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Have you ever wondered how iconic Hollywood actors wear perfect sunglasses ?
Those didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen by accident. Each pair of shades were carefully chosen based on its shape and dash .
The costume designer knew precisely how to send the right message based on which stylus of sunglasses they added .
You, excessively, can learn how to craft the arrant persona with sunglasses.

choose Sunglasses by Face Shape

Knowing your face ’ sulfur shape and size is the basic factor in determining the best sunglasses type .
different men's face types for sunglasses Rather than trying on millions of pairs of frames at random, let your face shape help narrow down what looks good .
You can avoid much of the guess in picking the ideal sunglasses for yourself by matching frames to your face determine .
If you don ’ thyroxine know what form to consider your confront, ask a acquaintance to help you decide .


A round grimace is all curves and has no angles. Wide cheekbones are one authoritative trademark of a round grimace .
round face shape
You will want frames that minimize, not accentuate, your cheekbones. Your sunglasses should add some angle to our confront, rather than contributing more curves .
You can slim and elongate your face with frames that are bombastic and sit high gear on your temples .
Round faces are effective complimented by square, rectangle, or D-shape frames .


Oval shaped faces are curvy like cycle faces though not quite as pronounced. They are a softer, longer interpretation of a rung confront .
oval face shape
You don ’ thyroxine want lenses that will hang low ; this would entirely accentuate an already long face .
Frames that are besides large will hide an ellipse face ’ s facial isotropy, then stick to smaller frames. They should cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones .
aviator or D-frame sunglasses work good for this face shape .


A squarely font is defined by a solid jawline, with a wide brow and cheekbones. The perimeters are very specify .
square face shape
Square faces want to include come curves in their sunglasses to add libra to their features .
It is probably best to stick to smaller frames to not overwhelm the wearer ’ sulfur characteristics .
Aviators, round, or D-shape frames are the best bets for a square-shaped face .


If you have a constrict chew with a broader brow, you have a cordate face .
heart face shape
It is best to avoid large frames, lodge with small or even medium frames .
You want frames that will elongate your face. Lenses with high arms, such as D-shape or medium-sized aviators, will accomplish this .
Be sure you don ’ triiodothyronine pluck ones that extend past your face ; conversely, make sure they aren ’ t besides far in. The frames should stop veracious around your temples .


Rectangle faces are long and slender without many angles. Because of the long draft of this face, it is best to gravitate toward shorter lenses .
rectangle face shape
You can add some width to your face with wayfarer or rectangular lenses .
Square shaped frames are wholly right if the frames are not excessively sharply ; there should be a slender swerve. Avoid little frames at all costs ; they will look lost on your face .
Rectangle faces are adept represented with round or aviator frames .


A chiseled chin and wide cheekbones are the hallmarks of a diamond-shaped face .
diamond face shape
Keep the edges of your lenses voiced but structured to balance your wide cheekbones. You should avoid polish human body. Rounded bottoms, however, will soften your narrow kuki .
A D-shape lens or rimless sunglasses would qualify for this. These offer unfitness on the bottom half and more concrete shape at the crown .
Again, shape to complement your cheekbones by avoiding wide frames .

Best Sunglasses Types for Men in Suits

Sunglasses frequently signal “ fun in the sun ” even though they are more than that. They are an important tool for comfort and for protecting your eyes .

There are a distribute of sunglasses types produced out there, but not every type looks good with a befit. Don ’ triiodothyronine take away from your professional look with ill chosen sunglasses .
here are some of the most popular styles and how to find the right shape for your face .


This classical shape is among the most iconic sunglasses. They speak to a universal cool factor and plainly seem casual. They are instantaneously recognizable as shorthand for chic .
wayfarer sunglasses
Persol sunglasses are the most democratic wayfarers out there. They are the tops in elegance .
You might recognize these as Steve McQueen ’ second choice of eyewear in The Thomas Crown Affair. And cipher does cool like Steve McQueen .
Tom Ford besides has perfected the wayfarer inning. These are a bite costly but very durable. not to mention very cool and stylish .
Wayfarers come in a wide array of colors and customization. It is fabulously comfortable to match any one of these babies to your look .
A simpleton black or tortoiseshell frame is the most democratic and credibly the best choice with most outfits .
Wayfarers are most flattering on oval and rectangular shaped faces.


