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french girlfriend style is one of the most coveted fashion styles out there. From the juxtaposed simplicity with depth to the casual minimalism, the french expressive style exudes a dateless, elevated attend .
Effortless, unmake, yet incredibly sophisticate. How do they manage to achieve this ?
The french female child is the epitome of chic. What do they all have in common though ? A distinct common sense of personal style. They have a feminine sensibility but digest by a sexual love of basics and minimalism. Easy pieces, high-quality items that mix well together… It ’ s all quite bare once you have the basics down .
One of the first base things I realize when it comes to french girls ’ style is that there are no rules or right ways. The goal ? To find their own personal style and stick with it… Always ! So you don ’ t have to become a francophile to use these french style tips .
french girls emphasize a sense of effortlessness in their wardrobes. They don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like seeing themselves overdone. They love natural beauty and a put-together look that “ appears ” to be thrown together. But, there is preciseness behind this “ casual ” style, therefore permit ’ s labor into that .
“ Fashion changes, but dash endures ” – Coco Chanel
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How to Dress Like a French Woman and Why You Should

woman with tousled french style hair and black and white polka dot wrap dress smoking a cigaretteskip the smoking part, though 😉 The first thing that you might notice about the french woman is her dash of dress. You can ’ thyroxine fail to see the combination of classical looks with laid-back, effortless vibes .
It ’ sulfur all about taking some beautiful fabrics and some gorgeous pieces, putting them together in different ways, creating their own personal construction on the latest trends, and wearing it in a way that makes them look like they didn ’ thymine try excessively hard – but in fact, couldn ’ t look better .
french daughter style is not about copying what everyone else is doing ! It ’ second about finding your own personal expressive style – something that works for you, suits your sensibilities, and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin .
In other words, it ’ south about being you ! And not feeling the motivation to overdo your hair, makeup, or broad aesthetic. Let your natural beauty glow !
The french female child ’ s personal stylus is about mixing high-quality, dateless pieces that look big together and go with everything. It is not a unmanageable stylus to pull off and is not entirely unachievable to everyone everywhere .

How to Master French Girl Style

woman with white bow scarf and simple black dress, low bun, exuding french woman style

10 Simple Style Rules French Girls Always Use

There is no charming antic to mastering the french girlfriend style. It ’ mho all about making ache choices and having a personal manner that works for you. You can take some inhalation from these basic rules, but remember – the best room to learn french girl stylus is by living it yourself !
1. Mix high-quality pieces with basics that go with everything. The beginning rule of the french daughter stylus is to master layering pieces and finding a balance between them .
2. Mix high-quality pieces with statement pieces. I advise having only one “ statement firearm ” in each equip .
3. Know where you would wear something, before buying it. This helps you avoid the wardrobe clutter dilemma… It will besides help ensure your wardrobe is functional and practical .
4. Invest in quality pieces that are classics, not trends .
5. Have at least five go-to essentials in your wardrobe that can be worn with everything else you own ! then equitable add the affirmation pieces into the shuffle ! Check out my 12 wardrobe essentials, here .
6. Keep it minimal – don ’ triiodothyronine overdo it on accessories… Add one great piece of jewelry on occasion .
7. Utilize the art of layering – specially layering that creates long lines, like blazers over dresses or long cardigans over shirts and tees. You can never go wrong with layering in french girlfriend dash. Always wear your least dressy assemble on the penetrate to ground your outfit and to maintain that “ effortless ” vibration. For case, a blouse with an interest collar is kept grounded by a pair of straight-leg jeans .
8. Keep a neutral color palette – french daughter style is versatile and composed of understate neutrals like blues, dark blue grays, tans, blacks, and whites .
9. Focus on cut and fit – french girls constantly have impeccably fitting clothes. It allows them to have that put-together expression while not appearing like they “ try ” .
10. Always have one tailored piece in your look, this keeps you from looking besides “ undone ” or haphazard. It besides adds some intentionality to your look .
The french female child style is all about choosing big materials, high-quality, dateless, and versatile items that work well together. This style lies in how clothes are blend together and the little things that make the kit semen to animation. It ’ s not about being perfect, it ’ south about playing with your pieces until you achieve a attend that is casual and chic .

