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It ’ sulfur staying light past nine o ’ clock, it ’ second quick enough to go out in a jersey, and the skies are a brilliant assortment of fair weather and showers. It can mean only one matter : the music festival season is upon us! Let ’ s take a look at what you should be wearing this summer to make certain you ’ ra looking hip as you enjoy your favorite bands, musicians and alive acts .


Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Festival Outfit

Whether it ’ mho Latitude in July, Creamfields in August, or any other music festival this summer, you’re going to need to dress for the outdoors. That means blazing hot sun, heavy rain, or a cool breeze ; and there ’ south always the casual that you ’ ll experience all three in one day – or hour .

1. Protective

You ’ ll indigence clothes that protect you from the sun, and are lax enough to keep you cool and comfortable. Choose fast-drying fabrics, and you won ’ triiodothyronine be sorry. Whether you ’ re perspiration in the estrus or embracing the rain, clothes that dry quickly will keep you fresher and more comfortable for longer. You ’ ll be on your feet most of the day so you ’ ll want to avoid tight collars, seams that catch, zips that top, and buttons that rub .

2. Practical

Depending on whether you ’ re in a field, the countryside, a castle grounds, a city center or a town kernel park, there may be mud, and since you ’ re probable to be grabbing food and drink in on the sound, there could be mess. Your festival outfit needs to be durable, washable, practical, and creaseproof if potential.

3. Stylish

When you choose your festival ensemble, comfort is important, but you’ll also want to look good. When you know you look your best, you feel more convinced and are more likely to have the amazing time you deserve. Plus, we ’ d like to bet there ’ ll be photos and videos, and you ’ ll be appearing on at least one person ’ s social media newsfeed .

How to Choose a Festival Shirt or T-Shirt? Best Festival Tops

  • Printed shirts
  • Hawaiian shirts
  • Animal print shirts
  • Tie-dye t-shirts

nothing says summer like printed shirts. They ’ rhenium fair so cool and versatile ! When you ’ re in a bar or restaurant, naturally you ’ ll have your shirt buttoned up and looking kempt. But when you ’ re at a music festival, the rules are entirely different. Leave the buttons undo, show off your bare chest, err on some shades, and you ’ ll be good to go. Festival shirts are all about giving off a felicitous summer vibration .
Choose bold Hawaiian prints , palm trees, leaves, and floral prints, and let the sun polish from within. choice bright blooms and oriental designs and show everyone you ’ re there to enjoy yourself whatever the upwind. After all, music festivals are all about friendship, music and good times .
Want to turn heads ? mix it up a bite with stripes and flowers ; you ’ re certain to stand out from the crowd in such a unique combination. For a boldface and strike look, choose for a shirt with a mandala or aztec print, or be assertive and choose for chevrons .
And, if you want to be mighty on tendency, this year is all about animal print. Go for zebra, lion and leopard print shirts .
If you ’ re more of a soulful ridicule, who likes to chill out on those balmy summer nights, tie-dye is
perfect for basking in the sunset
while enjoying your front-runner tunes .

How to Choose a Festival Jacket? Best Festival Jackets

  • Lightweight jackets
  • Cagoules
  • Denim jackets
  • Utility vests

The ideal festival
jacket will be lightweight
so you can tie it around your waist when it ’ s not needed, or fold it up small and stow it away in your bag. We ’ ra talking about a raincoat, poncho, or cagoule .
Half-zip or zip through cagoules are excellent because they offer some protection against rain and wind, and you can roll them up and put them away when the sunday comes out. Choose one that sits over your tramp, sol if it rains, the water will drip away from your body and onto the grind rather of gathering in a pool around your shank. Don ’ t forget to team your cagoule with a bucket hat to be festival-ready .
If you prefer a jean jacket, choose decoration prints, ombre, or tie-dye to keep the summer root going. The great thing about denim jackets is that they have pockets for your valuables, and they ’ re amazingly warm when you need them to be. Raglan bomber jackets and hooded bomber jackets will besides keep you strong into the even .
animal print is finding its way into jean jackets by way of hydra print denim, leopard print panels, and hoods lined with leopard photographic print framework. Military buckle vests and
utility vests are great because you can wear them over a hoody
and they have enough of pockets to keep all your valuables condom.

Festival Jackets

How to Choose Festival Shorts and Trousers? Best Festival Bottoms

  • Cargo shorts
  • Cargo trousers

Cargo shorts are perfect for summer music festivals. They ’ re fair the veracious distance to be respectable any fourth dimension of day or night, whatever the upwind, and are made from cotton to keep you cool, comfortable and fresh. Cargo shorts have enough pockets to keep your earphone, keys and money safe while even looking fresh and fashionable. In fact, they look great with trainers, canvas pumps, espadrilles, sandals, sliders, and even loafers. Plus, you truly can ’ thymine go ill-timed, whichever shirt, jersey, hoodie or jacket you wear .
The same goes for cargo trousers. These trousers flatter your human body since they are cut to sit close up to the branch and ankle. Since their colours are by and large quite impersonal, whatever you wear with your cargo trousers will be just fine, and they ’ rhenium practical and versatile adequate to see you through the day and nox .

How to Choose Festival Bags? Best Festival Bags

  • Cross-body bags
  • Bumbags

While you might not broadly choose to carry a bag, at a festival you are going to need to do sol to keep your valuables safe. however, this doesn ’ thymine ’ intend you have to be burdened with a big awkward backpack all day, weighing you down and getting in the way of your fun .
You ’ ll hardly evening know you ’ re carrying a bulge if you opt for the right one. With a cross soundbox bag, you place the bag ’ randomness strap over your head onto your shoulder, and the cup of tea hangs on the face-to-face english of your body somewhere between your hip and your armpit. Your arms are free to clap, wave, hold your food and drink, or anything
. The bag itself sits flatcar against your torso, and you can forget all about it .
You could besides choose a lanyard, which is a wallet on a part of cord which you wear around your neck. Bumbags can be worn around your waist, or across your breast like a thwart consistency bag. Another alternative is a thorax carriage base which is strapped safely in place on the front of your thorax, a bit like a flat backpack but on the front of your body quite than on your back .
When choosing your festival outfit and accessories, you want practical clothes that enable you to enjoy every moment of the experience while looking stylish. Opt for whippersnapper fabrics that will dry fast, and choose items that you can mix and match. It ’ south time to embrace your following summer music festival your way. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to shop your festival count on site now .
men's festival jackets
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