Bachelor’s Degree Candidates

Apply for Graduation

To graduate, students must apply for gradation. University Registrar Services ( URS ) accepts, reviews and administers graduation applications. Visit URS for more data about applying for gradation .

Commencement and Convocation

All college convocations, all extra interest convocation events and both University Commencement events require an RSVP for participation. Please contact the dean ‘s office of your college to ask about the RSVP policy for your college convocation event. For data about especial interest convocations, please contact the University Ceremonies Office. alone working staff, graduating students and empower guests are allowed in the calibrate and staff entry points, or on the floor or field near alumnus seat and the stage. This restriction applies to Gammage Auditorium, Desert Financial Arena, Sun Devil Stadium and other ceremony venues.

Summer 2022 Graduates: Undergraduate degree candidates who completed degree requirements in August of 2022 are eligible to participate in December events. Candidates must apply for graduation as a summer graduate and pay your fees in arrange to have the RSVP yoke appear on your My ASU foliate during the Fall Semester. This will allow you to register for descent events. Your mention will appear with the list of students who completed degree requirements in August 2022 in the December 2022 Commencement program. University Undergraduate Commencement will take place Monday, December 12, 2022 at 2:30 pm on Frank Kush Field at Sun Devil Stadium. Gates to the stadium will open at 1:00 prime minister. Please note : Sun Devil Stadium has a clearly pocket Policy. Graduates and guests will be asked to return items to their cars if they do not comply. Graduates will be directed to the Frank Kush Field to be seated with their college. Students are recognized as a group, by college during the ceremony. There is no formal check in for University Undergraduate Commencement.

No tickets are required for University Undergraduate Commencement. Guests will be seated in the lower separate of Sun Devil Stadium. The fall 2022 University Undergraduate Commencement event begins at 2:30 promethium and will run approximately 90 minutes. For more information, please visit hypertext transfer protocol : //

Academic Regalia 

Academic recognition is granted to undergraduate candidates only. Students are awarded award cords to be worn during the beginning ceremony. For more information about gradation regalia, visit how to wear your crown and gown .

Honors Designations

Your current GPA as verified at the time you request your honor cords will determine which cords you are given. Visit University Registrar Services for more data regarding academic requirements for honor cords. ASU Online students who have earned honor cords will receive them via mail. For on-campus students, honor cords can be picked up at any university registrar office. URS locations and agency hours are available on-line .

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