What To Wear To A Yacht Party

We ‘ve got the perfect styles for you to wear to a yacht party. Think preppy, nautical, classy … so you ‘ve been invited to a yacht party ? Yay ! But what on earth do you wear to a yacht party ? Unless you ‘re a yacht party regular, I ‘m guessing you need some help oneself putting together the perfective ensemble. yacht parties are a bit different than your modal night out on the township, going to the clubs with your girls. That means your trusty LBD ( little black dress ) wo n’t quite cut it this time. never fear, everything you need to get started is right hera !
What makes the yacht party indeed special is, well … you ‘re on a gravy boat ! With that change in scenery comes a necessary change in overdress. In training for your yacht party startle thinking nautical thoughts. The proper style is a small on the preppy side, which could be a hale modern world for some. The idea is to appear classy enough to be standing on a yacht, but hush casual adequate to have a piece of fun .
Follow these guidelines on what to wear to a yacht party so you can create the perfect nautical look :

Wear Bright Colors & Prints To A Yacht Party

bluff prints and brilliantly colors ! Keep the cut of your dress simple, and this is a great way to show your fun side while remaining truthful to the preppy, nautical stylus. The colors will stand out against the flannel of the gravy boat and the blue of the ocean, and give your look the perfective carefree but however put together appearance .

A fun floral print is a great way to go, particularly if you want to stand out !

Wear Nautical Stripes To A Yacht Party

Blue and white stripes are an absolute all-important when it comes to the nautical look. If bright prints are n’t actually your thing, you ca n’t go wrong with this one .

And what about your shoes ?

Wear Cute But Comfy Sandals To A Yacht Party

Who better than Jack Rogers to provide you with the perfect pair of yacht party sandals. Try them in this expressive style or the classical Navajo style ( see below ) .


Sandals come in all shapes and sizes. These Tory Burch sandals are another great choice, particularly if you want to keep up with the trends. A concluding footwear tip : choose a sandal in a light semblance. Silver, gold, white or light brown will work absolutely with your yacht party spirit.

Or Wear Practical Wedges To A Yacht Party

To give your look a little lift, feel loose to switch those flat sandals for a pair of wedges. We love styles that wrap around your ankles like this one .

early sandal wedges, like this Steve Madden sandal are perfect as well ! Do n’t forget, lighter colors are perfect for your nautical expect .

And to accessorize ….

Wear Classy Pearls To A Yacht Party

Accessorizing for your yacht party with some pearls, is certain to grab peoples ‘ attention. Pearls are classical and refined, and they are the arrant way to finish off your expression .

Feeling fancy ? Try colored pearls. We love these pink pearl with her soft tap, preppy look, and the anchor is a big touch. For more nautical prompt jewelry check out Kiel James Patrick .

Wear Nautical Jewelry To A Yacht Party

And ultimately, you can spice up your yacht look with more gay bracelets. Mix and match a few of your favorites. Try wearing bangles with your pearls for add exhilaration !

so there you have it ! You ‘re fix to create your own yacht party kit, hopefully with a morsel of a singular personal flare. Remember, think preppy thoughts, and use the nautical subject as a guide. If it ‘s a snatch new and uncomfortable, GREAT ! Have fun trying new things, and look big while doing it !
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