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Johnny Depp is constantly admired for his versatility and mania as seen through his television appearances and most specially in his iconic movies. Johnny Depp has worked on a total of films, transforming himself to absolutely embody each and every character that he takes. Starting from his groundbreaking role on Tim Buston ’ s classical television receiver series 21 Jump Street as Officer Tom Hanson, to Alice in the Wonderland as Mad Hatter, to Captain Jack Sparrow in the box office hit fantasy series Pirates of the Caribbean, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Willy Wonka, and list goes on and on. He is not afraid to take on challenging roles and has successfully made a name for himself. Every Johnny Depp movie is always expected to be alone, witty, a risk-taker, and ahead of the arch. He has played funny, cryptic, skittish, and amatory. No wonder why everybody loves him !
aside from his works and undeniable charisma, what we love the most is the fact that, through all his memorable roles, we have constantly seen him wearing glasses ! Johnny Depp in glasses has been a winder look to the characters he played in his movies. His choice for eyeglasses were as bold and hazardous as his characters were. here are a few of the many faces of Johnny Depp in glasses .
Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas

Johnny Depp in Nick of Time
Released in 1995, Johnny Depp wore classic vintage round eyeglasses in the thriller Nick of Time where he played Gene Watson, a widowed accountant facing baneful schemes and races against clock to save his daughter. His clear attack eyeglasses perfectly accentuated his masculine facial features and helped achieve a nerdy function search for his character .

Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
This all time darling movie starring Johnny Depp is surely one for the books ! He decidedly deserved a standing ovation for his crazy antics and bright performance. This hilarious movie revolves around a sociopath lawyer Dr. Gonzo and Johnny Depp as an eccentric diarist in a couple of authoritative Ray-Ban RB 3138 Shooter Aviator sunglasses as they take on a crazy flush of wackiness while traveling to Las Vegas across the Nevada desert high on drugs ( decidedly not a movie for the kids ! ). These alone vintage aviator sunglasses feature a small ring in the center between the lenses for more accurate target shoot, hence the model diagnose Shooter. now tell me, how many times have you seen person wear sunglass like these ?

Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow is Tim Burton ’ sulfur American Gothic supernatural movie released in 1999 starring Johnny Depp. This chilling movie is surely perfect for a Halloween nox movie marathon. The story follows Johnny Depp as an improper New York police officer named Ichabod Crane as he investigates a series of murders by a mysterious headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow Village. Johnny Depp wearing steampunk eyewear became truly celebrated for its skittish and one-of-a-kind design. This crazy eyewear features clunky spectacles designed to realize director Burton ’ s eccentric vision to create a 1799 arrange and regard the running inventions of that era. Julbo ’ s 010 Vermont Classic is the closest resemblance of the eyewear to date .
a crazy as the ocular fit, this movie has won many awards including an academy award for best in artwork guidance. The celebrated eyewear was said to contribute to its success as it absolutely represented Johnny Depp ’ s futuristic character who is geeky, unconventional, and goes against the average doing everything in his own ways.

Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Johnny Depp ’ s goggle glasses were equally celebrated as this children ’ s front-runner movie itself. Johnny Depp played as an unusual sugarcoat manufacturer and chocolate factory owner named Willy Wonka. Fun fact, Johnny admitted his source of inspiration for his Willy Wonka look and surprisingly, it was based on Vogue Magazine editor Ana Wintour. Johnny Depp was absolutely in character with an overdo bob cut and over the top round eyeglasses inspired by the Prada sunglasses. These boldface and outsize round sunglasses decidedly created a signature front which has been considered as one of his craziest eyewear selections amongst his movies to date .
Those are lone a few of Johnny Depp ’ mho sunglasses as seen in his movies. A few more of his celebrated eyewear appearances in movies include Dark Shadows ( 2007 ), Public Enemy ( 2009 ), The Tourist ( 2010 ), Transcendence ( 2014 ) and a whole set more !
Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
While Johnny Depp went crazy with his eyewear in his movies, from big flannel turn sunglasses to totally out of this world steam bum binocular inspired glasses, he keeps his eyeglasses in real animation classic, elementary, and quintessential like his personality. due to his eye conditions, Johnny Depp has been known to wear eyeglasses and rocks them in populace. Johnny Depp is known for his love for round glasses with a keyhole bridge, a detail that gives off a classic vintage vibration with a modern appeal. We constantly spot him wearing his iconic pair of roundish tortoise-shell specification on crimson carpets, magazines, and tabloid covers. Although they all look the same, he has the same style from Tart Arnel angstrom good as the Moscot Lemtosh. This count is besides available in the Alexander Daas Zachary .

Round glasses like the Alexander Daas Zachary and Lemtosh Moscot are ideal for masculine and more angular confront shapes like Johnny Depp ’ south. The easy cycle lines of this glasses help poise and smooth out sharp and big facial features like the jawline. Johnny Depp and his spectacles are like a match made in eden, as this humble round framed monocle is an accessory a versatile as the actor himself. Whether he ’ s going for a casual errand to the plaza, or even to a fancy event, this pair of eyeglasses could never go wrong with any combination of clothes for both man and woman .
Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
For those of you who aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate familiar with the post, Moscot it is one of New York ’ s oldest eyewear brands founded in 1915. As they say, Moscot has framed New York City LITERALLY as their frames have been widely used by boastfully names in different industries for decades, from Truman Capote, Buddy Holly and now Johnny Depp. Like Lemtosh, all of their designs have a ex post facto style that transcends meter. A classical vintage look that is constantly in stylus regardless of the course, clock time and senesce. But despite its classical spirit, they ’ ve always added new textures, prints, and details to appeal to a wide audience. Moscot eyewear is not alone a score among classic eyewear lovers, but it is besides a hit among hipsters, free-souls, and people who are into funky, retro, and vintage looks like the celebrated Johnny Depp gypsy fashion .
Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas

Johnny Depp in Glasses Alexander Daas
Opt for a less big polish frame like Johnny Depp with Moscot Lemtosh. This elusive round frame allows you to rock the “ Johnny Depp in glasses ” key signature expect without being excessively encroaching. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can decidedly play approximately and take your spin on the celebrated “ Johnny Depp in glasses ” look with your own vogue .
A large winnow of Johnny Depp ? then surely, you have seen him in these different eyewears pieces. Which one was your favorite ? His style has decidedly evolved throughout the years but there ’ s alone one thing that he never changed, his copulate of go-to Lemtosh eyeglasses ! If you ’ ra looking for the demand same eyewear of the “ Johnny Depp in glasses ” spirit, check out Moscot Lemtosh in tortoise here. They are besides available as sunglasses hera !

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