French Girl Wardrobe Essentials

1. Plain, simple t-shirt
gabrielle arruda embuing french girl style by wearing straight leg jeans and simple t-shirt A homely jersey is an absolute must for french girl manner. Whether you are pairing it with a dim-witted slip skirt or your favorite straight-leg jeans, this layering man is a french staple. This firearm can be wear entirely or layered underneath a blazer or cardigan perspirer. While this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine groundbreaking advice, it ’ s your admonisher to keep it simpleton .
2. White button-down shirt
woman in paris wearing white button-up with white trouser and black sunglasses embodying french girl style A egg white button-down ( I prefer a men ’ south one, like this ) is another french daughter basic. The beauty of a knit, crisp french daughter button-down shirt lies in its versatility – you can wear it with anything from your pencil skirts to your boyfriend jeans !
It looks antic under your blazers, or even worn as a shirt apparel ( if you get one farseeing adequate ). This is one of my hands-down best wardrobe staples .
3. Structured blazer  
jeanne damas in paris wearing a sweater, structured blazer, sunglasses, chanel bag, and straight leg jeans A blazer is a must-have, it ’ sulfur polished, compromising, and easy to throw on. You can wear it to work or with your casual weekend clothes – it ’ s a great way to add some edification and structure to any outfit .
4. High-rise straight leg jean
parisian fall fashion turtleneck sweater with slim black jeans on style blogger Gabrielle Arruda french girls never skimp on their go-to jean, they prefer a high-quality versatile dash copulate of jeans. A high-rise straight leg jean is worth the money because it looks big with your dash basics, creates a long vertical lineage, and seamlessly fits into business casual or date night .
Opt for jeans without distress marks or holes, and always keep a express color pallette. I prefer black jeans, medium blue, or inner light blue jeans. once you ’ ve found your perfect equip you could opt to add a white pair of jeans in there, but they are a bit more alimony to look houseclean and acute .
And, ditch those skinny jeans for a slender or straight cut .
5. Trench coat
classic french trench coat hanging in closet A great trench coat is a must-have. You can pair a virtual and versatile trench with your vogue basics for a chic look no count where you are going. It ’ s the perfect layering piece for transitional weather and adds some loose structure to your look. We don ’ thymine want excessively shrill edges, but we do lack designed outfits and a put-together vibration .
6. Simple flat (ballet style preferred)

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french girls prefer simple ballet flats to snazzy heels or dressy pumps. These shoes are effortless, versatile, and highly comfortable. These shoes are a style staple because they go with everything, and never fail to make your kit search put together .
french fashion international relations and security network ’ t excessively crabbed, and it ’ s actually very “ functional ”. I put that in quotes because we tend to think functional pieces can ’ thymine be stylish. But, french girls apparel for the sidereal day they have, which means shoes that are polished but allow them to walk the bumpy, cragged streets of Paris.

7. Classic white sneakers
girl wearing french girl style, converse, trench coat, beret, and simple blue polka dot dressyou don’t have to wear a beret, though 😉 A classic white fink is an absolute must and will stand the test of time. It ’ s walkable, versatile, and adds a slack, easy-going vibration to your look .
I ’ five hundred choose for a classic gym shoe that doesn ’ t have brassy logos, distinctive lines, or anything excessively trendy. Opt for a gym shoe that has a more dateless style to it .
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8. Neutral crossbody bag 
woman carrying cream chanel boy bag here ’ s what french girls like- a simpleton cup of tea with adequate pockets for their telephone, keys, etc… but besides streamlined. The bag you pick should be a neutral leather or fabric, and have one “ focal point ”. then preceptor ’ metric ton go excessively detailed or excessively forte. A simple buckle or hardware objet d’art is very well but avoid the excessively decorated bags .
9. Stripe sweater 

