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Thunderball-Dinner-Suit James Bond inspires more men to wear blacken tie—a.k.a. a tuxedo—than any other person, substantial or fictional. Whether you call it a dinner befit, dinner jacket, evening suit, dinner jacket or dinner jacket ( but please wear ’ triiodothyronine ! ), 007 sets the ultimate model for how to follow the black necktie dress code. Bond normally follows traditional protocol for the black affiliation dress code, but there is a certain room to follow the protocol if you want to wear bootleg tie like Bond. What follows is a compendious of Bond ’ s common black tie styles. It doesn ’ t cover all total darkness tie outfits Bond has worn, but it ’ s a general lead to how Bond wears black connect. There are a few exceptions to what is written hera, but those exceptions are not part of the all-important James Bond black tie look .

The Cloth

bond ’ s front-runner color for his dinner suit is midnight blue, but he frequently wears total darkness dinner suits a well. Until recently, midnight blue was rarely found off the rack and signified that one bought his dinner befit from a bespoke English sew or a high-end italian manufacturer. The dinner befit ( or dinner jacket ) is a suit, mean that both the jacket and the trousers match, whether the suit is black or midnight bluing. Bond ordinary follows custom and wears his dinner suits in a pebble-like barathea-weave wool, but sometimes he wears them in a wool and mohair blend that has a slender shininess. The trope at the top of this article is of a mohair-blend midnight blue dinner suit that Sean Connery wears in Thunderball. The silk trimmings—the lapel facings, trouser stripes and release coverings—on Bond ’ s midnight blue sky dinner suits are sometimes matching midnight blue and sometimes contrasting in black. On his black dinner suits they, of path, pit in black. They are normally in satin silk, but sometimes in grosgrain silk.

Daniel Craig wears a peaked lapel dinner jacket in Casino Royale Daniel Craig wears a peaked lapel dinner jacket in Casino Royale

The Dinner Jacket

There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets ; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that mesa .

Vesper Lynd ’ second advice to James Bond in Casino Royale is sound for any man wearing black tie in any occasion. Bond ’ s dinner jackets are about constantly single-breasted, and they follow tradition with alone one button on the front. The jackets may have peaked lapels, notch lapels or a shawl collar. Since erose lapels are less dressy than ailing lapels or the shawl collar, Bond largely wears notch lapels for individual dinners, like for his dinner with M in Goldfinger or his dinner with Kamal Khan in Octopussy. Because black tie these days is more often wear for distinguished occasions, Bond prefers peaked lapels and shawl collars .Roger Moore wears a midnight blue double-breasted dinner suit in The Spy Who Loved Me Roger Moore wears a midnight blue double-breasted dinner suit in The Spy Who Loved Me bond wears double-breasted dinner jackets a act of times in the 1970s and 1980s. They normally have six buttons with two to fasten in the most traditional dash for double-breasted suit jackets, but in A View to a Kill his double-breasted dinner jacket has four buttons with one to button. The simple double-breasted style is thought by some to be more appropriate for a dinner jacket, but either style is satisfactory. bond ’ s dinner jackets normally have doubling vents, but they erstwhile have no vent, which is the most traditional style for a dinner jacket. duplicate vents, specially when 8 to 10 inches retentive, are allow on a dinner jacket and keep the back drape neatly and elegantly. In Skyfall, Bond makes a mistake by having a sporty single vent on his dinner jacket, which is an erroneousness typically found only with american makers. The hip pockets on Bond ’ s dinner jackets are straight and jetted without flaps for the cleanest front, and the jettings are normally done in the like fabric as the jacket ’ s consistency, not the silk trim. The jacket cuffs have three or four buttons. On occasion they have gauntlet—or turnback—cuffs in the silk trim, like in Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Quantum of Solace. The dinner jacket ’ south buttons are either covered in the lapp silk as the lapels or made of horn .

The Trousers

adhere ’ s dinner befit trousers follow bootleg affiliation custom and have a silk stripe down the slope. The chevron matches the silk facings on the jacket ’ south lapels. The front expressive style of Bond ’ mho trousers has varied well, from double ahead pleats and double reverse pleats to dart fronts and complain fronts, and any of these styles is allow. The trouser bottoms are always finished without turn-ups. The trousers are either held up with white silk braces or with side-adjusters on the trousers. Dinner befit trousers are never worn with a belt .

The Waist Covering

Though decollete waistcoats and cummerbunds are traditional, Bond more often than not break traditional black tie protocol and goes without any waist application, which has been wholly satisfactory nowadays for decades. Pierce Brosnan wears low-cut waistcoats in his first two Bond films, and on occasion, like in the most holocene two Bond films, Bond wears cummerbunds. In For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy Bond wears trousers with a wide silk girdle that buttons at the side to give the illusion that he is wearing a cummerbund, even though he is not. Though the vest is not a very Bondian part of black tie, the cummerbund is the best way to go if you want to dress like Bond and besides wear traditional black tie. Though going without any waist covering international relations and security network ’ thymine ideal if you ’ re a hidebound, it ’ s not the biggest sin provided the trousers have a raise long enough so that the white shirt does not show beneath the jacket ’ s button. Forgoing the shank cover is the classic Bond method .Goldfinger-Dress-Shirt Sean Connery wears a pleated and striped dress shirt in Goldfinger

