How Men Feel About Limited Options for Rave Wear

By Korina Apodaca Cordova
When doing a dim-witted Google research of “ men ’ s rave wear ” the follow results pop up : iHeartRaves, Rave Wonderland, and Etsy. evening then, men ’ s rave clothes are limited by and large to graphic t-shirts and swim shorts. Upon further searching, Etsy seems to offer the widest variety of men ’ second rant clothes. Compared to women ’ south rave clothes, options are limit. I decided to have a fun short interview with members of the EDM community that I am friends with on Twitter .
A match of people that I asked all gave the lapp response, “ I ’ megabyte boring. I only wear t-shirts and jeans ”. then, there were others who gave more detailed responses ; First, I interviewed Anthony ( @ faustyyy__ on Twitter ) .

Colby : What do you typically wear to a rave ?
Anthony : What I ‘m wearing largely depends on how I ‘m personally feel and the music I ‘m going to be enjoying. I like to wear face masks and kandi that I create, that is very personal to me to trade away. I like to wear chokers, chains, harnesses, and leather at times when I feel comfortable showing off my body and the weather permits. Otherwise, I enjoy DJ jerseys, merch, my jean shorts, and sneakers .

C : What ’ s your darling accessory or thing to wear ?
A : My favorite accessories are decidedly my chokers, chains, and kandi that I make. Face masks obviously, besides. I want to start to create my own to sell and trade. That goes for perlers excessively .

C : Describe your style in 5 words .
A: If I had to choose some words to describe my expressive style, I ‘d have to pick vibrant, seductive, raw, ferocious, and alluring .

C : Say a post is opening up a men ’ s rave clothing trace and you can only choose 5 things they ’ d deal. What 5 things would you choose ?
A : Harnesses, shorts, masks, button-up shirts, and pashminas

C : What do you want to see more of in men ’ s rave wear ?
A : My personal style in rant wear goes back and forth between vibrant and colored to dark and tantalizing. I am big into floral designs justly now, both in rave wear and my casual style. I like challenging the notion that men ca n’t or should n’t wear these patterns or colors that may cause others to question their sex. I have been growing more and more comfortable in my own skin, so I believe all guys should take pride in showing their figures off if they are comfortable and in the temper. The kind of rant wear that I want to purchase and wear keeps this in beware ; I love all of the collar shirts I ‘ve been purchasing off Boohoo Man, but there are besides time when I want to show off how potent and aphrodisiac I feel by wearing leather, harnesses, and chokers that grab your attention and are not things we get to wear in everyday society. While I get that not everyone is that comfortable with their bodies, I tend to think men ‘s rave clothing is sol limited right now because we do n’t have those kinds of options available to us. I truly do not care to see more of the same generic sayings or graphic tees. particularly meme stuff tends to be more cringey than amusing to me. Less generic jerseys and sportswear at fests, and more designs that are out there and attention-grabbing without willfully violating the copyright of DJs trying to make a living. I feel like putting a rave spin to a recognizable cosplay outfit is an area with huge likely. I do n’t know that it will ever take off in popularity, but I feel like it ‘s a capital opportunity for men and women to stand out while putting a personal refer to their favorite characters from video recording games, zanzibar copal, or fantasy in general. deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as an addendum. I feel like the BDSM side of ravewear could use some more colors other than black. I would wholly rock some purple or red harnesses etc. Some neon invest would be nice, and some futuristic punk/tech farce would be amazing. I ‘m specifically thinking of some of the clothe seen in Love, Sex, and Robots on Netflix. But possibly I should good keep that to myself if I ever truly feel like making a small rave wear caller .

following, I interviewed a friend besides from Twitter who goes by EDM Christian Grey on the social media platform. I asked him the lapp questions .

Colby : What do you typically wear to a rave ?
CG : I wear something I know I would be truly comfortable in. If I wear something excessive, but I ’ megabyte not comfortable, then I would hate everything about it .

C : What ’ s your favorite accessory or thing to wear ?
CG : I would say a sag. You can wave it, you can style it, and for those EDC winds, it helped cover me. I may not have it out all the clock but I decidedly truly like walking about with one.

C : Describe your style in 5 words .
CG : great doubt honestly. I ’ d say colorway, texture, consolation, elegance, and singularity .

C : What do you want to see more of in men ’ s rave wear ? What do you want to see less of in men ’ s rave wear ?
CG : decidedly more fashionable aspects and styles for men that are comfortable. I see a bunch of these bomb calorimeter outfits for women but rarely any for men and just having that would be incredible. I don ’ triiodothyronine know if there ’ s anything I want to see less of in men ’ south wear because everyone can dress how they want to dress while being respected and appreciated for whatever they choose to wear .

C : Do you think men ‘s rant wear has limited options ? Is there anything else you ‘d like to add ?
CG : It in truth does have limited options. My supporter just dropped a web site to look for rave clothe called @ RickandRaves. Men ’ sulfur clothe would take off if some designers, particularly women designers, started specializing in it .

The next and final person I interviewed goes by the name “ Long-Haired Hippie Freak ” on Twitter .

C : What do you typically wear to a rant ?
LHHF : typically, I wear shorts, converse, a playfulness jersey ( either funny story, tie-dye, or an artist shirt ) and of course, my pash .

C : What ’ s your favorite accessory or matter to wear ?
LHHF : The pash ! ! Got tantalum have it constantly, but outside of that I like wearing a pendent or kandi of some screen .
C : Describe your style in 5 words .
LHHF : casual, comfortable, fun, wooky, and glad .

C : Say a brand is opening up a men ’ s rave dress credit line and you can only choose 5 things they ’ five hundred sell. What 5 things would you choose ?
LHHF : Shirts, jerseys, hats, pashminas, and face masks.

C : What do you want to see more of in men ’ s rave wear ? What do you want to see less of in men ’ s rave break ?
LHHF : I ‘d love to see different styles. Give me flowy shirts and crop tops alternatively of all t-shirts and tanks. I ’ d like to see less black and grey, and more colors would be courteous .

I chose people who I believed to have different styles, so I could take a peek into men ’ s rave wear. As for women, it ’ randomness identical different. I truly enjoyed hearing from them and sharing what they had to say .

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