Wear ’em With Pride: The 18 Best Dad Shoes to Rock No Matter Your Age

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Dad shoes, aka old people shoes, aka surly sneakers, have been around for a farseeing time. however, they ’ ve lone been cool for the final three years or so. And while dad shoes have been democratic for a while now, this anti-fashion swerve is showing no signs of slowing down. so, love them or hate them, those chunky, thick-soled lace-up sneakers that made you cringe as a kid aren ’ thyroxine going anywhere .
To be honest, we hope they stick around for a few more years. Think about it : a shoe that ’ s comfortable and fashionable is about american samoa rare as a dancing unicorn. And that ’ s why the best dad shoes are the ones that make your feet glad .
historically, dad shoes are dense, white sneakers that are historically popular with older and middle-aged men. recently, the popular TikTok impart The McFarlands racked up more than 7 million views for a viral video recording about a millennial lacing up his New Balance dad shoes ( along with khaki shorts and a tucked-in jersey ) for the first time. The video is far proof that dad shoes have formally become a separate of the zeitgeist, and we ’ ra here to tell you, “ Wear them with pride, man. ”

What Is a Dad Shoe?

There ’ s no single definition of a dad brake shoe, but this term refers to any style of democratic footwear normally worn by dads and middle-aged men. Historically, New Balance 624 trainers and Nike Nike Air Monarch IV sneakers ( both in the white-and-navy colorway ) are the most celebrated and immediately recognizable dad shoes. There ’ s equitable something about their drilling, inoffensive aesthetic that says, “ I ’ thousand excessively tired to care about looking cool ” and “ I just want to be comfortable. ” Some people will tell you that dad shoes have to be lace-up sneakers, but you can make a strong controversy that classic Crocs clog should besides be considered dad shoes .
Men's New Balance 624 Sneakers on white background. Meet the Platonic ideal of dad shoes — white New Balance 624 sneakers. Note the chunky list, white colorway, and overall dorkiness .
Courtesy of New Balance

The History of the Dad Shoes Trend

How did we get to fall in sleep together with chunky sneakers ? The 90s made acrobatic tire trendy, which set the ground for what was to come. Back in 2014, Adidas ’ Stan Smith fink was relaunched, and everyone had to have them. That shoe was truly the gateway to it all. then in 2017, Balenciaga released the Triple S fink and suddenly oversized, thick-soled, chunky sneakers were the big thing. Yeezy, Louis Vuitton and everyone else jumped on the drift. Demna Gvasalia, the genius behind Balenciaga besides created the knitted sock gym shoe. ( Want to know what the following footwear drift will be ? Follow Balenciaga. Under Gvasalia ’ s predominate as creative director, the brand is creating sneaker trends every day. )
More recently, we ’ ve seen the arise of normcore and dad fashion. rather of wearing $ 1,000 Balenciaga sneakers with chunky soles, hip youthful people realized that they could precisely buy $ 65 New Balance sneakers and achieve the same overall vibration. It ’ s the ultimate anti-fashion statement. Dad shoes exist at the intersection of a few different trends, and between the wax of dad shoes and the pandemic, which mainstreamed comfortable shoes and athleisure, we think the best dad shoes are a fashionable addition to any laidback or business-casual count. Our colleages at Footwear News recently named Clogs the brake shoe of the class in 2021, and it ’ south well-defined that dad fashion international relations and security network ’ thyroxine going anywhere .

How to wear dad shoes

The best dad shoes, as we ’ ve established, are madly comfortable. Maybe it ’ s the big, chunky foaming heel, the EVA midsoles within, or the knitted top, but once you got them on, you don ’ t want to take them off. Heck, that ’ s why dads everywhere love these shoes indeed much in the first gear place. When throwing together an outfit, remember that the best dad shoes, once you parse it down, are normally merely chunky white sneakers. They ’ ve got an amped-up sole and bore colorways, but in the goal, they ’ re still sneakers ( with rare exceptions ) .
Using that philosophy and applying it to dressing, the stuff that you ’ d normally clothing with sneakers — jeans and a jersey, or khakis and a sweatshirt — will work barely vitamin a well with dad shoes. In the function, you can wear dad shoes with chinos and exchangeable outfits when you want to be comfortable. Basically, you can wear a dad brake shoe with anything except possibly a dinner jacket or a kilt, and even that ’ s not a hard and fast rule, then long as you have the confidence to pull off the look .
now that we ’ ve cleared all that stuff up, coil through to find the best dad shoes for you and your budget .



