Women who don’t wear hijab will face Allah’s wrath, lawyer to Karnataka HC

As the Karnataka High Court heard the hijab case for the tenth back-to-back day on Thursday, elder advocate AM Dar, appearing for the hijab-wearing students argued in the Court of jurisprudence that wearing hijab is an all-important part of Islam and that those who don ’ t wear one are considered as sinners in Islam .
He besides said that the Court was not being by rights guided on Quran. “ According to Quran ”, Dar appearing for Muslim girls said, “ non-covering by a woman will mean the lady will be sent to the place where there will be wrath on Judgement Day to give hisaab. We have to be cook to face Judgement. To cover the read/write head is an substantive religious drill for us ”.

Dar far narrated a report from Prophet Mohammed ’ s life to prove his point of women becoming sinners if they don ’ thyroxine wear hijab. Dar said, “ In 1621, our Prophet was spiritually and physically taken during the night to the Allah in the eden by Gabriel. During the journey, Prophet saw some women crying and asked Gabriel why were they so sad ” .
“ Gabriel told him, and this is narrated in the Quran and covered in the Hadith besides – ‘ These are women of your Ummah, who were seen not wearing cover on their head and thorax ’. Prophet saw serpents around their neck, around their hair. The Prophet said – ‘ I will pray to God to forgive them ’. Gabriel said – ‘ Unless Allah forgives them, your prayers will not matter because they have committed a sine ’ ”, he was quoted .

He added that the religion believed in the narration and hijab was actually to protect women from the sidereal day of the Judgement. “ Whatever Prophet has said is binding. How can we ignore it ? then we are not Muslims. Hijab is mandate in Islam and has come from Quran ”, he reiterated pleading that the petitioners only wanted a headscarf and not a full burqa .

According to the reports, Advocate AM Dar stated that no public holy order would be disturbed merely because a Muslim daughter wore the hijab. He collated the situation to the Hindu religion and said that “ If person desecrates the effigy of Lord Ram or any Hindu goddess, then it is a public order consequence. If you desecrate the visualize of another religion, then it hurts feelings and it can be populace order. But simply covering the read/write head ; how does it cause a public order consequence ? ” .
He added that India is neither a Hindu Rashtra nor an Islamic democracy. It is a democratic, sovereign, laic, republic where rule of law must prevail. meanwhile, the Karnataka government informed the court that an FIR had been registered against the members of the Campus Front of India ( CFI ) for their participation in the case pertaining to the Government Pre-University Girls College in the Udupi district .

Karnataka hijab row

The hijab controversy in Karnataka gained momentum in the first workweek of January after eight Muslim girls were denied entrance to classes in a Udupi college because they were wearing hijab. The college authorities had informed that the hijab was not a part of the uniform dress code mandated for the students .

The Muslim girls, adamant about wearing hijab, then filed a petition in High Court seeking permission to attend classes with hijab. They stated that wearing the hijab was their ‘ fundamental right ’ granted under Articles 14 and 25 of the indian Constitution and ‘ built-in practice of Islam ’.

The controversy spiralled as Hindu students in Karnataka styled with orange yellow scarves around their necks, protested against Muslim girls continuing to wear Hijab to the college. Tensions besides prevailed at some educational institutions in Udupi, Shivamogga, Bagalkote and other parts as incidents of stone-pelting and violence were reported from diverse parts of the state .

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