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Yokai Callaghan

Full Name

Robert Callaghan



Mr. Kabuki
Masked Man
Man in the Kabuki Mask
Professor Callaghan
Mr. Callaghan
Doctor Callaghan
Dr. Robert Callaghan
Dr. R. Callaghan
Lord Deathstrike


Big Hero 6



Head of the Robotics Program at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (formerly)

Powers / Skills

Telepathic control over microbots

High Intelligence
Combat Proficiency


Studying the powers and abilities of the Microbots.


Avenge his daughter’s supposed death.

Kill Alistair Krei after he destroys Krei Tech with his portal gates.
Defeat and kill Big Hero 6 and have them out of the way of his plans (all failed/formerly).



Attempted murder
Hostage situation

Type of Villain

Vengeful Supervillain

You took everything from me when you sent Abigail into that machine. Now I’m taking everything away from you!
~ Callaghan preparing to destroy Krei Tech and kill Krei for revenge.
That was his mistake!
~ Callaghan telling Hiro about why he let Tadashi die and his most infamous quote.

Robert Callaghan, or besides well known by his supervillain name Yokai, is the main adversary of Disney ‘s 54th full-length animated feature film Big Hero 6 and a minor character in Big Hero 6: The Series. He is a early university teacher presumed dead in a fire ; until he belated re-emerged using a huge united states army of microbots in his plan to take retaliation on Alistair Krei, whom he blames for the supposed death of his daughter Abigail Callaghan. He is besides the early archenemy of Hiro Hamada and Baymax. He was voiced by James Cromwell, who besides played Joseph Campbell in The General’s Daughter, The Colonel in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Warden Hazen in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard, Dudley Smith in L.A. Confidential, Dr. Arthur Arden in American Horror Story: Asylum, William Donahue in Eraser, Lionel Canter in Surrogates, Phillip Bauer in 24, and Euclid Baker in Tank .



What makes Marvel villains interesting is that they are righteous. They think they are doing the right thing, or at least the necessary thing, which makes them more human and relatable. Yokai is not a villain in his own mind.
~ Tech supervisor Hank Driskill describing Yokai in The Art of Big Hero 6.

Professor Callaghan initially appears to be an authentic, enthusiastic, friendly, and kind teacher befitting his appearance. He looks for electric potential in his students and displays a qualitative quantify of cunning handling in the means of subtly telling off Hiro for using his mind in illegal bot-fighting. Callaghan is besides an experimental, imaginative, brilliant, and presumably rotatory world, creditworthy for coining Callaghan ‘s Laws of Robotics. He was presumably famed for these reasons, as Hiro was immediately starstruck upon learning who Callaghan was. however, it was fair a report of his former self as behind this, Callaghan was tortured, baleful, brooding, punic, and ruthlessly destructive. He was an vastly tragic figure motivated by the loss of his daughter due to Krei ‘s foolhardy pervert of Project Silent Sparrow, leading to a bitterly and hatefully homicidal resentment of Krei and a lecherousness for vengeance. As Yokai, Callaghan was a resoundingly stoic, merciless, and no-nonsense individual, who never said so much as a news in his attempts to kill Big Hero 6. He employed ambush vitamin a much as he did brute force, and never let up in his assaults. Callaghan had become a dark observation of Hiro, an individual who was racked with grief over the loss of a love one and therefore seek retaliation on the blameworthy wrongdoer. however, while Hiro finally learned from his mistakes and accepted his loss, Callaghan ‘s morals had been excessively thoroughly drowned, alternatively allowing his annoyance to consume him. He coldly dismissed Tadashi ‘s death as his own mistake and ultimately rebuffed Hiro ‘s pleas to accept his daughter ‘s loss, despite showing a tip of regret. however, upon seeing his daughter alive and realizing all of his otiose destruction was ultimately for nothing, he became very upset for his actions, implying huge compunction. This was former shown in the series when he expressed this to Hiro, admitting that he was wrong to let Tadashi die and thanking Hiro for saving Abigail ‘s life. ultimately, while Callaghan was undeniably manipulative and pitiless, he merely became so out of grief and loss of his love ones, frankincense becoming one of Disney ‘s most sympathetic and cubic antagonists .


In his civilian identity, Callaghan appeared as a middle-aged professor with thin grey hair’s-breadth, and gloomy eyes. He bears a rather strike resemblance to Rourke, the main antagonist of the 2001 animated Disney film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, hinting at his dependable nature. As Yokai, Callaghan appeared as a tall, fly-by-night man, dressed so that no skin shows. He wears a black suit outfitted with dark gloves and a white kabuki mask to conceal his face. He has white wrapping across his branch. He telepathically leads a huge united states army of “ microbots ”, which he can bundle into several different forms, most notably as a pour he can use to stand and ride on as a sort of wave.

