Kim Kardashian West’s MUA shares her products for every day glam

As KUWTK returns to our screens ( and the Kardashian-Jenner kin sets up shop hard in the populace imagination ), I ’ ve found myself ab-so-lutely obsessed with Kim K ’ s constitution. When one ’ m not scrutinising the latest ep for intel, one ’ megabyte scrolling Kim ’ mho insta, hoping to find the latest update on, say, how she covers her blue circles, or creates her gorgeous smokey center. fortunately for us, when she ’ s not hiring her sister to do her constitution ( or working with long-time collaborator Mario Dedivanovic, the apple of our collective eye ), she ’ randomness working with newfangled energetic artists and technicians.

One of those newer faces is Ash K Holm, glow-creator extraordinaire and apparent queen of sleepy, bronzey gorgeousness. so, when the KKW beauty report posted a tutorial sport Ash using a few KKW products as part of an ‘ everyday Kim Kardashian glam ’ spirit, I couldn ’ thyroxine aid myself having a teeny-tiny stalk of her MUA profile.

And there, in all its shining glory, was a highlight of highlights : The Full Kim Kardashian Every Day Glam Look Featuring Every Recommendation Your Heart Desires, From Primer to Liner. … all right, the tutorial is actually called ‘ New tutorial ’ ( check it out on her IG, @ ash_kholm ), but you catch my drift.

The best region ? Though there are plenty of KKW mentions, there are a bunch together of surprise ( and low-cost ) product mentions ( we ’ ra peculiarly into that liner, not to mention an eyeshadow flat coat under £12 ). Ash has besides painted the faces of legends like Ariana Grande and Ashley Graham ( she ’ south frequently credited with contributing to Ari ’ s iconic winged lining look ), indeed if there ’ s anyone to trust with a list of merchandise recommendations, it ’ s this gal. slender differences from the types of looks Kim ’ s early makeup artists create, in my opinion, is the orangey eyeshadow base ( we love ) and the high-impact, super-matte lip, topped with KKW lipstick. anyhow, here it is – everything she uses when creating Kim ’ s signature expression. Drink up ….

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first she works this MAC illuminator into the solid face “ it just gives the skin such a nice glow ” .


Strobe Cream in Pinklite

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then she primes the eyes with this little-known flat coat in tad 2, right up to the eyebrow .

P Louise

P.Louise Base Pro

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Then she opts for the Matte Cocoa palette to create a ‘terracotta base’, followed by eye socket contour using the Artist & Muse collection palette. KKW isn’t available to us this side of the channel, so I’d recommend using the below… then she opts for the Matte Cocoa pallette to create a ‘ terracotta basis ’, followed by eye socket contour using the Artist & Muse collection pallette. KKW is n’t available to us this side of the distribution channel, so I ‘d recommend using the below …


NARS Afterglow Eyeshadow Palette

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… ( or treat yourself to this smasher, if you ‘re feeling deluxe. A female child can dream, etc., etc … )

Look Fantastic

Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette 38.45g
Natasha Denona

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After that, Ash enlists Urban Decay ‘s On The Run palette for a short excess eye contour …

Urban Decay

On The Run Mini

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She besides smokes out the lashline with the like Urban Decay palette, before sharpening the fish of the under eye darkness with a expression wipe. Ash then moisturises her sass ahead of clock time, leaving time for the product to soak in while she finishes the perch of her beat, using this Buxom lip balm in Big O. That ‘s presently out of stock everywhere, so try my favored for chap lips in the meanwhile …

Look fanastic

Uriage Stick Levres Moisturizing Lipstick ( 4g )

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After that, she grabs a human body color eyeliner for the waterline, telling us that while she ‘s more about black eyeliner, Kim is normally all * over * the hide semblance liner. Her choice is Sephora ‘s eyeliner in coconut. In stead of this, we ‘d recommend the below ( or this for a cheaper choice … )


Diorshow Khôl

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Ash fills in the brows with a Kelley Baker Brows eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown, drawing “ little strokes of hair’s-breadth : ”. You could besides opt for this Benefit number for an easily liveliness. Pro gratuity – she does this before her eyeliner, to help her properly gauge how best to apply the liner to complement the brows. To set the hair, she uses this clear brow gel ( besides a personal favorite of my own ) :

Cult Beauty

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
Anastasia Beverly Hills

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And for liner, she uses the reduce brush end of this Tom Ford beauty, creating a ‘straight ‘ attend, which she refers to as an ‘optical illusion ‘ .


