Wedding Guest Suit Guide for 2022

Weddings are an excellent opportunity to upgrade your style, particularly if suits aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a common detail in your everyday wardrobe. even if you do wear suits regularly, weddings allow you to get more creative with colors and accessories. however, weddings can besides be a bit slippery. You ’ ll have to abide by the rules if the bridget and groom if they have a specific dress code or wedding theme that they would like everyone to stick to. And you surely don ’ thymine want to upstage the man of the hour. so, how do you create the ideal balance of dapper but allow ? We are hera to help you find the perfect wedding suit for any type of wedding.

The Perfect Wedding Guest Suit

First of all, you need to find out if there is a dress code. It ’ s always easier to find a suit if there is a dress code as you ’ ll have specific guidelines to work from. normally, the wedding invitation will state the dress code so you can get started right away. The most common types of full-dress codes are black tie, black tie optional, creative black tie, cocktail attire, and casual attire. What do all of these mean ?

  1. Black Tie

  2. Black Tie optional

  3. Black Tie creative

  4. Cocktail Attire

  5. Casual Attire

  6. No dress code (no panic!)

  7. Vintage Wedding

  8. Beach Wedding

wedding guest suit

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1. Black Tie Wedding Attire

black tie wedding attire

The black-tie attire is the most formal type of dress code, so you should wear a black tuxedo. Pair it with a black bow tie, white tuxedo shirt, and black patent leather wedding shoes. You can besides wear a neat white pocket square, but make sure you ’ ra folding it so that it doesn ’ metric ton stick out besides much ( it should look like a thin white line above the pouch ).

Choose a black dinner jacket, this is the standard choice for this dress code. then you can decide what kind of lapel you want : acme and round lapel dinner jacket are the most standard ones, take a attend at this blog position to choose : round lapel vs peak lapel tuxedo.  The dinner jacket shirt is normally a wingtip choker shirt because this one is the standard one to wear a bow tie .
black tie attire
The arrant black tie attire : black dinner jacket, white dinner jacket shirt, black bow bind and cufflinks

2. Black Tie Optional

black tie optional

This dress code may seem a moment jumble, but all it means is that you don’t have to wear a tuxedo if you don’t want to. It may be intelligibly indicate whether you should or shouldn ’ metric ton, but if you ’ re in doubt ask person. If you don ’ t need to wear a dinner jacket, wear a iniquity courtship alternatively. Black, dark charcoal, or navy are all acceptable colors. Stick to a match suit rather than mixing colors. Wear it with a white dress shirt, dark leather shoes, and a blacken bow connect or necktie. Like black tie, if you choose to wear a pocket square go for a subtle white one.

black tie optional attire
An option for black tie optional : navy blue 3 while suit, white dress shirt, blasphemous tie and black belt



3. Creative Black Tie

As the name suggests, you can be more creative with this type of dress code. You don ’ thyroxine necessarily have to wear a dinner jacket or joint to a certain color of courtship. Think celebrities on crimson carpets : a dinner jacket dinner jacket, dinner jacket or trim shirt, black apparent leather shoes, and a submit tie or necktie. For example, a white dinner jacket with black trousers and a bow tie. Or a bourgogne dinner jacket with black trousers and a necktie. You can even choose a pattern or textured jacket, like velvet or paisley .
creative BLACK TIE WEDDING GUEST courtship


creative black tie wedding


4. Cocktail Attire

This is another wedding dress code that allows more creative exemption. You should calm wear a dark suit and iniquity leather shoes, but you can start adding in more colors and prints with your shirt and tie. For model, a light blue shirt underneath a dark blue suit or a deeply plumb shirt underneath a black courtship. You can wear a pattern necktie ( floral, paisley, striped, etc ) to break up the firm colors in the rest of your attend. Cocktail overdress is when you can besides start playing around with your air pocket square more and using different, more big types of folds .