The Dress Shirt

The most significant separate of the shirt is the collar, and James Bond always wears a turn-down collar—usually a spread collar—with black connect and never a fender choker. Bond wears one of three different styles of shirt with black tie : the pleat shirt, the marcella shirt and the textured shirt. The pleat shirt has a bib on the front of half-inch pleats, and it has either mother-of-pearl buttons down the front placket or occasionally a fly placket that covers the buttons. The ruffle shirt doesn ’ t take studs since it ’ s a soft and relaxed alternative to the older and dressier marcella shirt. Studs are not necessity with this kind of shirt and not separate of the classic James Bond black tie front. shackle does not wear studs until Licence to Kill, the 16th film of the series ! The pleat shirt may have double ( french ) cuffs or cocktail cuffs.

Pierce Brosnan wears a marcella dress shirt with studs in Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan wears a marcella dress shirt with mother-of-pearl studs in Tomorrow Never Dies The marcella shirt has a marcella—or piqué—bib on the front, and the front has no raised placket and is fastened with studs due to the stiff battlefront. Bond ’ s studs are white mother of pearl, not black onyx. The marcella shirt besides has not only a marcella tipple but besides the collar and cuffs—always double cuffs—in marcella cotton. Marcella is besides stiff for the body and sleeves. The marcella shirt is the dressy of all black tie shirts. The textured shirt is made with the same weave all over with no bib in front. The texture may be a white-on-white waffle weave, like in Casino Royale, a white-on-white self band, like in Thunderball or an aeriform voile weave for hot weather, like in The Spy Who Loved Me and Octopussy. The shirt may either have a fly placket that covers the buttons or regular mother-of-pearl buttons down the front. even less than the ruffle shirt, the textured shirt is not dressy enough to take stud. It may have doubly ( french ) cuffs or cocktail cuffs. sometimes Bond combines the textured shirt with the ruffle dash, like in the pleat self-stripe shirts in Goldfinger and For Your Eyes Only. Bond ’ s dress shirts are about always white, but Roger Moore occasionally wears cream dress shirts, like in The Man with the Golden Gun, Octopussy and A View to a Kill. The elegance of black tie comes from the line between the black and white elements, but a cream shirt slightly softens that line for a more flattering look on Moore ’ s quick complexion. A colored shirt for black link should be worn with caution .Daniel Craig wears a diamond bow tie in Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig wears a diamond-point bow tie in Quantum of Solace

The Bow Tie

bind ’ sulfur bow tie is always black and matches the texture of lapel facings, whether the facings are satin or grosgrain. Bond has occasionally made the mistake of not wearing a match bow tie, and this is not recommended. sometimes the bow affiliation is a thistle form and other times it ’ s a batwing condition. It normally has straight ends, but sometimes Bond wears a diamond-point bow tie. All of these shapes are valid for the Bond look. The only thing that is a must is a self-tie bow marry. If you can tie your shoes correctly ( not a grandma knot ) you can tie a crouch tie. They use the like knot ! Bond never wears a pre-tied bow connect or long coach tie with his dinner suits .

Plain Toe Shoes

Black complain toe shoes are the most traditional choice. James Bond ’ mho shoes are normally apparent leather, but recently they haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been. Bond largely wears plain toe oxfords—per the british definition with closed lacings, besides known as balmorals in American—but George Lazenby and Roger Moore wears slip-ons. Though oxfords are preferred, if the slip-ons have a complain toe they are about like a variation on the traditional opera pump. In Casino Royale, Bond wears black calf plain-toe bowler hat shoes with his dinner suit, which are not adenine traditional as oxfords but not a poor choice either .White Dinner Jacket Sean Connery wears an ivory wool dinner jacket in Goldfinger whilst in Latin America

Warm Weather Black Tie

Though James Bond hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worn an bone dinner jacket since Roger Moore played the function in A View to a Kill, it is inactive a classic style for warm-year-round locales. It ’ s what you ’ ll want to wear for black tie occasions in places like The Bahamas, Latin America, Southeast Asia and India. bail ’ s warm-weather dinner jackets are never normally pure white, but they are ivory. Bond ’ s bone dinner jacket may be made of wool like in Goldfinger, in silk like in The man with the Golden Gun, or in linen like in Octopussy. Bond ’ s bone dinner jackets follow the same styles as the black and midnight blue dinner jackets, except they have self lapels rather than silk-faced lapels. The buttons are besides different ; they are constantly white mother-of-pearl except for the beige horn buttons in A View to a Kill. Bond ’ s bone dinner jackets are worn with black dinner suit trousers as described above, ampere well as the same shirts and bow ties. If you ’ rhenium interest in learning more about how to follow the black draw attire code, read Peter Marshall ’ s Black Tie Guide, which is the ultimate source for formalwear. You can besides leave any questions about wearing black marry like James Bond in the comments below. For more specific examples of James Bond ’ randomness and related characters ’ black tie outfits, see this web log ’ mho black tie tag. besides, The Suits of James Bond has recently started Facebook and Twitter pages. Like us and follow us below :

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