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Looking at options for cute marriage traditions to entertain your guests ? One standard you ’ re probable familiar with is the garter toss—AKA that high-frenzied moment ( likely toward the end of the reception and dance ) when all the eligible bachelors gather to catch a part of the bride ’ mho lingerie. If you ’ re wondering if the marriage garter tradition is right for you and yours, keep reading to find out everything you need about its origins, variations, and alternatives !

What is a Wedding Garter?

A marry garter is a piece of lingerie typically worn by brides under their bridal gown. Its historical function is to hold stockings up, but nowadays it ’ second more park to wear as a cosmetic freshness detail for the traditional “ garter flip. ”

modern marry garters are normally made with spike and embellishments and held in place by elastic. They are wear around mid-thigh for a animal and seductive consequence, and are much used for bridal boudoir shoots and often passed on from generation to generation .

Do All Brides Wear a Garter?

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A fortune of brides wear a wedding garter, but not all. Most brides choose to uphold the custom as a meaningful partially of their celebration, an accessory for wedding photograph, a chic heirloom to keep for future generations, or a sexy accession to the wedding night. Others, however, choose to skip the tradition .
Some brides choose not to wear a marriage garter because they don ’ t want to include the garter chuck custom in their reception, they don ’ t palpate comfortable with wearing one, or they don ’ t like the aesthetic or style. The most coarse reasons not to have a garter convulse normally have to do with the gendered history behind it ; some brides may find it a small antediluvian for their celebration .

Who Buys the Wedding Garter?

Anyone can buy the marriage garter ; there ’ second no fixed person. A bride may pick it out for herself to match her wedding dress, her spouse-to-be may purchase it as a endowment, or her bridesmaids might make one as a custom purpose. Brides may besides receive a garter from their mother or grandma as an heirloom or have a customs design made from the fabric of a family wedding dress .

How Much do Wedding Garters Cost?

A one marry garter can cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 150, depending on the name brand, materials, embellishments, and complexity of the design. The average price is around $ 20 to $ 40 for a romantic spike, silk, or chiffon plan to complement your wedding full-dress. If you or person in your family is crafty with a sew machine, you could besides design your own garter or upcycle an heirloom for the price of materials .
Some brides choose to wear two wedding garters—one to keep and one to toss. If this is your vision, you ’ ll need to budget a bit more for the second design .

What Leg Does the Garter Go On?

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It ’ mho personal predilection ; there ’ s nobelium right or wrong leg to wear your garter on. A garter is typically wear around mid-thigh to keep it in position, and if you ’ ra wearing two garters, they normally go on the same leg. Whatever you decide, just let your collaborator know beforehand the stage it ’ second on and which one to toss !

Do You Have to Wear the Garter All Day?

wholly up to you ! Some brides wear their wedding garter as an all-day tradition ; others take it on and off for different parts of the celebration. The two best times to wear the garter are for your “ getting fix ” or “ bridal boudoir ” photoshoot before the ceremony, and then by and by in the reception if you want to host the garter convulse. In between those times, some brides opt to keep the garter in their bag or pouch for safekeeping .

What Is the Wedding Garter Tradition?

The marry garter tradition dates back centuries but has shifted over meter. The basic theme is that having a slice of the bridget ’ south outfit brings good luck for wedding guests, so the newlyweds will offer a little nominal ( AKA, the garter ) to their guests to appease them .
The origin of the marry garter tradition dates second to the Middle Ages, when newlywed couples would perform a “ bed ” ritual to prove they had consummated the marriage. After the ceremony and reception, wedding guests would follow the newlyweds to their chamber to witness the bridget ’ s “ deflowering ” ( yeah, creepy ! ). To get a small privacy, couples would throw out a piece of the bridget ’ sulfur equip to appease their nosy onlookers .
Nowadays, the garter flip ritual is meant to be brash playfulness among the couple and their guests, often taking place during a rowdier part of the evening. The “ achiever ” of the wedding garter toss is said to be adjacent in trace for love and marriage, so it ’ south particularly democratic with the celebration ’ s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

What Does the Wedding Garter Mean or Symbolize?