5. Casual Wedding Attire

Don ’ triiodothyronine let the mention gull you – this doesn ’ metric ton mean you can wear a jersey and jeans ( unless specified by the bride and prepare, but this is identical rarely the case ). You should still wear a suit, leather shoes, and a preen shirt, but immediately you have the choice of choosing any color you like. You may besides choose a pattern dress shirt and skip the affiliation if you like. If you ’ re attending a spring or summer wedding, you can choose a light colored suit like blue or beige. If the wedding is belated on in the year, grey or brown are always good choices. If you prefer benighted colored suits that ’ randomness fine excessively. Casual wedding attire gives you the most options in terms of discolor and vogue, but at the same fourth dimension you don ’ thymine want to stand out and be excessively formal with a dinner jacket jacket and/or bow affiliation. Find a nicely sew suit in a color that you like and you ’ ll expression great .


What To Wear When There Is No Dress Code

here ’ mho when it very gets catchy. Nowadays there are so many unlike kinds of weddings and dress codes that it ’ randomness easy to get desegregate up. even if the bridget and groom specifically told you that you can wear what you want, a wedding is inactive a courtly event and you should be putting in the feat to look polished and appropriate. You can besides gage the formality of the dress code based on the location of the wedding. If it ’ south taking place at a fancy church, hotel, mansion, nation club, or banquet mansion, chances are you should probably get a bit more dressed up. If it ’ randomness taking place in a park, garden, farm, or at a family home, it will probably be a morsel more relax but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine think of you should skip out on a suit. A adept govern of thumb is to stick to cocktail attire – you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go wrong with a nicely tailored, night colored suit. It will come in handy for many other formal occasions like limited dinners, parties, and galas, so it ’ mho all all-around good investing. Or if you know that the marry will be colorfull and in summer, wear a fashionable become .
wedding GUEST courtship


Tropical/Summer Weddings

Summer is probably the most popular season for weddings. The days are hanker and the sun is bright and warmly, so it ’ s an ideal situation to tie the knot. Destination weddings in tropical locations are besides growing increasingly popular. This is capital for women who have the luxury of wearing breezy bootless dresses, but what ’ s a ridicule to do to keep cool and look amazing ? Choose a unaccented colored become like light blue, light gray, or beige. not only will it look seasonally/locationally appropriate, it will keep you adenine cool equally possible as night colors attract the sunday. Outdoor tropical weddings are mechanically less formal than indoor weddings ( gold backbone and decoration trees constantly lend a relax standard atmosphere ) so you can wear a discolor or patterned trim shirt. however, you should still wear leather shoes and a necktie .


Vintage Wedding

vintage Weddings are most commen nowadays. Weddings are planned outside or at a vineyard. To dress well at a Vintage Weeding, Tweed is the key. Tweed framework looks very rustic and creates the vogue you need to have. Wear brown flannel and combine it with light blue. You can choose if you want to wear a vest or if you want to upgrade the look with a blazer. It is up to you !



Styling Tips

  • If you ’ re wearing a bow bind, tie it yourself. A genuine bow connect merely looks better than a clip-on ( plus it will give you a feel of accomplishment ) .
  • Wear a three-piece suit. It ’ mho traditional wedding attire, plus it will make you look more put-together. And last, if you ’ re attending a summer or tropical wedding and get besides hot you can remove your jacket and equitable wear the vest. You ’ ll still look amazing .
  • You may be allowed to wear sunglasses to a summer marry, but stick to a classic styles ( like aviators ) in simple colors. You don ’ metric ton want your sunglasses to overpower your count .
  • Try and find out what the groomsmen are wearing so you can differentiate your outfit. They and the wedding planners have worked very unvoiced to create a specific effigy, so let it be theirs and theirs alone .

And last, make sure yttrium our wedding suit is properly tailored and ampere comfortable as can be. Being a marriage guest is all about having fun, so your become should allow you room to dance the night off. Enjoy the festivities !


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