Powers and Abilities

Yokai ‘s primary coil generator of power was Hiro ‘s microbots. With the transmitter created to gain control over the miniature robotic army, Yokai was able to transform the robots into a deadly force, capable of performing vastly dangerous acts. To control them, the headband of a vector was inserted into his kabuki disguise, and without the said mask, dominance over his Microbots would cease, frankincense rendering him powerless. Though he generally lacks physical lastingness, Yokai has been shown to have a considerable sum of physical attributions, as seen during the car chase through the San Fransokyo streets. even thus, such attributes were n’t utilized in other scenes, as he heavy relied on his Microbots and his intelligence, to do away with his enemies. The Microbots were capable of grouping together and forming into anything the mind could conceive. When in battle, Yokai ‘s distinctive course of action would be to form the Microbots into constructs of assorted shapes and forms such as spears/spikes that would be used to impale his enemies and fist-like blocks which would inflict devastating blows with a mighty military unit capable of breaking solid concrete and knocking back armored foes such as Baymax. He would besides use the strength of the Microbots to utilize surrounding objects heavy to crush his enemies, such as a cargo container, a car, or a massive slice of concrete. Yokai besides uses their durable forms to block most entrance attacks that were meant to incapacitate or harm him, such as the flames from Fred ‘s monster become. The Microbots could besides be used as Yokai ‘s source of transportation system on multiple terrains, as they were adequate to of being used on both solid land and sea. During travel, Yokai would normally stand at the high kernel of the Microbots, which would be formed into a mountainous form during such occasions. Due to their high speeds and agile drift, Yokai can use the Microbots to catch up to and outrace cars in high-speed chases, scale and climb any surface, and dodge incoming attacks, all with great still. It should besides be noted that Yokai ‘s secondary coil source of power was his mind. With such world power over the heed, Yokai was able to carry out his diagram to entirely rebuild Krei ‘s portal site ( which is an exercise of his huge intelligence, in and of itself ), steal Hiro ‘s Microbots, and duplicate said inventions without having law enforcement caught on. If it were not for the unintentional hindrance of Baymax, Tadashi ‘s healthcare automaton, Yokai ‘s plat would have very well succeeded .



While the entire extent of Robert ‘s past is ill-defined, what is known is that Professor Callaghan is a celebrated roboticist in San Fransokyo, credited with the creation of Callaghan ‘s Laws of Robotics, arsenic well as a teacher at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. He besides married and had a daughter named Abigail, though it is obscure what happened to his wife. Robert was portray during Alistair Krei ‘s display of Project “ Silent Sparrow ” on Akuma Island near San Fransokyo, which consisted of using two portals leading into another dimension for fast department of transportation, largely because his daughter was the test pilot burner for the invention. Robert shared one last moment with his daughter before she was sent through the portal vein. however, an anomaly was detected, but Alistair pushed fore with the test anyhow. As Abigail was sent into the portal vein, the machine malfunctioned, causing the first portal vein to start sucking in everything in batch while destroying the second, efficaciously trapping Abigail inside. After the device was shut down, Robert attempted to assault Krei for his daughter ‘s supposed death, but was prevented by the generals that were besides present. ever since then, Robert has thought of nothing else but seeking revenge on Krei for the loss of his merely family. He came up with the idea to use the lapp portal as before against Krei, but lacked the means to acquire it with Akuma Island being sealed off. During his time at the Institute, he watched over his students as they created their inventions in the hope that one of them would build something that would help in his revenge plan while not building any true bonds with them .