1. New Balance 990v5 Core


New Balance ’ s 990 sneakers have crossed the fashion Rubicon long ago, and are now officially cool, not merely ironically cool. That means you can wear these excellently comfortable sneakers with pride. They ’ re made with suede cloth and mesh for a breathable, comfortable meet. These are among the more expensive sneakers on this list, but they ’ re made in the USA, which is the kind of thing dads appreciate ( and rightly sol ) .
dad shoes Courtesy of New Balance



2. Nike Air Monarch IV


When pitting Nike neck and neck with its competition, it ’ sulfur rare that Nike loses out. But there can alone be one king that wears the dad shoe crown, and we ’ ve got to give it to New Balance. however, if there ’ s any other dad shoe that comes conclusion to matching New Balance ’ s dad cred, it ’ s the Nike Air Monarch IV sneakers. Again, these shoes do come in other colorways, but it ’ s the classic white-and-navy that you want. so if you want to rep Nike alternatively of New Balance, choose for these foam-cushioned sneakers. Like the best dad shoes, they ’ re lightweight for long walks, runs and early workouts .
Nike Air Monarch IV, best dad shoes courtesy of Nike



3. New Balance Men’s 624 Sneaker


universally known as the “ classical dad shoe ”, the New Balance 624 ’ sulfur silhouette remains unaltered since it first hit the streets. Classified as a cross-trainer, aka promenade walk-to shoe, this fink has a blockheaded, chunky heel, rounded toe, EVA cushioning for a comfortable midsole and an extra EVA heel pocket for more plushness. Please note that the 624 ’ randomness are available in other colorways, but if you want to pass the vibration see, you want to stick with the classical white .
new balance 624, best dad shoes courtesy of Amazon



4. Asics Gel Kayano


Like a lot of running shoes, Asics ’ Gel Kayano sneakers have become popular among people looking for comfort. In addition to comfort and operation, Asics ’ Gel Kayano is surprisingly stylish. Asics besides has a long lineage. The sword was founded as Onitsuka Tiger in 1949, the same class as Adidas. In fact, Nike wouldn ’ t exist if not for Asics .
dad shoes courtesy of Amazon



5. Birkenstock Men’s Arizona Sandals


When it ’ sulfur actually hot out, flush lightweight sneakers might not cut it. These shoes from Birkenstock have a comfortable footbed with actual suede buckles. They clock in at a higher price point, but they ’ rhenium built to final much longer than your average slides or flip-flops. now, as to whether or not to wear them with socks is up to you .

birkenstock dad shoes Courtesy of Dick ‘s Sporting Goods



6. New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers


If you think these New Balance 608 V5 crabbed trainers are the lapp shoes pictured above, then you aren ’ triiodothyronine a connoisseur of dad shoes like we are. however, you might still appreciate that these democratic ashen sneakers are on sale for precisely $ 50 right now via Amazon Prime. not lone are these sneakers some of the most popular men ’ mho trainers on Amazon, but they ’ re besides the quintessential dad shoes for your summer manner. Oh, and they ’ ra on sale .


new balance white shoes, best dad shoes courtesy of Zappos



7. Skechers Relaxed Fit: D’Lux Walker Pensive


Skechers, no matter how they ’ ve tried to position themselves, were always kind of a dad shoe. And now, they ’ re last cool. One thing the brand does right is creating a massively comfortable fink. The loosen Fit : D ’ Lux is a slip-on fink that looks like a run brake shoe. With its flare outsole and air-cool memory foam insole, you ’ re in for miles of comfortable walk. This dark shade works well with jeans and proves that dad shoes don ’ t have to come in white .
skechers-relaxed-fit-dlux-sneaker courtesy of Skechers



8. Crocs Classic Clogs


Crocs are the ultimate dad shoe and no one can take that away from us. once deemed “ uncool ”, these clogs are now some of the most unapologetically cool shoes to wear due to their carefree nature and ready-for-anything vibration. Plus, these puppies are way excessively comfortable. You can even jazz up these slip-on shoes with Crocs Jibbitz, which are playfulness little charms to show off your personality .
Read More: An Ode To Crocs, the Ugly Rubber Shoe That Could
Crocs Classic Clog courtesy of Amazon



9. Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneaker


The Nike Air Force 1 is beloved by college students, dads and welp, everybody. It has clean lines which make it slowly to pair with khakis and jeans. It has a removable insole and a nice thick outsole. It ’ south probably not the first base fink that comes to mind when you think “ dad shoe, ” but when you break it down, that ’ s actually what it is .
Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneaker courtesy of Nike



10. K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe


When K-Swiss debuted this dad shoe it was positioned as a tennis shoe. Yes, you can use it on the courts, but its chunky heel and silhouette screamed “ Daaaad. ” It has a gingiva rubber outsole, leather upper, striped laces and a bang-up best-dad-shoe find .
K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe courtesy of Amazon



11. Columbia Vitesse OutDry Hiking Shoe


not every day calls for the best dad shoe to wear on the streets. sometimes, your choice of the best dad shoe might be something made for the wilderness. If you find yourself hiking in the wilderness from time to fourth dimension, the Columbia Vitesse OutDry Hiking Shoes are a must for dad horseshoe lovers. These sneaks are equally light as a feather to make your trip on the drag easier than it would be with the best hike boots. They have a interlock construction that provides breathability but stays wholly weatherproof so you can walk right into puddles and rains without fearing the worst. Because who wants to walk around on the lead with wet sneaks ?


