What to Write in a Wedding Card, Because We Could All Use Some Creative Inspo

It truly feels like 2022 is the year of all the weddings. so many, in fact, that you might start to forget the details of 1. which wedding is when and where, 2. what you planned to wear, and 3. which Hinge peer you put down as your plus-one. Once you get to the separate where you ‘re supposed to fill out the card and stuff it with cold hard cash, you ‘re credibly thinking, “ What TF do I possibly write in this card to accompany this minor chunk of my savings ? ? For a lifelong BFF ‘s big day, you ’ ll have absolutely no problem writing a novel of a card ( tbh, I normally merely get one that ’ s blank inside if we go way second ) but if it ‘s your S.O. ’ mho coworker that you barely know tying the knot, keep on recitation for creative ways to take your well wishes up a notch. And because no wedding circuit board fits all, there ‘s besides enough of inspo for how to properly welcome your newly cousin or SIL with a thoughtful, dear message. No bum greeting cards here, I promise. Before I dive in, I should back up and say that I ’ m that person who ‘s normally tasked with writing out handwritten notes and making speeches at family weddings and funerals. That ‘s why I ‘ve blessed you with a writer ’ south input on what to scribble in a marry wag. Take it or leave it, friends. Oh, and professional tip : Fill out the batting order and stick it in the clutch you plan to carry the night before the large day. You ‘ll forget it at family differently.

For the person who asked you to be in their wedding party…

  • Thank you for inviting me to be such an important part of your special day! And also for picking such an incredible color for us to wear.
  • I knew ________was the one for you when they… (insert romantic/sweet/hilarious story here).
  • It’s such an honor to stand by your side today. I’ll be needing tissues at some point, just a heads up.
  • Being your bridesmaid today is a joy! Being your friend for the past (insert years) is even more priceless.
  • I’m just a girl, standing up on the altar, crying all of the happy tears while I hold your bouquet. My BFF is getting married!!!
  • Going to down a minimum of three glasses of champagne before my MOH speech tonight. You’re the only person I’d do public speaking for. I love you more than anything!
  • You are the most beautiful bride, inside and out, and we’re all fully ready to make this the best.day.ever. for you!

    For the wedding of an old friend…

    • We’ve come a long way from slipping love notes into boys’ lockers. I can’t wait to see you get married!
    • Something old: our friendship. Something new: you tying the knot!!! Something borrowed: your gift, from the ATM. Something blue: me, when I can’t take you as my plus-one to weddings anymore. Today’s the day, and I’m so happy for you.
    • PB & J. J.Lo & Ben. You & me. And now you two! You’re the most perfect pair, and I couldn’t be more excited for you to start your life together.
    • I didn’t believe love existed (okay, call me cynical) until I saw you together. Thank you for melting this icy lil heart of mine :’).
    • No matter where we go, who we’re with, or what happens in life, we’ll always be friends, and you can count on my support.
    • So I guess the marriage pact we made in eighth grade didn’t hold up?! Jk, you definitely made the best choice. Thrilled for you both!
    • I remember the days when we were only playing wedding dress-up (somehow I was always the groom). And now it’s the real thing! Let’s get you married.

      For a family wedding…

      • Our family was missing one person, and that was you. We can’t wait to pull up one more seat to the Thanksgiving table, have one more person to hug at the family reunion, and have another person on our side when we argue with our parents about politics!
      • I’ve never had a sister, but I couldn’t be happier to get one today. And thankfully we got to skip the whole sharing a room, borrowing each other’s clothes part.
      • Thank you for making my (insert relative) so happy! You are not only the one, but the GOAT for putting up with them in the first place.
      • You may want to change your name back after you enter this bunch, but welcome to the family either way!
      • Our crew of cousins gains an absolute icon today. I’m excited to officially make you a member of the fam!
      • Thank you for bringing together the entire family together today to celebrate your love. The dance floor is not ready!
      • Get ready to hear a lot of dad jokes for the rest of your life. But actually, proud to call you a (insert last name) now.

        For a co-workers wedding…

        • Congratulations on your special day! Enjoy that sweet, sweet OOO on your honeymoon.
        • Cheers to you both and a lifetime of adventures! I can’t wait to see where life takes you.
        • Even though you’re a literal wife now, can you still be my work wife?! Asking for a friend.
        • It’s been so fun having the whole office actually meet each other’s S.O.s. We are all so happy to celebrate you guys!
        • Thank you for inviting me to join in on the joy today. I’m so happy to be together wearing something other than scrubs.
        • Hope your love continues to be like our stash of snacks in the breakroom: sweet and endless.
        • Partying with you outside of work? Of course I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Congrats on your biggest celebration yet!

          For your partner’s friend’s second cousin twice removed…

          • Congratulations you two! So excited to be part of the happiness that is today. See you on the dance floor!
          • You may think I’m a crasher, but I’m actually (insert connection’s) plus-one. I’m stoked to share in the celebration either way!
          • I was today years old when I met you, but I feel like I’ve known you both forever. Cheers to many more years of dancing through life!
          • As the great T.Swift once said, “It’s a love story baby, just say yes” and I’m so glad you did. Happy wedding day!
          • Hope you stop and take in every moment of this incredible day. You deserve it all and more!
          • After all this quarantining, I’m happy we can finally come together and celebrate!
          • The only thing I can speak now or forever hold my peace about is how cute of a couple you are. Enjoy your big day!

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