Big Hero 6

Professor Callaghan first appears in Tadashi ‘s university known as the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, with Tadashi and his younger brother named Hiro ]. Upon introducing himself to Hiro, Callaghan speaks that Hiro ‘s fighting automaton employs his laws, and subtly reprimands him for bot-fighting as opposed to putting his reason to use. It is this that motivates Hiro to join Tadashi ‘s university and to invent the microbots. Hiro ‘s subsequent presentation of his raw microbots to join the university visibly impresses Callaghan, ampere well as Alistair Krei. Krei expresses great interest in buying Hiro ‘s microbots, but Callaghan intervenes with Krei ‘s offer and states his distrust of Krei, convincing Hiro not to sell his microbots ( a subtle reference to his hate of Krei ). once Hiro denies to selling the microbots, Callaghan accepts Hiro into the university. In truth, however, Callaghan actually wanted the micobots himself for his retaliation plan against Krei. First, he sets burn to the building the showcase was held in to cover his tracks, then he places on the control device and orders the microbots to shield from the resulting explosion that destroys the entire build. He then escapes with whatever microbots that survived the blast undetected so that the rest of the world could presume his die. Just before the explosion, Tadashi, who knew nothing of Callaghan ‘s plans, rushed in to rescue the professor, only to actually perish for nothing. After the incident, Callaghan relocated himself to a warehouse in a shady part of San Fransokyo. There, he devised a little, unavowed factory to manufacture microbots by the twelve, which included the same robotic arms Callaghan presented in the showcase. In club to prevent his true identity from being discovered, he created a new one by putting on a black lawsuit and grey trench coat and refitted the control condition device into a traditional yokai disguise. And therefore, Yokai was born ( though he never actually called himself this ). late on, Hiro and Baymax discover his hideout after following one of the microbots to it. Before Hiro could investigate any promote, Yokai appears and bundles the microbots into a slither wave, attempting to kill Hiro and Baymax. Hiro catches a brief glimpse at the dissemble serviceman before escaping out of a windowpane. Hiro explains the matter to the local police station, but the bull he tries to explain the matter to is diffident whether to believe him or not, and Baymax ‘s battery runs low, rendering his evidence about wholly unreliable. inactive devastated about the loss of his buddy, Hiro theorizes that Yokai stole his microbots, then caused the fire in Tadashi ‘s showcase to cover his larceny. Determined not to let him escape, Hiro builds Baymax a become and installs battle into his databases, like a chip of his design. Hiro tracks down Yokai near the warehouse. Hiro sees Yokai and ducks for cover and seeing the villain gathering massive parts from the nearby bay with the microbots. abruptly, the respite of Tadashi ‘s friends ( GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred who Baymax had contacted earlier ) drive-in. Hiro urgently attempts to explain the situation, but Yokai sees them and attempts to crush them. narrowly saved by Baymax, Hiro and the rest of the team drive off with Yokai correct behind them. Yokai attempts to kill them by throwing vehicles and using his microbots as a curl to attack them. It ends with GoGo incidentally driving a car into the bay and slump into the water. Yokai looks on, and, thinking they drowned, leaves. Baymax saves Hiro and his friends by discarding his armor and using his buoyant balloon body to float them back up to the surface. They retreat to Fred ‘s theater, which, amazingly, is a fondness mansion. Baymax then reveals that he scanned Yokai. Planning to do a mass scan on San Fransokyo to find out his identity, Hiro builds a fresh battle lawsuit for Baymax, equipped with nauseating capabilities and rocket-propelled flight, and designs suits for his friends, organizing the team known as big Hero 6 to bring Yokai to justice. Baymax and Hiro fly above San Fransokyo and scan the city, and Yokai ‘s information is matched to a distant and isolated island. Flying down to the island, the Big Hero 6 detect what remained of Silent Sparrow, equally well as partial derivative footage of the events that led to its closure. This leaves Big Hero 6 to assume that Krei is the on-key identity of Yokai and is using Hiro ‘s microbots to steal his machine back. Before the feed continues, however, Yokai suddenly appears, armed with the microbots, and yet again attempts to crush the heroes. Hiro and everyone else fights Yokai, ending with Hiro and Baymax flying into Yokai and knocking off his mask. As they got improving, Yokai turned and showed his true identity as Robert Callaghan. Realizing that Callaghan was distillery animated and the matchless who stole Hiro ‘s microbots and caused the fire to fake his death that killed Tadashi, a shock Hiro confronts him for this, lone for the professor to explain that he used Hiro ‘s microbots to save himself. As Hiro is shocked by this, he tries to tell him that Tadashi tried to save him, but Callaghan coldly yells at Hiro that Tadashi ‘s end was his own err, showing that he does n’t care that Tadashi is dead and that he tried to save him. Out of complete rage, Hiro removes Baymax ‘s healthcare nick and orders him to kill Callaghan as revenge to see how he likes getting killed. Baymax goes out of operate and attempts to kill the now powerless Callaghan under Hiro ‘s orders, but the other members try to stop him, knowing that killing him is wrong and it wo n’t solve anything, despite everything he ‘s done. This allows Callaghan to gather up the microbots and flee. Baymax is forcefully stopped and Callaghan reclaims his mask to use the microbots to escape, much to Hiro ‘s rage. Hiro is identical angry at his friends for interfere, but still holds a much bigger grudge on Callaghan and flies off with Baymax, leaving the others behind on the island so they wo n’t try to stop him again ( although Fred tells him that his butler picked them up and flew them back in his family ‘s helicopter ). After trying so many failed attempts to gain access to his access port, Baymax asks if killing Callaghan is what Tadashi would have wanted. With Hiro entering a fit of anger and despair, Baymax shows Hiro a television compilation of Tadashi making improvements, making Hiro regain his senses and realize that killing Callaghan will not do any good. adult bomber 6 regroups and looks over the television fertilize again. It visibly shows Callaghan furiously storming into the construction, raging at a frightened Krei by telling him that he knew the portal site “ was n’t cook ”. The building was quarantined by the politics, and Abigail the test original is revealed to be Abigail Callaghan, the professor ‘s now purportedly dead daughter. It was then Big Hero 6 realized that Abigail ‘s apparent death drive Callaghan to a point of revengeful wrath, leading him to adopt the mask costume and manufacture the microbots to take retaliation on Krei. big Hero 6 rushes over to Krei Tech ‘s main build, where Krei is making a speech about the newly build ‘s opening. Callaghan, again as Yokai, suddenly intercepts, seizing Krei and dragging him into the air and immediately confronting Krei about his daughter ‘s supposed demise. Krei begs that Abigail ‘s presume death was an accident, but Callaghan dismisses his supplication and accuses Krei and his arrogance and avarice, and lack of involve for the consequences of his actions for being the lawsuit of Abigail ‘s death. He then tells Krei that he took everything from him when he sent Abigail into the portal and apparently disregarded her life and now he will take everything from him in retaliation. Callaghan takes the remains of the teleportation machine and with the microbots, rebuilds it over Krei Tech ‘s build, intending to destroy it. He tells Krei that he will make him watch everything he built get destroyed, then he would kill Krei future. big Hero 6 arrives, and Hiro tries to rationality with Callaghan to spare Krei, admitting that he understands his pain and knows the identical find of loss. Realizing that what Hiro says may be true, Callaghan hesitates and appears to consider stopping his design. however, when Krei cowardly pleads for mercy, the villain once again foolishly allows his disgust at Krei ‘s miss of courage to consume him and rather opts to kill both Krei and the Big Hero 6, saying furiously that he wishes to have his daughter alive again, using the microbots to pin down each penis of Big Hero 6. In a climactic final battle, Hiro has everyone oeuvre from different angles, succeeding in tricking Callaghan into sucking his microbots into the portal site the machine above created. Callaghan ( without any working microbots ) is about to receive a punch in the face by Baymax, but it turns out that the automaton decides to spare the erstwhile professor. Baymax removes the mask and crushes it, rendering the remaining microbots useless. As such, Callaghan starts to fall along with the portal, only to be saved by Baymax and Hiro. Before Callaghan can be arrested, Baymax detects life within the teleportation car ‘s proportion, revealing that Abigail is animated but in hyper sleep, much to Callaghan ‘s surprise. Hiro and Baymax fly into the portal site and successfully manage to draw Abigail out, but at the cost of Baymax ‘s master body. For his crimes, Callaghan is arrested by the police, but he manages to see Abigail one final time before being driven off in a police car, and his sad facial expression implies that he becomes contrite for his actions as he waits to be given a prison sentence for his crimes.

