How To Get The Skater Style (Outfits & Fashion Trends For Men)

While ’ 90s fashion is making a comeback, skater style never stopped being mainstream and cool. With a huge loyal following around the global, skater fashion has constantly been popular and trendy among teens and young people alike. From outsize shirts and unaffixed manacle pants to Vans sneakers and pipe socks, there are many skater outfits to experiment with if you want to create the arrant front. While the aesthetic can be different depending on your style, elements of your overdress should be equal parts comfortable, protective, and rebellious .
When shopping for your new wardrobe, keeping up with the latest skater fashion trends can ensure you get the properly clothe to fit the partially. If you want to dress like you belong on a skateboard, check out our guide to getting the skater style. Whether you want modern or vintage equip ideas and inspiration, we ’ ll prove you precisely how to wear skater clothes and look good .
Skater Outfits

What Is Skate Style ?

Skate style is the type of dress worn by the disaffected and effortlessly cool young skaters who popularized the sport in the ‘ 90s. Though skateboarding developed in the ‘ 70s, it was not until it became massively popular in the 1990 ’ s that the sport began to have its own fashion associated with it. like to military-inspired pieces, skater clothes were developed for function beginning and the manner developed and grew from there. Skaters preferred loose invest to allow them room to move and durable pieces that gives them protection when they wiped out.

Skater Fashion
Of course, skating faced widespread pushback as it became popular, so skaters created a subculture of defiance that seeped into their clothing. The pieces they wore were intentionally out-of-style and alone, and this became fashionable as skateboarding became wildly popular. The skater aesthetic is free-and-easy and edgy with an anti-establishment search. With so many major brands and designers creating cool skater outfits for men, there are a variety of manner trends and styles to consider when dressing like a skater boy .
Skater Style

Skater Outfits

skate Shoes

The first assemble of any beneficial skate style outfit is a pair of skate shoes. In the late ‘ 90s, the market for skate shoes exploded, with brands like DC and Etnies creating their key signature big, gawky skate shoes and Vans pushing their more minimalist vogue. traditional sportswear brands like Adidas, Puma, and Nike besides created lines of shoes for skating. Since then, a lot of the more exorbitant styles have faded aside, while the most versatile shoes have remained. Stick the classics with shoes like the Vans Old Skools, Puma Suede Classics, or Adidas Seeleys. For high tops, try Converse or Vans Sk8-His. These options will never go out of manner, whether you ’ re trying to land the 10-stair col by your house or just going to the store .
Skate Shoes

skater Shorts

skate shorts were chosen to be baggy and durable. This made dense cotton shorts extremely popular among skaters. As opposed to contemporary styles in which men ’ s shorts are fitted and end above the knee, skate shorts are loosen and long. Look for a long pair of cargo shorts or a pair of chino shorts that end at your knee to achieve this style .
Skater Shorts

graphic T-Shirts

graphic tees are a anchor in skate stylus. Find a T-shirt made by your favorite brand, like Stussy or Santa Cruz, and grab it. The tees favored by skaters are cut large and lax like everything else, and they are strictly crew necks. Go to a local skate workshop or surfboard shop to find some tees for this search. Though many high-end brands have tried to emulate the stylus of the classic skate tees, real skate brands however make them best. Plus, they won ’ triiodothyronine hurt your wallet as much .
Skater Style Shirts

skate Pants

skate pants represent the modern drift towards fitted pants and skateboarders frequently choose cuts that are easy to move in. Jeans are popular in loose straight fits with the ankles cuffed. cultivate pants and khakis like Dickies are besides popular because they are incredibly durable. Keep your style simpleton with your option of unleash pants, an outsize shirt, and your favored skate shoes. Stay away from chinos or sweatpants, as these would be impractical while skating and never became common in skate vogue. today, softer tailor is being embraced across the board, so you will be able to find skate pants from many different retailers .
Skater Pants


Hoodies were an obvious choice for skaters : they are versatile, quick, and protective. many of the lapp brands that make the tees favored by skaters besides make big hood sweatshirts. once you find some brands that you love, start taking a search at their hoodies. Pick up some that are understated so you can wear them throughout your wardrobe or go boldface to make a argument with loud colors and bright graphics. Wear your hoodies with jeans, khaki or even shorts and sneakers .
Skater Style Hoodies


More so than other styles, skatewear places an emphasis on socks. Socks draw on the origins of skating more than any early pieces of skate manner do. Modern skate socks still prominently feature the undress tube styles that were popular in the ‘ 70s. Worn with a pair of Old Skools and shorts, this style of windsock will constantly have a place in skate manner. Brands like Stance have made an entire ship’s company based around extravagant socks that blend sometimes hideous graphics with high-performance materials that will keep you on your feet all day retentive .
Skater Style Socks


Great for adding a small style and some protection from the sun, hats are another element of skate style. Standard ball caps are a great choice to add a finish touch to your equip, but there are a lot of possibilities to explore. Brands like Brixton, Thrasher, Volcom, Lib Tech, Vans and Deathwish make a skid of hats to choose from with matter to patterns and strange fabrics, such as corduroy. Six-panel hats offer a alone visibility with interest color palettes to incorporate into your expressive style .
Skater Style Hats

Skate Brands

One of the best ways to define your skate expressive style is by finding brands you love. Since the originate in popularity of skateboarding, there are enough of brands to explore. Big brands like Dickies, Nike, Levis, and Adidas all have democratic skatewear lines. Some brands like Volcom, Element, and DC are more focused on the skateboard aesthetic. Finally, some brands are more fashion-forward while still maintaining the style that anchors all skatewear. These include RVCA, Brixton, and The Hundreds. When in doubt, head to your local skate workshop to see what they have in stock. You might even discover some local brands that you will have singular access to .
Skate Brands

How To Get The Skater Style

If you want to dress like a skater, here are some tips to getting the skater style :

  • Choose casual and comfortable styles that allow you to skateboard but also fit the proper aesthetic.
  • Sport oversized graphic t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and jackets from the right brands.
  • Pair your top with skinny jeans, baggy khaki pants, cargo shorts, or loose fit shorts.
  • Wear skate shoes from classic brands like Vans and Converse for a cool skater boy style.
  • Complement the skater fashion with accessories like tube socks, a classic wallet chain, logo cap, and small backpack.
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