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traditionally, the wedding garter most often symbolizes sexual love and fortune. In the Middle Ages it was more tied up with notions of virginity and the consummation of marriage ; these days it ’ s more of a fun, lighthearted wedding direction to show off the pair ’ south chemistry and interact with their guests. The wedding garter can besides be emblematic of family ties and traditions, as they are frequently made with heirloom materials and passed down as share of a keepsake wedding dress .

The Modern Meaning of the Wedding Garter

thankfully, the wedding garter is still a symbol of love and luck for your wedding guests—not so much a symbol of losing your virginity or having to be “ inspected ” by prying friends and syndicate. These days, the mod meaning is much more about fashion, fun, sensuality, and, of course, tradition !

What is the Garter Toss?

In a nutshell, the garter discard is a marry custom where the bridget ’ s garter is removed and thrown out to a push of single men. It ’ s the groom ’ s equivalent of the bouquet toss and is meant to symbolize good luck to the eligible bachelors in attendance .
With all the creativity and diverseness of modern weddings, there are tons of ways that the garter discard custom has been shifted and personalized to fit the needs of nontraditional couples, same-sex couples, and unique wedding visions. We ’ ve listed some of these variations and alternatives to the garter flip toward the end of this article !

Who Takes the Garter Off?

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If you ’ re a bride-groom copulate, typically the groom removes the garter from the bride ’ south leg and tosses it to a herd of male singletons. The ritual goes something like this :

  • The couple sets a time in their reception to have the garter toss.
  • The couple or emcee makes an announcement, and the crowd of men gathers around as the bride sits down in a chair. The groom is off to the side.
  • The groom might dance around and tease the bride to turn up the humor and excitement of the moment.
  • The groom removes the bride’s garter with his hands or maybe his teeth—the moment can be as flirty and raunchy as you feel comfortable with!
  • The groom tosses the garter into the crowd of male onlookers.
  • The man who catches the bride’s garter is the “winner,” i.e., the next one to marry.

Do You Have to Wear a Wedding Garter for Your Wedding?

absolutely not—there ’ randomness no argue to wear a marry garter if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to. Whether it ’ s not your style, you don ’ thyroxine feel comfortable with it, or you prefer to set new traditions for your celebration, you can wholly pass on the wedding garter custom with no matchless ( absolutely no one ! ) to stop you .

Reasons You May Not Want to Do a Garter Toss

The most common reasons that couples skip a garter chuck are 1 ) It feels antique and excessively gendered, 2 ) It ’ s a fiddling excessively animal and embarrassing to do in front of the family, 3 ) It feels awkward to call out the individual people in your crowd, and 4 ) The couple wants to set early traditions for their celebration. If any of these apply to you, by all means, skip it !

Alternatives to the Garter Toss

  • Skip it entirely.
  • Toss a garter without the “undressing” ritual. (Just keep the garter in your pocket.)
  • Just go with the bouquet toss, no garter necessary.
  • Have a bouquet toss with all genders—no separation of men and women.
  • Toss the groom’s boutonniere along with the bouquet, no garter needed.
  • Break up your bouquet and give stems to important guests in the crowd.
  • Host an anniversary dance with all the married couples.
  • Play a song for the singles to invite all the eligible guests on the dancefloor.
  • Toss a prize, like a gift card to your favorite restaurant.
  • Plan a balloon drop.
  • Pour a champagne tower.

That ’ sulfur it—our complete wedding garter custom summation ! It ’ s wholly up to you and yours to decide if this long-held custom is right for your celebration. You can use the bridal garter for photos entirely, change up the details, replace with another custom, or skip it entirely—your decisiveness. The most important thing is to have fun and make a particular moment with your smasher. And with that, happy design and best wishes !
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