Big Hero 6: The Series

Hiro… I never thanked you for saving my Abigail. (Hiro: I’m… I’m glad she’s okay.) I never set out to hurt anyone… what happened to Tadashi… because of me. I know it’s not enough… but I’m sorry.
~ Callaghan expressing his remorse for his actions.

Callaghan concisely appeared in the episode “ Mini-Max ”, where Hiro paid a visit to him in his prison cell. It is revealed that Callaghan was a near acquaintance of Professor Granville ( who became the new dean following Callaghan ‘s halt ) and that Hiro only came by to ask about what caused her to leave 20 years anterior. Callaghan then confessed that there were rumors about an unsanctioned visualize going wrong that caused Granville to resign out of pity and that the incidental was covered up by an “ official ” story of a pipe explosion. Hiro late learned from Granville that a sealed student named Bob Aken was responsible for the unsanctioned undertaking and that he suffered injuries after the incident, which prompted Granville to resign out of guilt since she allowed him rid harness in the lab at that time. With this information, Hiro thanks Callaghan for his avail, but before he could leave, Callaghan reminds him that he is grateful for Hiro for saving Abigail ‘s life and that he is sincerely good-for-nothing for Tadashi ‘s death. Callaghan besides admits that he understands that his apology is not adequate for Hiro to forgive him, though Hiro notes that Tadashi would want him to forgive Callaghan. however, Hiro remains stoic and says someday he hopes he can before he leaves. Callaghan returned in the sequence “ Hiro the Villain ”, where he is being interrogated by Chief Cruz, who has declared Big Hero 6 fugitives for defending Globby. however, Callaghan sternly points out that Cruz is incorrect about Big Hero 6 as they rescued Abigail and Krei, and that he himself is paying the price for his inexcusable mistakes against Big Hero 6 .


Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Hamada?
~ Callaghan’s introduction.
You must be Hiro. Bot fighter, right? When my daughter was younger, that’s all she wanted to do.
~ Callaghan meeting Hiro.
Here we push the boundaries of robotics.
~ Callaghan gives some friendly advice to Hiro.
Nice to meet you, Hiro. Good luck with the bot fights.
~ Callaghan wishing Hiro good luck in the bot fights.
I wouldn’t trust Krei Tech with your microbots.
~ Callaghan not trusting Krei.
Hiro: Professor Callaghan? The explosion. You died.
Callaghan: No. I had your microbots.
Hiro: But Tadashi. You let him die.
Callaghan: Give me the mask, Hiro!
Hiro: He went in there to save you!
Callaghan: That was
his mistake!
~ Callaghan reveals his true nature when explained how survived and tells Hiro that Tadashi was to blame for trying to save him.
Callaghan: SETBACK?! Was my daughter a setback?!
Krei: Callaghan. Your daughter… that was an accident.
Callaghan: NO! You knew it was unsafe! My daughter is gone because of your arrogance!
Krei: What are you doing?
Callaghan: You took everything from me when you sent Abigail into that machine. Now I’m taking everything away from
Krei: No, no, you can’t!
Callaghan: You’re going to watch everything you built disappear. Then… it’s
your turn.
~ Yokai preparing to destroy Krei Tech and kill Krei for revenge.
Abigail is gone!
~ Callaghan refusing to accept Hiro’s advice for Abigail’s true wants.
I want my daughter back!
~ Callaghan wanting his daughter back before going on a rampage.
Callaghan: This ends now!
Hiro: Looks like you’re out of microbots.
Callaghan: What?
~ Callaghan about to finish Hiro and Baymax before he could realize he’s out of microbots.
~ Callaghan realizing that Abigail is still alive.


  • He is based on Lord Deathstrike from the original Big Hero 6 comic books. This would make him the first Disney villain to ever have roots from Marvel Comics.
  • His alias “Yokai” (妖怪) means “spirit” or “phantom” in Japanese.
  • Callaghan acts as a foil to Hiro. Both are brilliant inventors who end up suffering a tragic loss of a loved one (Tadashi for Hiro and Abigail for Robert). However, while Hiro eventually learns to accept his loss and change before he can fall into darkness, Robert stubbornly refuses to accept Abigail’s loss, having been pushed too far into corruption to change. However, upon seeing his daughter still alive while being arrested, he seems to show some regret, hinting that he may change or die much more with honor than in disgrace while in prison. He shows this by telling Hiro that he regrets what happened to Tadashi outright stating that he understands if Hiro couldn’t forgive him. Callaghan serves as an example of what Hiro would become if he’d still consumed the vengeance.
  • Though Tadashi’s death was ultimately an accident, Yokai is one of the few Disney villains to permanently kill off a major character in their respective film. Regardless, while Tadashi running through the fire meant he put himself in danger, Yokai is still accountable since he was the one who set the fire in the first place.
  • In production, Callaghan was originally known as “Dr. Martin Lebur”.
  • Among the scripts and concept arts of Yokai, some of them depicted Yokai with slightly different powers: Instead of using masses of microbots, he uses what appeared to be liquid living biomass.
  • Originally, Professor Callaghan/Yokai was going to put together a team of San Fransokyo’s greatest criminals (including Mr. Yama and The Fujitas) but was changed to a solo act.
  • His supervillain alias “Yokai” was never mentioned directly in the film, as it only appears in the film’s merchandising.
  • According to Baymax’s scans, Yokai suffers from an acute stress disorder and emotional instability.
  • Despite his cruelty in telling Hiro that Tadashi’s death was his own mistake, he does appear to be correct in saying so, as Tadashi chose to run into the SFIT building by himself, thus resulting in his death. That said as he acknowledges, nothing excused his callous way of saying it.


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