers are not pleasing to the eye. Purple shoes would go good with many early pant colors.and we strongly encourage you to read the article we published on it .


Brown trousers will not be done any favors when paired with crimson shoes. Stick to jeans and bluing trousers with red shoes .

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