What to Wear to Yoga Class – A perfect guide for your first yoga class!

Trying to figure out what to wear to yoga class ? Look no further than this post dedicated to helping you find the best kit you will feel comfortable in no matter what yoga class you are taking !
Trying to figure out what to wear to yoga class? Look no further than this post dedicated to helping you find the best outfit you will feel comfortable in no matter what yoga class you are taking!
This is it. This is the class you have decided to take your first yoga class. At the top of the list of the questions running through your head is what in the populace am I going to wear ? !
Guess what ? As a Yoga teacher and yogi for over 20 years, I can wholly help you figure out what to wear to yoga class. .
To make this slowly I have broken the article down to types of invest from lead to toe. By the conclusion of this article you should have a very good theme what types of clothing you should consider when trying to figure out what to wear to yoga.

Disclaimer! ultimately it does n’t matter what you show up to yoga wear, all that matters is that you show up. Do n’t let what you do or do not have to wear stop you from getting to your felt .
so hera we go ally ! Let ‘s get you dressed for yoga class !

The best tops

What I want you to consider in anything that you try on for class is, are you comfortable in this article of clothe ? Ask your self, “ Do I feel like I can move and not be self conscious about my breast falling out or my thong picture ? ” Get what I am saying ? K. Just discipline .
First things first. I like to wear layers to yoga angstrom retentive as I am not going to a hot yoga class. It is important to be able to adjust to the temperature of the studio apartment. Most probable you will arrive and be sitting on your master of arts in teaching waiting for your class to start .
If you are in a not heated yoga class the room will probably be around 70 or so ish degrees. That might not feel ace warm before you start class so wear a long sleeve lead or cardigan or anything you can peel off once class starts and you start to warm up .
same goes for when class starts to wind down. A fortune of people like to be ardent for savasana, so you can throw whatever you peeled off in the begin back on or use it as a blanket .
There are sol many options when it comes to workout tops and tanks. They are all cute but they may not be correct for you if you do n’t feel comfortable in what you picked. even something like a homely old jersey can be truly uncomfortable depending on the type of yoga course you picked .
You can honestly wear a tank car top, a triiodothyronine shirt, a sports brassiere or make out shirt .

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a shirt:

  • If I bend over does anything hang out that I am not comfortable with? Too many times I have gone to yoga class in something I thought would be comfortable because it was loose and flowy only to find out every time I went into an inverted position my stomach showed or my boobs were about to fall out.
  • Does it have a hood or flaps that open in the back? Personally hoods are super annoying every time I do a forward bend. They also are super hard to get right when you lay flat on your back. I don’t like wearing hoods. Same goes for shirts that are half way open at the back (the kind that are open from the bottom to mid back) They split open every time you bend over. It can get distracting.
  • Does it have zippers, buttons, knots etc? Zipper, buttons, and cute knots placed in the wrong places make for an uncomfortable practice when you are lying on the ground. Laying on your back or stomach on top of a zipper digging into your skin isn’t a very relaxing experience. Choose wisely.
  • Does it support your boobs the way you like? Every chick out there is different. Some of you don’t care if your cleavage shows, some of you are modest. Pick a top that keeps the tatas how you like them. Word to wise though, some tops that are low cut and your cleavage shows, become REALLY low cut when you bend over. Just make sure your areola don’t show 🙂 unless you don’t care about that kind of thing. Not here to judge, just help.
  • Do I need a bra? Same thing as above. It isn’t like you are going to a CrossFit class, but you may want some support for your boobs. I always wear a sports bra because I need to. Your chest size will definitely impact this decision.
  • Is it going to absorb sweat? May only be important if you are going to a hot yoga class, but I would NOT show up to hot yoga in a cotton anything. You are going to sweat your ass off and you want your clothes to wick it away from your skin.
  • What Length Do I like? Again, think about the positions you will be in and what your shirt length will do. Your arms will go above your head a lot. That will bring your shirt up. I like tanks that don’t move when I lift my arms.

The best pants


I am truly finical when it comes to what I wear on my bottom half when I take a yoga class or teach. There are a batch of things to consider before you pick out what is going to cover lower your body. Let ‘s dive in .

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing pants or shorts:

  • Will I be self conscious? I am only being honest here, but there is no way in heck I could take yoga in shorts. The entire class I would be thinking about my cellulite. I am NOT saying it is not OK to have cellulite. I AM saying if you know it will bother YOU, then think about that before you pick shorts over pants. Yoga is about non judgement. So don’t go to class judging your body the entire time.
  • Are they see through? Ladies. Do yourself a favor and bend over in front of a mirror, check out your butt, and see if your pants are see through. I check this with EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. of workout pants I own. I am not sure people even know this is a thing. But you should. Cause as soon as you bend over the fabric stretches and becomes VERY see through. If you don’t have the right coverage on underneath your junk is on display for all those eyes behind you. Maybe you don’t mind that. That’s ok. These are all suggestions.
  • Will I be hot/cold? Hot yoga classes are not just hot, but really hot. I prefer to have pants on even though I will be hot, because you start to slip on your own skin if you don’t. But you might not like being hot and shorts will be better for you.
  • Are they loose/flowy? I like loose and flowy pants for a class like Yin yoga, but for anything where you are moving and flowing it can get in the way. You could always try it once, but I prefer an actual yoga pant that is form fitting so I am not getting caught in the pants the entire class. Same for shorts. Is your crotch gonna show when you are in a seated position and legs are spread?
  • What color are they? Color does matter if your going to be sweaty. Just know that in extremely sweaty situations, crotch sweat is real. And certain colors show it more than others. Just saying. Darker hides it the best.
  • Zippers and Pockets? Zippers in the back of workout pants where you can put things like a cell phone etc are not super comfortable when laying down.
  • Waist Height? Think about what waist height you are the most comfortable in, low cut, mid rise or high rise? I love a high rise waist. I feel the best in those.

What about my feet?

I know A LOT of people are self conscious of their feet. But hera ‘s the deal. I STRONGLY encourage you to take your socks off at yoga classify. I have seen many people try and leave them on even after I kindly and quietly suggest they take them off .
You need to feel the establish when you are taking a yoga class. There is a reason you do it barefoot. Connecting with the background and root in are apart of the process .
And guess what ? absolutely no matchless is looking at your feet like you think they are. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of yoga classes I have taught and taken, I have never looked at person ‘s feet and judged them .
I do n’t make surely my toes are painted or look arrant to teach, that is not what it is about. therefore unblock your feet and do n’t wear socks to classify .
You CAN however where them into the studio and take them off when you start, then put them back on for savasana. That is completely satisfactory .

The perfect yoga outfit

I hope this post has been helpful and inspirational to help you find an equip you feel the best in. You do n’t need to buy raw clothes to get to a yoga class. Use what you have and make it make .
The perfect yoga out for me is a pair of blacken leggings that are extremely thickly and not see through. I love Fabletics leggings. Their high waisted power hold leggings are amazing. I wore these all thru my pregnancy besides !
I just kept buying larger size ! The reviews are normally spot on indeed read them and find what you like. I prefer high waisted leggings .
For my top I like to wear a tank that is not moo cut. I besides like it to be slightly tighter around my shank so it does n’t droop or show my stomach. Another benefit of high heighten leggings.

I normally always show up with something over my tank car unless its mid summer or you live in a warm climate .
No socks or shoes. not even those yoga sock things .
I would love to hear what you decided to wear after reading this article ! be sure to leave a gossip below or come find me on Instagram.

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