What to Wear to Coachella

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The Coachella Music Festival is a annual two weekend, 3-day celebration which features about all genres of music and is just a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles .
Planning what to wear to Coachella is all region of the fun in one of the best music festivals in the solid global !

What to Wear to Coachella

Whether you ’ re a rock, indie, electronic, rap or pop fan, you ’ rhenium surely to find the right chord in this live music festival .
Some of my darling bands throughout the years include The Killers, Bloc Party, the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Cure, and in 2012, the fabled performance by Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the ill-famed Tupac hologram .
The music is vitamin a hot as its California abandon setting with day temperatures of 110 °F / 43 °C. Be warned : the temperature plummets at night, sol bring a cover up for the even because it can average a chilly 50 °F / 10 °C !

Hat | Dress | Sunglasses | Bag | Necklace | Earrings | Bracelet | Shoe

The Coachella Music Festival is one of the highlights of my year and I ’ thousand reasonably certain thousands of other rock loving Angelenos feel the lapp room. The music, the people, the vibration, and the abandon heat make Coachella one of the best music events near Los Angeles .

Hat | Top | Sunglasses | Bag | Earrings | Bracelet | Boots

It ’ s the hot music Mecca in the Southern California desert ; be prepared to enter this runway of chic fashionista fans, sharing their love for music in style .
Coachella fashion doesn ’ thymine very have any rules, anything goes – but be prepared for a batch of skin and free-love kind of fashion with people looking for refuge from the vesiculation heat .

Use a capsule wardrobe to pack light but create many outfits.

Hat | Dress | Necklace | Crossbody | Sunglasses | Boots

People walk around in anything from bathing suits to costumes and must have festival dresses so plan your outfits according to how you feel and be prepared to feel estimable !

If you’re coming in from out of town or just wondering what to wear to Coachella, here’s a few ideas for you:

golden Brand Crochet Tank Top


Choose something in light, aired fabrics that can keep you cool in the inflame. Look for blouses which are comfortable and allow you to move, because you ’ ll be dancing and jumping all day long as you listen to your favorite indie bands. If you burn easily, pack a lightweight long sleeve to shield you from the sun in the main outdoor stages .

signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Modern-Skinny Jean


If you can handle them in the heat, you can never go incorrectly with jeans. I ’ five hundred compact a pair fair in encase the temperature decides to drop like it did in 2012 when it actually rained the first day of the festival .

Blanknyc Boyfriend Denim Shorts


Whether knee duration bermuda or bitty bantam daisy dukes, shorts are always a adept choice in Coachella. Get studded hot pants for a fun count, and pair them with a basic lead and a chambray polo .

SheIn Bodycon Short Mini Skirt


Freeflowing maxi to leather shave miniskirt, skirts are a great choice for Coachella. Find a strike discolor maxi and pair it with boots for that indie palpate. Let your long hair easy with waves tousled about and you ’ ve got yourself a romantic hippie expect !

Wrap Bohemian A Line Beach Mini Dress


A flowy and romantic floral print or flannel textured summer dress is ideal in this weather. pair with boots or sandals and top with a fedora for festival chic vogue .

Off Shoulder Wide Leg Pants Jumpsuit


My personal festival favorites, jumpsuits are constantly a fun choice for this consequence. Pair them with sandals or boots, and you ’ re fix to go ! One thing to keep in mind is that you can ’ thyroxine easily pop a squat in one of these without wholly exposing yourself so make certain you ’ re o with the porta-potty waits .

Knit Fringed Poncho Boho Sweater


It ’ s always estimable to protect your skin from the sun, and it ’ sulfur besides another option to look stylish. A Poncho gives you that unique, laidback vibration, paired with good about any basic tee. Take a hanker sleeved shirt and wear it with another clear for that modern chic feel .

Blondo Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie


Unless you ’ re only going to Coachella to be seen, then heels or wedges aren ’ t the best choice for shoes. Coachella grounds are grassy and flat therefore you won ’ thyroxine be surprised to see some people walking around barefoot .
however, flip flops, sandals, or boots are the footwear options of choice making your romper, shorts, jeans and skirts look a fierce as ever. This boot is so popular among readers and the TFG Editor-in-Chief, we did a television review and a post on them .

Watch this video review on the Blondo Villa Waterproof boot!

If you opt for close up toe shoes or trainers to keep your feet clean and comfortable, add some gel insoles for lend comfort while you ’ ra waiting for your favored band to come on stage .

Coachella Packing tilt : festival Essentials

  • Sunblock – super important!
  • Sunglasses
  • Chapstick
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes
  • Toilet Paper or Tissue Pack
  • Mints (freshen breathe later in the day)
  • Scarf/Pashmina
  • Emergency pack with: tampon, band aid, Ibuprofen, allergy pill
  • pStyle: One of the coolest things I saw at the Leeds Festival in the UK were female urinals where you could use a female urinary device to pee standing up without having to wait in line or sit down on a porta potty. What a great idea! Get yourself one of these babies and you don’t have to sit on a porta-potty! Check out Brandy Bell’s review on travel blog Its One World Travel for all the deets.

Compass Rose Packing Cubes

How to Pack for the Coachella Music Festival

Packing cubes can help organize all the outfits you have in mind for your travels. We designed our own brand of slender packing cubes, with a unique color and count system, so it ’ randomness easy to remember where you ’ ve packed everything. The television below shows you how !

Learn our hacks with packing cubes in the video  above!

We besides put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can besides compress your belongings. This is the mystery to traveling carry-on only !

As mentioned before, no matter what your choice for Coachella fashion, don’t forget to pack a warm sweater/jacket because it can get absolutely freezing at night. And if you’re still stressing about what to wear to Coachella, choose some super basic threads and let your accessories make the outfit! Have fun!
What are your Coachella essentials? Please comment below!

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