5 Shocking Reasons NOT to Light it Up Blue for Autism Day

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( Inside : Please do not light it up blue for my son for Autism Awareness day. There are sol many ways to help autistic people, but that is not one of them ! )
We are getting close to Autism Awareness Month, and I should be ecstatic.

I am supposed to be sooooo excited that for one calendar month the whole earth turns its sights towards inspirational stories of inclusion and feels good about themselves because they “ light it up aristocratic ” for awareness on April 2nd each year .
But can I good say, please don’t .
As the mother of an autistic son, and an autistic person myself, I can not express to you adequate how frustrating it is when I see everything blue on April 2nd each year .
honestly, I do my best to stay off of social media that day, and my poor people husband hears me rant at least 3 times throughout the day .
Listen, I get it. It feels nice to do things that we can consider activism without truly thinking about the affect, or lack of impingement, that it may have .
so before you change your profile image this April, check out these 5 shocking reasons NOT to light it up blue for Autism Day .

5 Shocking Reasons NOT to Light it Up Blue for Autism Day

Light on a blue background. Text reads: 5 Reasons Not to Light it Up Blue For Autism This April
If we haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate met yet, hey friend, I ’ megabyte Kaylene !
I ’ m an autistic ma of six neurodivergent kids and a rear coach that helps parent-advocates parent their autistic child with more ease .
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here ’ s what I ’ meter talking about : embrace Autism Live !
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And now let ’ s dive into the 5 reasons NOT to Light It Up Blue this year !

#1 “Light it Up Blue” is from Autism Speaks

I know, I know. I can ’ triiodothyronine talk about autism speaks without getting a snatch rant-y .
I ’ ve written a whole post about it here, but the long history shortstop is this. They ’ re a atrocious, disgusting constitution .
Their independent goal is to “ end autism ” and about none of their massive budget goes towards actually helping autistic people and their families .
A huge dowry of their budget goes towards research for a “ cure ” or a pre-natal screen for autism therefore that women could choose to not have their autistic babies .
They besides spend an harebrained total of money on their marketing, including some atrocious market materials that paint autism as some evil monster that wants to come steal your children .
It ’ s absolutely atrocious. Just don ’ triiodothyronine support them. Just don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .
( An alternate organization, if you ’ d like to donate is the autistic Self Advocacy Network. )

#2 Social Media Activism Without Understanding Doesn’t Help Anyone

here ’ s the thing. I ’ meter sure Facebook will make some bang-up app that lets you change your profile picture blue, and I ’ thousand certain # lightitupblue will be trending on chitter .
Guess what ? Being a social media activist who doesn ’ thymine understand the cause rightfully doesn ’ t serve anyone .
It surely doesn ’ thymine help autistic people or their families .
rather of posting a condition or using that hashtag, why not donate to an autism organization ?
Why not actually support a local anesthetic family who has an autistic child ?
Posting on sociable media about “ awareness ” does absolutely nothing to help anyone. Sorry to break it to you .
( Editing to clarify, social media can be an effective separate of activism. I am referring to people who do nothing for a lawsuit and don ’ t care about a cause until it ’ s the popular thing to do on Facebook. )

#3 Light It Up Blue is Based on Harmful Stereotypes

Did you always wonder why blue is the color of choice for the autism awareness day ?
You may have heard that autism is much more likely in boys than girls .
This is actually a widely debated statistic that ’ randomness come about because the diagnostic criteria used to diagnose autism is written towards boys typical demeanor .
autistic girls frequently go without diagnosis and when they are diagnose people tend to ignore their differences and needs .
I learned that I ’ thousand autistic as an adult, and only because we got the diagnosis for my son who has more “ classic ” autism signs .
The fact is that girls can be autistic, it isn ’ thyroxine just a “ boys disorder ”. It international relations and security network ’ thymine something to be cloaked in blue and stereotyped .

#4 Everyone is Aware of Autism

I get it. Posting on social media helps to spread “ awareness ” .
But I would be will to bet that 99.99 % of people on your social media lists are mindful of autism .
In the 80s ? It wasn ’ metric ton sol well known. But nowadays not merely does closely everyone know what autism is, they ’ re typically connected to person with autism in some way human body or human body .
We don ’ t need more awareness, we need more understand .
We need to hear and learn more from disabled advocates.
We need to fight for more handiness and fight against discrimination .
We ’ re all mindful of autism, but it ’ south time to sincerely accept it .

#5 What Do You Do All Year?

Did you know that autistic people are here all year long ?
Our struggles and our gloat wear ’ thymine begin and end in the month of April .
How are you being more mindful and accept of autistic people and their families all class ?
Does your church have a special needs ministry ? Have you ever even thought to check if your church has a particular needs ministry ?
What types of adaptive programs are available for children with disabilities in your sphere ?
How many disabled adults are employed where you work ?
Is there a child in your child ’ south classify that doesn ’ t induce invited for playdates ? How can you reach out and help them connect ?
These are the things that we need to be more aware of, and we need to do things to fix them .
Don’t light it up blue, do something. Make a difference.
I ’ thousand honestly blue if this mail ruffles some feathers. Like I ’ ve said, I ’ meter not a popular autism mama .
I don ’ t support autism speaks. I support my son .
I will fight for him to be accepted. I will fight for him to have opportunities. I will fight for him .
I will not light it up blue.

If you REALLY want to help spread true acceptance and understand, grab your FREE autism signs cheat sail and share it with everyone you know. Help your friends, kin, teachers, and more determine true signs that a child may be autistic .
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Kaylene George is an autistic self-advocate, author, and mother of five, including one autistic child. She realized her own autism as an adult shortly after her son received his initial diagnosis. Suddenly the parts of her that seemed so “weird” to society had an answer. Since then, Kaylene has passionately shared about her experiences with autism from both sides of the great divide between parents and autistic self-advocates on AutisticMama.com. Kaylene George is an autistic self-advocate, generator, and mother of five, including one autistic child. She realized her own autism as an adult shortly after her son received his initial diagnosis. suddenly the parts of her that seemed so “ wyrd ” to club had an answer. Since then, Kaylene has stormily shared about her experiences with autism from both sides of the great watershed between parents and autistic self-advocates on AutisticMama.com .

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