Hooters under fire over new ‘crotch string’ uniform shorts: ‘This s–t is rated porn’

Hooters girls ’ cheeks are blushing in craze over their lean newfangled undifferentiated shorts .
“ Oh look, a wedgie ! ” exclaimed Hooters waitress Kristen Songer, 22, in a swerve TikTok of herself modeling the chicken restaurant ’ s new skintight, bikini-cut black bottoms .
“ Starting Oct. 4, all Hooters girls should wear the new shorts when working once they arrive to stores, ” reads a holocene Hooters policy notice obtained entirely by The Post. “ The previous shorts should not be worn. ”
In the undifferentiated policy update, Hooters besides warned that waitresses and bartenders who feel “ uncomfortable ” about the bantam new trunks mandate are welcome to put in their letters of resignation.

“ There ’ s no longer anything covered by these shorts, ” Songer, a University of South Carolina School of Medicine student, said in a video recording. She wore a match of gray leggings under the shorts in decree to avoid flashing excessively a lot clamber to her about 140,000 TikTok followers. “ This is why all the Hooters girls are upset — because this is not what I agreed to wear a year ago when I was hired. ”
Songer, who ’ sulfur gained digital popularity via the TikTok handle @ TheFlatHootersGirl, realized viral success in June when she amassed all over 19.6 million views for a how-to video on creating the delusion of cleavage in her Hooters uniform by using an Amazon push-up brassiere and contouring cosmetics on her A-cup chest .
Hooters employee Gracie Herrick gave TikTok a glimpse of her new short shorts. Hooters employee Gracie Herrick gave TikTok a glimpse of her new short shorts. TikTok
But now, as the about four-decades-old quilt food chain — renowned for employing bosomy women to wear low-cut tops while serving customers french-fry tidbits — shifts to a more derrière-centric dress code, Songer and her co-workers across the state are blasting the restaurant for rolling out the extremely risqué hindquarters break .
“ This s–t is rated pornography, ” teased Alabama waitresses Easten Brewer and Katherine Nicole in a TikTok close-captioned “ When Hooters gets even shorter shorts. ” And Giselle Nguyen, a 20-year-old staff member in Texas, stared into her video recording camera in unbelief while holding up her couple of the barely there bottoms. “ I know it ain ’ t my modern consistent shorts, ” she complained in her video recording. “ What ’ s that supposed to fit ? ! ? ”
But the female workers ’ cry against Hooters ’ new hot pants is falling on deaf ears after the memo was released .
The company issued each employee new three pairs of the bitty briefs — waitresses were given two sets of shorts in orange and one in black and bartenders were given two pairs in black and one in orange.

Hooters workers are calling out the restaurant over new skimpy uniform shorts.Hooters workers are calling out the restaurant over new skimpy uniform shorts. TikTok
The old shorts, although crotch-length, offered Hooters girls a few more inches of coverage around their backsides. The fresh editions cover most girl ’ upper buttocks and only offer what some discontent employees have referred to as a “ fork string, ” which resembles a thong-cut pantie .
In the undifferentiated policy update, Hooters noted that employees can leave if they don ’ metric ton like it .
“ [ We ] hope this change would create excitation with all of our current Hooters Girls. We understand that this may be a change that may not suit your personal preference, ” the memo reads .
TikToker Lexius models the barely-there bottoms during a shift at work.TikToker Lexius models the barely there bottoms during a shift at work. TikTok
“ We would ask that you try them out and, if after two weeks, you are inactive hesitant to wear the new shorts you may transfer to a non-image based place or resign your situation as a Hooters Girl, ” the company continued. “ If you choose to resign you will be eligible for rehire. ”

Hooters did not immediately respond to The Post ’ second request for gloss .
Despite the mass scandal over the bare smalls, a handful of the poultry bar ’ south beauties are fond of their uniform ’ s newfangled look .
“ I actually like the new shorts, ” posted a Kentucky Hooters staffer named Amanda. “ [ They ’ ra ] in truth not that bad, ” said waitress Lexius in a separate video .

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