A classical undress sweater is a perfective transitional weather musical composition. It may sound a piece platitude, but a simple stripe perspirer can be worn in so many cool-girl ways .
And, it ’ s a dateless assemble, that you ’ ll find yourself grabbing frequently. ( perfect for those days when you don ’ thymine feel like trying but want to look great ) .
10. Casual dress (simple print or neutral)
french girl in cafe wearing classic sneakers and a neutral print wrap dress A simple free-and-easy dress is another dateless piece. The identify to this item is simplicity. I would be careful with the overall match of this dress, make certain it ’ sulfur not besides tight or besides at large. We want a childlike wrap, or equip and flare style dress, to keep it polished but easy-going .
I would opt for a dull discolor or neutral print for this slice. Muted blues, greens, cold united states navy, or creams work well. Or you could try a neutral or vintage-style print like polka dot, humble floral, or dim-witted abstract .
Avoid loud prints or prints with excessively much senior high school contrast in them. Proceed with extreme caution if you opt for an animal print. Generally, I would save the animal prints for something like a ex post facto coat or little accessory .
Slip Dresses are also a great option!
french girl style, woman wearing black slip dress with buttons on side and blazer draped over shoulder 11. Silk Camisole
woman with flower wearing a silk camisole and black skirt A good silk camisole is a great layer man and a must-have for a french female child wardrobe. You can wear it under sol many different styles, from sweaters to dresses without looking bulky or “ besides much ” .
12. Simple, gold necklace
woman in wool bralette with simple necklace french girls adore their gold jewelry, specially simpleton necklaces .
They like to keep it sleek and classical, with one or two playfulness pieces thrown in here and there. But, their accessories constantly complement their outfits seamlessly. A bare amber necklace ( medium distance, hitting an edge or two below your clavicle ) is a perfect choice .
13. Classic sunglasses 

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There is nothing casual or chic about squinting in the sun, or the ceaseless furrow of the brow when you can ’ metric ton go steady. So remember a great functional final examination touch to any outfit is a classic pair of sunglasses .
I find french style sunglasses to be mid-size round or slightly square. Currently, I don ’ t see a short ton of ace oversized or extremely bantam scale sunglasses within classical parisian style. french expressive style is all about a dressed middle earth, not the loudest or trendiest, so keep that in mind when picking out your pieces .
Black or tortoiseshell is your most versatile option .
14. Blouse (optional)
french girl in high neck blouse with blazer over it Depending on your style needs and life style you may be set with just a white button-up, but a blouse is another great choice to integrate into your wardrobe. not only will it crossover to a business casual wardrobe, but it ’ s besides a one-stop denounce for milled perfection .
I love a high neck blouse that adds a unlike ( but complimentary ) silhouette to your wardrobe .

Shop my favorite french girl wardrobe essentials:

French Girl Style Shoes 

flat lay of outfit with loafers, sweater, jeans, and black bra Chic. Comfortable. Versatile .
These are the phrases that come to mind when thinking about french girl shoes because they define so many of their essential footwear components. You can wear them all day long and not feel guilty or get painful blisters after a copulate of hours !
Every french girl needs the following shoes in her closet :

  • Ballet flats
  • Loafers 
  • Simple, ankle boots 
  • Classic sneakers 
  • Simple pump 
  • Simple strap sandal
  • Low block heel 
  • Streamlined knee high boot 
  • Espadrilles 

Notice the common idiom “ simple ” being used hera. That ’ s not to say french girl style shoes are boring, but they are elegant and understate. Because french girls walk therefore much, they opt for shoes that are sophisticated, but simple. The simpleton silhouettes make them dateless and more versatile while encouraging a “ weave the streets of Paris ” mentality ( without the blisters ) .

Finishing Touches for French Girl Style 

french girl in blazer with gucci belt and classic french girl fringe hairstyle The Parisian charwoman has a certain way of making very dim-witted or minimalistic pieces look effortlessly cool. She knows how to come up with the most flawless ways to show off her personal style kernel and this is what makes her stylus so unique. But, the annoy is in the details !
Here are some finishing touches and accessory style tips to help you finish off your french girlfriend style to paragon .

