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disclosure : We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post .Pendant anklet on a woman's right ankle, What Does Wearing an Anklet Mean?Seems like a pretty innocent question, huh? In this day and age, particularly in Western culture, anklets aren’t typically worn for reasons other than because the wearer likes it. But like most jewelry, the history of anklets actually dates back to ancient times. We’ve combed through a multitude of accounts regarding the various meanings of anklets throughout history. Check some out below!
Seems like a pretty innocent question, huh ? In this day and long time, particularly in western culture, anklets aren ’ thyroxine typically wear for reasons other than because the wearer likes it. But like most jewelry, the history of anklets actually dates back to ancient times. We ’ ve combed through a multitude of accounts regarding the versatile meanings of anklets throughout history. Check some out below ! We’ll tell you now, over the years anklets have held a variety of meanings within different cultures and religions. They were typically worn by and associated with women, with usage most prominently recorded in ancient Egypt and ancient India. In Egypt, anklets often indicated a woman’s social status. Meanwhile in India, anklets were more likely to serve as an indication of a woman’s marital status. In western culture today, anklets don’t tend to hold much meaning, though some rumors have linked anklets to an indication of a woman’s sexual desires.

Those are some obscure and differing reasons, we know. Our inquiry has made it net that the mean behind wearing anklets varies wide from location to localization. Keep reading to learn more about anklets in different cultures ! We answer some specific questions below .

So What is the Symbolic Meaning of Wearing Anklets?

Let ’ s spill details. Throughout history, both Egyptians and Indians have been recorded wearing anklets in their day to day lives. therefore why did they mean what they did ?


We mentioned above that the Egyptians may have used anklets as a entail of demonstrating social status. respective sources disagree on whether denoting social condition was an designed determination of the anklets or merely a slope effect. Social condition could be determined by the materials crafting an individual ’ second anklet. Women ( and sometimes men ) of all sociable classes wore forms of anklets, with amphetamine classify citizens often brandishing flatware or aureate anklets, and those of lower condition wearing cheaper metals, leather, or possibly anklets crafted of shells which served as amulets .


Close up of Indian woman's pendant anklet on right ankle and ethnic design bangles on left wrist
Anklets, and the materials that crafted them, served versatile purposes in the Hindu religion. It was common for anklets to have bells and charms on them which made noise, signifying to men when women were approaching and basically alerting them to behave and be respectful. Both marital women and unmarried girls may have worn anklets of this nature .
fascinatingly, the metals which adorn the feet are heavily regarded in the Hindu religion. Silver is the most common metallic element used, and it is about never aureate. aureate is sacred in India, and to wear it on the feet, so close to the background, would be considered blasphemous.

What Does it Mean For Women to Wear Anklets?

We mentioned that amerind women often wore anklets to show marital status or lack thereof. Anklets, known as “ payal ” in Hindi, were a traditional giving to modern brides, gifted to them upon first arrival at their new conserve ’ s home. however, unmarried girls may wear them a well, showing their courage and pride. unmarried girls ’ anklets were sometimes recorded to have more bells and beads that jingled, attracting the care of men. Some married women ’ randomness payals have been recorded to be decorated similarly, though .
In westerly culture, anklets don ’ t tend to signify a lot for women, at least not in any widely known way. There are assorted accounts of anklets signifying sexual preference and desires. For example, a few accounts have noted anklets symbolizing a married womanhood who is silent open to intimate relationships with other men ( without expostulation from her husband ). These claims are few and far between .

What Does it Mean For Men to Wear Anklets?

Boho anklets on a man's ankles
man, we were aching to find some symbolism behind dudes wearing anklets ! But all of our research has connected anklets back to women. It is noted that men, peculiarly in ancient Egypt, sometimes wear anklets a well, but no cause other than noting sociable class has been widely recorded .

Is it a Sin to Wear An Anklet?

There is very little, if any, inquiry showing a history of anklets being regarded as a sin in any acculturation. The alone argumentation for such that we came across in our research stems from the Christian Bible. Anklets are mentioned doubly in the Bible, in verses 16 and 18 in the book of Isaiah. But there is no convinced or negative reasoning associated with anklets in the Bible. Whether or not wearing one would be considered a sin would depend on the situation and reason for wearing one – and honestly, you could argue for good about anything being a sin based on the situation .

Is There Any Medical Reasoning Behind Wearing Anklets?

Our research regarding checkup and scientific uses for anklets comes back to silver. Silver has been recorded to heal wounds, kill viruses, and has anti-inflammatory properties, barely to name a few. In the past, many have believed that silver can activate the lymph nodes in the feet. Silver anklets have been thought to protect from ailments like hormonal asymmetry, gynecological disorders, and sterility.

additionally, within Hindu culture it ’ sulfur believed that the feet and hands are producing energy constantly. indeed wear anklets crafted of precious metals like ash grey prevents the passing of energy emanated from the feet. Halting the release of this energy recirculates it back into the body and protects the body from negative environments .

A Varied History

As you can see, the meanings and symbolism of anklets date manner back in meter, and accounts of such vary widely. From ancient Egypt until nowadays, anklets have been known to signify social class, marital status, and promiscuity, to name a few. Some traditions have carried over today, but it ’ s besides completely acceptable to wear anklets for absolutely whatever reason you like .

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