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We are reader-supported and may earn a deputation if you buy using some of our links ( at no extra cost to you ) Coordinating your pants and shoes is crucial, but is frequently made more complicate than it needs to be. The interrogate is, what color pants should you wear with brown shoes ?
Brown shoes can be worn with neutral-colored pants (eg. grey, navy, or black) in formal or business-casual settings. In smart-casual settings, consider wearing brown shoes with pants in colors such as maroon, burgundy, burnt orange, and forest green. 
There are a few substantive factors to consider before choosing the right match of pants for the brown university shoes you ’ re tire.

After going through these, we ’ ll discharge through some bang-up examples you can try out for yourself ( with pics ) .
Let ’ s catch to it .

Color Matching Brown Shoes With Pants: Guidelines

Running through these points is a big place to start. Consider all of them whenever you color-match brown shoes with your pants .
khakis and brown shoes smart casualImage From Deposit Photos

1. Consider The Dress Code

The dress code matters when choosing the mighty couple of pants to wear with your brown shoes .
here are the chief dress codes you ’ re likely to come across :

  • Formal – Dark, neutral-colored pants (eg. navy blue, charcoal grey, black) should be worn with the brown shoes. 
  • Business-Casual – It’s best to stick to neutral-colored pants with your brown shoes, but not necessarily dark neutrals. Light neutrals can also work (eg. beige, light grey)
  • Smart-Casual – You’ve got the freedom to wear both neutral-colored pants with the brown shoes, as well as lighter, brighter, and bolder-colored pants if you want to. 
  • Casual – It’s unlikely you’ll be wearing brown dress shoes to these settings in any case. 

While a dress code may not be explicitly obvious, it ’ s potential to get a good mind of what might be expected based on the fix and the consequence .
white t shirt red pants and brown shoes Image From Deposit Photos

2. Consider The Shade Of The Brown Shoes

The shade of your brown shoes should besides be considered when choosing the right color of pants to wear .
Ultimately, it depends on how much contrast you want between the pants and the shoes. 
In more casual settings, having more contrast between the pants and the shoes works well. It ’ second attention-getting and attention-grabbing .
In these cases, consider a light pair of pants with dark brown shoes, or vice versa .
blue pants and brown shoes Image From Deposit Photos On the other hired hand, in more ball settings, having less contrast between the pants and shoes is advised .
In these formal settings you’ll most likely be wearing dark-colored pants – so pair them with dark brown shoes. However, if you were wearing light-colored pants, wear them with light brown shoes to reduce the contrast. 

3. The Shoes Should Match The Belt

A common err people make is to somehow try to “ match ” the color of their shoes to their socks, pants, or something else .
The color of the shoes should match the belt. 
This is one of the few “ rules ” you very need to remember. It ’ sulfur one of the keys to making an equip appear well-coordinated .
So, when wearing brown shoes, wear a brown belt no matter what the color of your pants is. 

4. The Socks Should Match The Pants

This is the second “ rule ” to consider .
The socks should match the pants .
This international relations and security network ’ t adenine important as the shoes matching the knock, but it ’ sulfur inactive important .
It doesn ’ t need to be an claim match, but the closer your socks are to the semblance of your pants, the better .
then, when wearing brown university shoes and united states navy pants, try your best to find a pair of benighted blue socks and you should be good to go .

Brown Shoes And Pants Combinations

Brown shoes are versatile enough to pair with a kind of different colors of pants. But as you ’ ve learned, some may be more allow than others for the jell you ’ ra dressing for .
In general, stick to neutral-colored pants for more formal settings and consider non-neutrals for more casual settings. 


case : Brown Shoes With Tan Or Khaki Pants
light brown cap toe Oxford shoes + khaki colored pantsImages From Deposit Photos A monochromatic color scheme consists of different shades of the same colors .
then, if you ’ re wearing brown shoes, consider a copulate of brown pants, but be cautious .
Avoid wearing brown pants that are too similar in shade to the brown shoes. The two items should be noticeably different for this look to work. 
If they ’ re excessively exchangeable they ’ ll appear to blend into each other excessively much – rarely a fashionable effect .
so, if you ’ re wearing a pair of ignite brown university pants ( eg. khaki or tan ), wear a pair of black brown shoes .
If you ’ re wearing a pair of dark brown pants, wear a pair of light brown shoes to create some contrast .