Eye Defining Pen Deeper
Tom Ford

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And then it’s onto the base…

She uses NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation ( her own shadow is Barcelona ). She says this cancels out her natural ruddiness in the cheek, buffing in from the center and work outwards .

Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

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She also opts for NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey, sharing her opinion that it’s “a beautiful concealer…just to brighten and highlight. I love how hydrating it is.” She besides opts for NARS ’ Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey, sharing her opinion that it ‘s “ a beautiful concealer … equitable to brighten and highlight. I love how hydrating it is. ”

Cult Beauty

beaming Creamy Concealer

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And for contour:

Ash grabs the Kosas 7.5 concealer to contour cheekbones for a “ very indulgent, defined look ”. She then presses a clean beauty blender into her skin to “ blend everything together and make it look a small more seamless ” .


Revealer Tone 7.5
Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer
US $ 567.00

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Cult Beauty


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She then uses a translucent setting powder on a puff inter the eye. “If I want a flawless, seamless look that is really going to last, I’ll go in with a puff.” She doesn’t specify which, but we love this affordable gem: She then uses a translucent setting powder on a pant bury the center. “ If I want a flawless, seamless count that is actually going to last, I ’ ll go in with a puff. ” She does n’t specify which, but we love this low-cost muffin :

e.l.f. high Definition Powder 8g
e.l.f. Cosmetics

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She contours her brow and cheek far using Dior ’ second Mineral Nude Bronzer in shade 02 …

DIOR Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze bronzing powder

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…and adds a pop of pink blush to the cheeks using KKW Flower Wall Blush. We’d suggest this instead: … and adds a crop up of pink blush to the cheek using KKW Flower Wall Blush. We ‘d suggest this rather :

feel unique

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush
Physicians Formula

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then it ‘s onto mascara and falsies. She coats lashes first gear with this, from Buxom :
For falsies, Ash says she uses clusters of individuals for a fluttery front with natural-looking shock. She name-checks Be A Million ( BAM – we get it, identical funny story ! ), which you can check out on-line, but we ca n’t spy any clusters in their on-line store. In the meanwhile, might we suggest Nikki Makeup ‘s absolutely gorgeous Sweed individuals ? You can see how they look here .

Nikki Cluster False Eyelashes

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Finally – lips…

No surprises here that Ash enlists KKW smasher ‘s lipliners and lipsticks here. She first brings in shadow 1.5 to contour, sharing that it ‘s a “ in truth courteous bare brim, very cosmopolitan, looks good on about every skin-tone. ” alternatively, you could try the below. Another pretty good substitute here would be this ace bum, £4.50 sass liner the Internet is obsessed with – if it were n’t constantly sold out .

NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner ( Various Shades )
NYX Professional Makeup

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She then adds a light lining ( KKW 1.5 ) in the concentrate of the lips for a bouncy, faded horned pout. Go with your gut shade-wise here – you want it to be lighter than your nude all-over liner. It ‘s besides a good mind to pick something voiced in texture for easy application – we like Burberry ‘s chunkier lip shape product for this .

Burberry Lip Colour Contour 1.3g ( Various Shades )

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then, it ‘s onto lipstick, which is KKW Nude Crème lipstick in Shade 2. A close second would be a slick of this :

Charlotte Tillbury

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, Pillow speak
Charlotte Tilbury

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And finally, she finishes with a swatch of lipgloss, specifically, the sold-out-everywhere-on-earth Buxom Full-On Lip Polish. You could grab it on Amazon here:
And finally, she finishes with a swatch of lipgloss, specifically, the sold-out-everywhere-on-earth Buxom Full-On Lip Polish. You could grab it on Amazon here :

BUXOM Full on brim polish samantha

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… or try the sass polish Cosmopolitan ‘s beauty team are presently obsessed with, Bobbi Brown ‘s Crushed oil-infused gloss ( it ‘s heaven on ground, and a brill shade stove, so you ‘re bound to find your perfective bare ) .

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss ( Various Shades )
Bobbi Brown

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Et voilà, you ‘re Kim Kardashian.
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