Columbia Vitesse OutDry Hiking Shoe courtesy of Columbia



12. SOREL Kinetic Rush Ripstop

The SOREL Kinetic Rush Ripstops are sure to give you some compliments whenever you wear them out. “ I ’ m not even lying, every time I wear them person will stop and tell me how cool they are, ” says our e-commerce editor program Tyler Schoeber, “ these are the best dad shoes I own entirely for that argue. I mean, come on, who doesn ’ thymine love a dear compliment from a stranger ? ”
not only that, but these sneaks are impressively breathable, comfortable and cushioned. You ’ ll never want to take them off .


sorel kinetic rush ripstop, best dad shoes courtesy of Sorel



13. PUMA Men’s RS-X Sneaker


Running shoe meets dad shoe in Puma ’ s RS-X collection. This loanblend gym shoe has the now-classic thick outsole that ’ s topped with lots of semblance for a bold take on this swerve. Reviewers rave about its quilt. If you ’ rhenium plan on traveling or walking everywhere, this may be the best dad brake shoe for you .
PUMA Men's RS-X Sneaker courtesy of Amazon



14. L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins


This was a rugged call to make, but in the goal, we decided to go with L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. The Hanes Moccasin Slipper was a cheeseparing second, and there are tons of great slippers from the likes of UGG, Allbirds and Sperry. At the end of the day, you know that dads everywhere love L.L.Bean. These comfortable slippers have a durable sole so they can be wear indoors and outdoors, and the line is made from genuine sheepskin .
llbean-moccasins, best dad shoes courtesy of L.L.Bean



15. Fila Strada Disruptor


Fila ’ s a respected name in the worldly concern of tennis shoes and sneakers in general. Frankly, it ’ randomness harebrained that the price is thus gloomy for this mixed-leather dad brake shoe. It has the needed chunky heel and bungee cord lace. Walking in them is like walking about in uber cushy slippers. It comes in a whopping 37 different colorways depending on your preference, but you already know that we ’ ra going to recommend the all-white colorway pictured below .
Fila Men’s Strada Disruptor courtesy of Amazon



16. Everlane Court Sneaker


Using less waste, department of energy and virgin plastic than about every other fink of its kind, Everlane ’ south Court Sneaker is taking the term “ dad gym shoe ” to a solid fresh level. Everlane offset all of the emissions they could possibly eliminate for this sneak ’ s initiation and uses a 100 % recycle polyester lining and natural and recycle rubberize .
Everlane Court Sneaker courtesy of Everlane



17. Reebok Walk Ultra 7 DMX Max Men’s Shoes


The walking brake shoe or gym shoe is the basis of the dad horseshoe. Trust Reebok to create one that not lone pleases dads, but is besides cool-looking besides. The blue racing stripes give this gym shoe a fashiony edge. The mix leather and fabric upper sit on a wide chunky outsole. Inside is a cushion insole for all-day comfort .
Reebok-Walk-Ultra-7-DMX-Max-Mens courtesy of Reebok



18. Allbirds Tree Runners


Allbirds are great dad sneaks for a diverseness of reasons. First and foremost, they have a minimalistic, shapely design that is eyecatching to both dads and street geeks alike. They come in an array of cool colors so they can match just about anyone ’ randomness manner and are wholly breathable through and through. Each copulate of Tree Runners are besides wholly environmentally friendly and made from eucalyptus trees. last, the Tree Runners are slowly to clean — just throw them in the wash worry-free and your sneaks are lookin ’ acuate again in no prison term .
Allbirds Tree Runners courtesy of Allbirds



Updates:  This post was last updated on Wednesday, June 22, at which time we added additional products from New Balance, Asics and Birkenstock. We added the New Balance 993 as the new “Best Overall” selection, the ASICS Gel Kayano as the “Best Running Shoes” and the Birkenstock Arizona as “Best Sandals.” Our previous “Best Overall” selection, the New Balance Men’s 624 Sneakers, are still featured in the piece.



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