The Walking Dead in Style: Negan’s Leather Jacket

STEP 1: Watch The Walking Dead

Anyone trying to style a fabricated character ’ s invest is most probable already a fan of the show. If by find you aren ’ thymine familiar, however, go ahead and start gorge. even if you ’ re a traditionalist fan, this is a great opportunity to re-watch the newest seasons .
We feel you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate transmit a quality ’ mho department of energy without having seen said character in action. We think it ’ s significant to understand the dynamic Negan adds to the indicate ’ s narrative before putting on his clothes. otherwise, you may end up feeling pathetic and regretting the purchase .
so bunker down and watch your affection out. As you watch, ask yourself what it is you like about Negan ’ second jacket. Is it the confidence with which he wears it ? Is it because it is symbolically one of the cleanest items within the show ’ sulfur universe ? Whatever it is that draw you to the jacket is the character you will end up putting on when you wear the jacket, so stool surely it ’ s a feel you want to own !

STEP 2: Choose Your Look

merely because you want to dedicate a firearm of clothe to Negan doesn ’ metric ton mean you want to look like you ’ re trying to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the flesh. On the other hand, it ’ second very possible you want other fans of the usher to recognize immediately the homo you are emulating. Either way is fine ! Everyone has their own individual vogue, which is what makes mixing manner and fandom so enjoyable.

Take a expect at your wardrobe and what you normally wear. A partially of styling Negan ’ mho jacket will be choosing a attend that suits you and your own personality. Chances are, you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a totalitarian leader of a post-apocalyptic compound. You ’ re credibly not even an arse. so while styling your crown, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate toss away your flannels and start buying a excess of red scarves. What you already have in your cupboard is the perfect target to start .

STEP 3(A): Style Your Jacket (Look A – Clean and Casual)

If leather jackets are new to you or you want an understate spirit, start small. Negan ’ second jacket is bold, with a brassy collar, lots of zippers, and a finish that ’ s not quite flatness. Adding excessively much can overwhelm your outfit, therefore go for your simplest pieces that look adept with everything.
Our go-to items are t-shirts or sweaters in neutral or bejewel toned colors. If you don ’ t want to look like a toller for Negan, we recommend you stay away from white or red—these colors look bang-up with leather, but be aware they fall in the same color palette as Negan ’ sulfur costume. ultimately, the choice is up to you ! No matter what you choose, we recommend you max out at just one base layer—more will make the jacket bulk out, a expect that doesn ’ triiodothyronine look great with Negan ’ s slim-fitting jacket .
For this spirit, we recommend stonewash or rip jeans on the penetrate. The ruggedness will complement the jacket ’ s polished appearance nicely and will make you look like you aren ’ triiodothyronine even trying .

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