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Some people watch the Super Bowl because of football. early people watch it so they can tweet about the once-good-but-increasingly-bad commercials. Others still watch it entirely for the halftime show, an event that in recent years has gifted us with Left Shark and Beyoncé rightfully overshadowing Chris Martin .
This class at Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga will make her second true appearance at the big crippled. apparently, she may or may not sing on the roof. Because she ’ randomness Lady Gaga, whatever she wears will be a subject of discussion. last year, she leaned into the patriotic aesthetic to sing the national hymn, wearing a aglitter crimson blazer, bolshevik eyeshadow, and a bluing manicure. This year, her equip will likely include a certain pink cowboy hat .
Speculation aside, the real Most Valuable Accessory of the halftime show will be the tights — specifically, fishnets. Why ? We ’ ll catch to that. We ’ ll besides get to how many pairs of them it would take to produce an event of this quality. ( hint : It ’ s a lot. )

Years ago, Beyoncé perplexed a lot of non-dancers when she admitted to wearing four pairs of tights during performances. Yep, four couple. “ You have to keep it all supported, ” she told the hearing at The View while patting her thighs .
On the surface, that makes a lot of sense. More pairs of tights equals more support, and any human ( even one as apparently arrant as Beyoncé ) would naturally want to maximize support while dancing in presence of elephantine herd and hi-def cameras. But that hush begs the question : Why fishnets ? Why not equitable regular tights ? Wouldn ’ t more airfoil area provide more manipulate ?

Beyonce in a ruffled leotard and tights performing on stage.

obviously, that ’ s not the case. Ashley Everett, Beyoncé ’ s dance captain, explains : “ In alive performances, we pretty much always wear tights. We normally wear bare fishnets — Capezio, ” she says. She adds that compared to standard-issue tights, “ fishnets blend a fiddling bit better and look a little more natural. Your skin calm comes through enough to make it look like you could be bare-legged, but you ’ ra not. ” Most crucial, she adds that “ they ’ re still street fighter adequate and close enough to contain and suck it all in. ”
Unlike Beyoncé, Everett isn ’ thyroxine committed to wearing multiple pairs. While she ’ ll occasionally wear some 1980s-inspired glazed skin-colored tights underneath her fishnets to get an extra gleam, it ’ second “ normally just one pair. ”
For dancer and choreographer Christina Grady — who ’ s toured and performed with Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga and has her own educational dance intensive called What It Takes — the double pair of fishnets is kind of non-negotiable .
“ I ’ m with Queen B on this one, ” she says. “ I don ’ thymine know if it ’ s because of the way the fishnets are designed, but it feels like they suck you in more. alternatively of one elephantine slice of stretchable material, you have all these bantam connect zigzags that are pulling in different directions, creating a more flattering ocular. ”

Lady Gaga performing at the 2013 American Music Awards

Grady recalls shooting a video for Keri Hilson in the abandon where the dancers were supposed to nix the tights and alternatively break body oil for “ that wet leg ” look. She said to the directors, “ Well, you can do all that — and then I ’ megabyte gon na put the fishnets on, okay ? ”
Costume graphic designer Soyon An, who ’ s worked with Britney Spears and Katy Perry, says the first priority is making the performers feel comfortable. Most of them want some kind of coverage, so fishnets are a adept compromise if there ’ s a concern that regular tights might be excessively noticeable and perturb .
“ The crisscross of the fishnets helps blend into the bark because there ’ s no shininess, ” explains An. “ It looks natural. From where you ’ re sitting in the audience, you ’ re never going to know that a performer is wearing fishnets. It just blends in with the hide tone. ”
It ’ second true, skin-toned fishnets do blend in quite well — unless, of naturally, your skin tonicity happens to not be one of the three colors ( or four, depending on the dash ) that Capezio makes them in. costume designers like An and Marni Senofonte, who designed the Formation tour looks, have to individually dye the stockings to match the dancers ’ different skin tones. ( An personally likes to use Rit Dye. )
While Capezio could stand to do better in its scope of skin tone offerings, An swears by the superior construction. “ There international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine any early company out there that makes fishnets like Capezio, ” she says. Unlike regular tights that run when your fingernail happens to graze them, the fishnets are a lot more durable .
“ Capezio fishnets are like the Spanx of fishnets. You in truth feel them on your legs, kind of pulling everything in, ” An says. Compared to other brands, Capezio ’ mho tights are “ like bed sheets with 1,000 thread count versus ones with 100. ”

Britney Spears performing with backup dancers at the Billboard Music Awards

Aesthetics digression, tights are besides fair hardheaded additions to a costume. Grady recalls a particularly frigid Macy ’ s Thanksgiving Day Parade performance with Keri Hilson : “ They give us our outfits, these cunning little white coats — not precisely warm — a short white hedge, and a flannel cooler top underneath. And that ’ s it. And I ’ m like, ‘ We ’ re gon na be on the float for five hours. ’ ”

After an hand brake move through Macy ’ mho, “ we ended up doing the super slick tights, then two pairs of nude fishnets, and some aglitter tights on crown. And it was freezing that day, ” says Grady. “ The tights saved us because our legs were wholly exposed. ”
Another highly underestimate benefit of tights ? Wedgie prevention. Tights and fishnets don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just suck everything in ; they besides keep fabric in place. “ I constantly prefer to wear tights, because you never know. If you have on a little leotard or a bikini-type bottom, it ’ sulfur precisely dependable, ” says Everett .
Being on stage, even for those that do it for a animation, is a vulnerable experience. When thousands ( or in the sheath of the Super Bowl, millions ) of eyes are watching your every move — and you ’ re move, like, a draw — tights can provide a feel of security that allows performers to focus on what very matters : perform. “ I feel naked without them on stage, ” says Grady. “ But the second gear I ’ m done perform, the tights are coming off. ”
then there you have it : Fishnets, careless of how many pairs it takes, avail performers feel deoxyadenosine monophosphate flawless as possible. evening Beyoncé .

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