It should be no surprise to learn that these frames were primitively designed for U.S. fighter pilots.

aviator sunglasses
fortunately, you don ’ t need to enlist in the Air Force to rock a match of aviator sunglasses .
They have become sol mainstream that most people can instantaneously recognize this shape, making it one of the most popular styles .
These metal frames are streamlined and minimal. They create a clean and bare line, resulting in a style that is both classical and classy .
aviator sunglasses are versatile, completing closely any count .
Aviators are best suited for square, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Retro-Square Sunglasses

These cool caterpillar sunglasses have a box-like lens supreme headquarters allied powers europe. They are recognizable by their very thick frames and arms .
retro-square sunglasses
Retro-square sunglasses come in a wide-eyed variety of designs and prints and are flattering for most face shapes .
This dash is very fashion-forward and will dramatically increase your hip quotient .
Retro-square sunglasses are flattering on most faces but are best on oblong or rectangular shapes.


These sunglasses offer a very ex post facto option. With a thickly ensnare across the top of the lenses but a slender rim around the bottomland, they truly stand out .
browline sunglasses
Browline sunglasses create a powerful, masculine look. Just like the name implies, the slurred top frame of reference imitates the eyebrow, so they need to sit good right .
If excessively much eyebrow is exposed above the frame, then that copulate is excessively small on your face. You should have only the tops of your eyebrow arches showing for a good fit .
Browline sunglasses are an excellent fit for oval and diamond shape faces.


Clubmasters are a mutant of the Browline style. They are designed with a bold upper skeleton, normally made of formative, and a bridge between the two lenses, normally made of alloy .
clubmaster sunglasses
A copulate of clubmasters are always stylish, contemporaneous, and obtrusive. Although they might look well with a casual wardrobe, a suit can be the perfect addition to a nice pair of clubmasters .
Clubmaster sunglasses are best for oval, round, and rectangle face shapes.

Semi-Rimless / Round

Semi-rimless round sunglasses are another retro atavism .
semi-rimless sunglasses
They appear as a combination of round, browline, and aviator frames, creating something trendy and fashionable .
Semi-rimless sunglasses pull off to look both stylish and professional at the same tie. These offer the lastingness of a potent skeletal system in concert with the lightweight of frameless .
Semi-rimless sunglasses suit people with square, diamond, or heart-shaped faces best.


Quick – who do you picture when you hear round sunglasses mentioned ? Yeah, me besides. But we don ’ t need to leave such funky lenses to history and John Lennon .
round sunglasses
If you are looking for a little something to help you stand out, attack sunglasses are a super-easy way to do that .
There are many varieties of round sunglasses. The diagnose only describes the lens ; the frame can take a diverseness of shapes .
Round sunglasses are well suited for oval or square faces.

Things to Consider When Matching Your Sunglasses with Your suit

You now have the most critical aspects of picking the right match of shades .
There are silent a few things that are key to making sure you have the correct copulate. here are a few final thoughts on sunglasses .

Fit Your Suit Correctly

No total of accessorizing in the earth will save an ill-fitting suit. A poor choice in sunglasses can ruin a capital lawsuit .
30 suit basics on how to fit your suit
But did you know a poor choice in a suit can ruin great sunglasses ? Bring your A-game ; make sure your suit sits good justly on you .

Choose Sunglasses Types That Fit Your Face Shape

Determine your confront human body to determine the form your sunglasses should be .
jake gyllenhaal matches semi-rimless sunglasses
A poor fit of sunglasses will have a amusing consequence. Opt for the opposite human body of your face as a general principle to find the most flatter expression for you .

Opt for High-Quality Frames and Lens Material Sunglasses

Frame shapes aren ’ t the only importance of eyewear. well-made frames go a farseeing way toward consolation and lastingness .
Bruce Willis wears a pair of clubmasters
Plus, full quality versus hapless quality is easy to spot. quality lenses besides offer better eye protection .

Sunglasses Color Should Match/Look Good with Your suit

think of matching your sunglasses to your suit color the same manner you do your tie. They don ’ t need to be the same coloring material, but they should complement it .
James Bond (Daniel Craig) in a light-grey suit and black wayfarers
Stick to impersonal colors for the safest bet. Are you going with alloy frames ? Be certain it matches any other metallic accessories you are wearing .

Sunglasses NOT to Wear with a lawsuit

For the love of God, please no sports glasses, wraparounds, or glasses with son. And save the bright colored frames for the beach .
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