  • Remember, if the shoe is too uncomfortable for you to walk in it all day long, don’t buy it! We want to be elegant french girls, not hobbling around while blood pools in our shoes.
  • No-makeup makeup: French girl makeup looks like it is almost not there, and “I just woke up like this” makeup is their go to. This style of makeup makes your face look *awake* and fresh, but not overly done. 
  • Carefree hair: French girls like to keep their hair simple and natural. The simplest french girl cut might be a classic bob, or perhaps a shoulder length style with fringe bangs. No fuss! Simple layers also give you volume without being overly “done”. 
  • Wear different textures or bring in prints but make sure to keep it muted, polished, and classy. When you add touches of textures and prints it gives your outfit depth. 
  • Less is more. You will never see a french girl wearing a bunch of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. They keep it simple and chic. Add a simple, classic piece of jewelry or accessory for a polished look, but don’t go overboard. 
  • You can wear your hair up or down! French girls often go for the “undone” look with a simple low bun or half-up half-down. 
  • Be confident! A french girl knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. 
  • Remember, one of the most important things about french style is the state of mind behind it–not caring too much, but still looking polished and put together. You don’t have to be exact with your style, but French girls always look polished and classy.
  • When it comes to logos, be very intentional. French girl fashion doesn’t do “logomania”. However, with an appropriate french girl outfit a purposeful, single logo can work. (see the photo above).
  • Add obligatory croissant 😉

French Girl Style Staples Fall/Winter

french girl with knit turtleneck on, french style fall winter hang and winter french female child styles encompass a certain temper or mentality. You know it ’ second fall when your wardrobe starts to go towards the dark colors and textures like velvet and cashmere. french girls stick with muted, impersonal tones and you will find shades of black, dark blue, wheat, bone, pewter, burgundy, and cream pop up in their looks .
Leopard print is an absolute staple for french girls in the fall and winter, but they take it in a different direction than Americans normally go in when wearing leopard prints. french girls wear leopard prints coats or accessories that have a authoritative or slenderly vintage silhouette .
impinge coats are a staple in every french girl ’ s closet and you can wear them all year hanker ! A trench coat is an investment part that lasts season after temper. I would suggest looking for one that is longer ( mid-thigh to knee length ), lightweight, and impersonal in color .
here ’ s a list of items for your fall/winter french wardrobe :

  • Trench coat
  • Faux fur coat
  • Classic wool coat (longer length)
  • Minimalist puffer coat (nothing too “athletic”)
  • Wool blazer 
  • Turtleneck
  • Fine gauge sweater
  • Chunky crew neck sweater
  • Wool scarf (classic color or print) 
  • Cardigan ( I like a medium-heavy knit option)
  • Slim black gloves (leather or knit) 

And if you want more tips or style ideas for the fall/winter french girl style, I have a more in-depth template here .
fall french wardrobe checklist

French Girl Style Staples Spring/Summer 

french girl summer wardrobe simple floral dress France is fully of unpredictable weather when the seasons start to transition, and their wardrobe is built around a mix-and-match mentality that allows them to look polished and weather-appropriate whether it ’ s 55 degrees and brisk or reaching a balmy 80 degrees .
sol in order to master the french spring summer style here are some basics you should add to your wardrobe :

  • Classic tweed jacket
  • Wrap dress 
  • Slip dress 
  • Midi-skirt 
  • Linen pants 
  • Suede or leather jacket 
  • Woven handbag 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Light cardigan 

I besides have a more in-depth guide for french Spring/Summer fashion, here .
french summer style slip skirt

Affordable French Clothing Brands

Remember low-cost is a relative term, and french brands don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate skew “ bum ”, thus adjust your budget accordingly. That being said, french dash is all about choice over quantity indeed these french clothe brands are a great place to start embracing that fashion mentality .

It ’ second no wonder that french girls are known for their effortless vogue. They know how to dress with ease and class, while still being trendy and mod. french girlfriend dash is about maintaining an air of sophistication without taking it besides seriously-a mentality that anyone can adopt !
The tips in this article will help you on your direction towards mastering the art of french style.

now, get your french girlfriend stylus on, grab your crescent roll, and amble through the Marais .
Bonne probability ! ( good fortune ! )
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ultimate guide on how to dress like a french woman, image of paris, image of jeanne damas and french girl in blazer

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