Neutral Color Scheme

model : Brown Shoes With Grey, Navy, Or Beige Pants
light brown cap toe Oxford shoes + dark brown dress shoes + slate grey pants+ navy blue pants
Images From Deposit Photos
When dressing for formal or business-casual settings, pairing brown shoes with neutral-colored pants is the best way to go. 

neutral colors are those which don ’ thyroxine appear on the color steering wheel. The key neutrals are white, black, and grey, ampere well as those in-betweens such as beige, bone, and cream .
While dark blue blue international relations and security network ’ t technically a neutral, it ’ second frequently labeled one in men ’ sulfur style given how easy it is to pair with other items .
I ’ ll be talking about wearing black pants with brown shoes in more detail later on .
In the visualize above you can see brown shoes paired with grey, united states navy, or beige pants. As you can see, the consequence is dressy and elusive .
Perfect for those events where you don ’ thymine want to risk dress down .
Remember, the more formal the setting is, the more likely it is that a dark and neutral pair of pants would be better. 
If it ’ s a little more relax ( eg. business-casual ), you could wear light and neutral-colored pants if you wanted to ( eg. beige or bone ) .

Brown Shoes With Warm-Colored Pants

model : Brown Shoes With Maroon Or Burnt Orange Pants
light brown cap toe Oxford shoes + maroon pants + orange pants
Images From Deposit Photos
“ Warm ” colors are reds, yellows, and oranges .
They appear on the “ warm ” one-half of the color roulette wheel, with the “ cool ” colors ( blues, greens, purples ) on the face-to-face half .
Brown shoes can easily be paired with warm-colored pants, with the consequence frequently being attention-getting and vibrant .
However, it’s best to reserve the combination for “smart-casual” settings, as it’s likely to be a little too attention-grabbing for more reserved dress codes (eg. formal and business-casual). 
In addition, if you want to wear warm-colored pants with your brown shoes while hush remaining insidious, consider a dark and muted shade of a warm color .
so, rather of scarlet red, go for maroon or burgundy pants .
rather of mustard yellow, go for burned orange pants .

Brown Shoes With Cool-Colored Pants

exercise : Brown Shoes With Hunter Green Or Cobalt Blue Pants
light brown cap toe Oxford shoes + dark brown dress shoes + dark green pants + medium blue pantsImages From Deposit Photos As I mentioned earlier, “ cool ” colors are blues, greens, and purples .
Brown shoes can be worn with cool-colored pants pretty easily, with the result often looking a little dressier than wearing them with warm-colored pants. 
however, it ’ s still best to reserve this jazz band for smart-casual settings and stick to neutral-colored pants when dressing for anything more conventional .
Pants in “ aplomb ” colors much have a more laid-back and relaxed tactile property to them, compared with the more vibrant aesthetic of “ warm ” colors .
Once again, if you’re looking to keep things subtle, go for a dark and muted shade of a cool color. 
alternatively of bluish green blue, go for royal blue sky .
alternatively of lime green, go for forest green or orion green .

Brown Shoes With Black Pants

dark brown dress shoes with black pants 
Images From Deposit Photos

The concept of wearing brown university shoes with black pants much leads to a distribute of confusion. There are so many opinions out there on whether it ’ s OK or not .
here ’ s the bottomland line :
Yes, it’s fine to wear brown shoes with black pants. But dark brown shoes tend to work a whole lot better than light brown shoes here. 
In fact, the dark brown shoes with total darkness pants can actually be worn in more dinner dress settings given how neutral the pair comes across .
But the less line between the black pants and the brown shoes, the better .
The easiest means to achieve this is to choose a blue brown match of shoes to sync well with the pants .
The darker the pair of brown shoes, the better. 
In accession, wear ’ thyroxine forget to wear a couple of total darkness socks to match the pants. Doing so will help the pants blend seamlessly into the shoes without a noticeable interrupt in the colors.


Brown shoes may be known for their versatility, but it ’ second important to recognize that they may work well with certain pants colors depending on the dress code and plant .
hopefully, you ’ ra now several steps closer to choosing the right jazz band at the proper time .
Enjoy .

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