Which shoes to choose for walking in the snow?

Winter break and the reopen of the ski resorts bring back that unpleasant feel of numb feet, freeze toes and wet socks. To fight the cold and protect the extremities of the body, the basis of commodity equipment in the snow is indeed footwear .
Do n’t be surprised again this winter and get ready to fight the cold in manner : we ‘ve put together a choice of warm shoes, ideal for your walks in the snow. They combine comfort and manner with good insulating material, so you can walk through the white streets or go to a restaurant down the slopes .

What type of boots to choose for walking in the coke ?

To enjoy your vacation in the mountains in accomplished peace of mind, it is crucial to be equipped with suitable shoes. First of all, you need to pay particular attention to the choice of soles so that you do n’t slip on arctic pavements. Choose a thick sole to keep your feet dry when walking in the forest or on snow-clad expeditions. When it comes to materials, choose leather over suede, the former being more resistant to humidity than the latter. ultimately, a far as the model is concerned, opt for high boots : lace-up boots, furry boots, knee-high boots, etc .
so do n’t be put off by harsh winter upwind and check out our choice of the perfect snow boots, ideal for those who love the mountains and the ski slopes. If you ‘re more into sledding than ski, this template works besides.

01 For her, the warmest shoes for walking in the snow in style

high boots to keep your calves warm

Women's Boots Selina 61  Melvin & Hamilton
If you ‘re in the middle of packing for a travel to the mountains, or if you ‘re just anticipating the winter temperatures of February, leather knee-high boots will be your perfect allies in keeping your feet dry and your calves warm. Their thick sole will give you a good bag on the earth and prevent you from slipping, despite the coke or ice. Pair them with a long preen with a side slit, or a short-change skirt for a chic look and a slender silhouette .

Furry boots to face the cold

Women's Boots Elisa 7 Melvin & Hamilton
To stay fashionable in the ski recourse, the furry boots will be your best supporter to face the winter days. In accession to protecting you perfectly from the coldness and humidity, these shoes inspired by the moon boots of your childhood are right on swerve for winter. Whether you ‘re in the Alps, the Pyrenees, or equitable at home where temperatures are dropping, dare to wear this chic and daring model with tights or over your skinny jeans .

Leather ankle boots for a rock chic look

Women's Boots Leonie 1 Women's Boots
For a reduce silhouette and a confident walk, go for the three centimeter soles of the Leonie mannequin. Inspired by the outdoors, between ski boots and mountain shoes, these robust models are arrant to avoid having frozen feet. Easy to wear in everyday biography, these rock chic boots will be perfective for all your winter looks .

02 From the mountains to the city, here are the most comfortable men’s shoes for walking in the snow

Lace-up boots that keep your ankles securely in put

Men's boots Trevor 5 Melvin & Hamilton
This is the ideal pair of shoes to slip into your bag when going for vacation. These light and elastic lace-up boots are the perfect means to keep your feet in place. With their toe and list reinforcements, your feet will be well insulated from the cold. They will ensure quilt and elegance, so that you are comfortable and warm at the same time .

colorful boots to stay fashionable in the snow

Men's Boots Matthew 38 Melvin & Hamilton
Stand out from the crowd and make bold to wear coloured boots for men ! For walking on frozen ground, here is an elegant exemplar that retains the warmth of your feet. These color boots will be ideal to enjoy your snow-clad persist in all peace. Ideal for a light amble or a long walk, they can be worn as well with jeans for a casual, city expect as with a chunky jumper and wool trousers in the mountains .

Thick-soled boots to protect your feet from the coldness

Men's boots Trevor 31 Melvin & Hamilton
To protect your extremities from the cold, start with your feet. Why choose these leather boots ? Their thick rubber sole will absorb shocks and prevent you from slipping. You ‘ll be able to walk on icy streets well and safely. Their hybrid design will allow you to go from your white walks to the evening festivities without having to change shoes. You do n’t have to be ankle-deep in bamboozle to wear the Trevor !

03 Take care of your shoes!

attention ! All year circle, and specially in winter, it is essential to take care of your shoes to prevent them from being damaged excessively quickly, specially by humidity. Use horseshoe trees, a nourish cream, quality shoe cream … We give you tips on how to take well concern of your shoes in winter and how to keep them a hanker as possible .

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