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I ’ molarity laughing to myself as I start to write this because the style of this post sounds so harsh ? I decidedly don ’ thyroxine think there are hard rules that apply to clothes after Labor Day. With that said, I have my own personal “ rules ” that I follow, so I thought it ’ d be fun to swap ideas in today ’ s post ! I had the best time reading through y ’ all ’ s comments on my Instagram fib poll yesterday where I asked what your thoughts are about what you should/shouldn ’ metric ton wear after Labor Day. This is unsurprisingly a very controversial subject ! ! Get ready to sit back, relax, and hear what your fellow Collectively Carolina readers have to say about this very authoritative consequence. ( lol )

What Not to Wear After Labor Day What Not to Wear After Labor Day What Not to Wear After Labor Day
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parade A : This white tie front dress from Nordstrom Rack. ( presently on sale for $ 16 and comes in 4 colors – including black ! ) I ’ thousand making sure I wear this little baby one stopping point meter this week because you won ’ thymine catch me in a white dress, white shorts, or white shoes after Labor Day. I besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wear seersucker after LD and try to limit the measure of linen I wear ! ( But to each his own ! ) For real though, if you like this dress, you should get it right now because this is on sale for wayyy less than it was when I bought it. I ’ meter considering getting it in black besides indeed I can keep wearing this manner until it starts getting besides chilly !

hera ’ s what your colleague readers had to say on the discipline ( with my comments attached ? )

  1. “No rules, wear what you want.” As I said, to each his own! I def have my own rules, but a lot of you said that you don’t!
  2. “No white below the waist.” I agree with this and personally don’t wear white pants/shorts/skirts or white shoes after LD.
  3. “No Lilly dresses or shorts in super summery prints. No seersucker or linen. No white jeans, white dresses, or white shoes.” This is definitely the “classic” southern list of rules. The only exception I make for myself out of this list is occasionally wearing white jeans!
  4. “No seersucker! I do still wear white in moderation. But no white shoes, either!” Also agree with this one. I don’t know why you would want to wear seersucker after LD anyways. And I say 100% no to white shoes too!
  5. “No pastel colors.” This comment kind of surprised me because I’ve never thought that much about this. Not sure that I 100% agree as far as my own wardrobe goes because I definitely have a pale pink sweater that I love to wear in the fall/winter!
  6. “I always hear the ‘no white after Labor Day’ but I love a good winter white? Is that bad?” No that is not bad!! I also love a good winter white and think it can be really pretty if you do it in the right way. I’m feeling a “How to Wear Winter White” blog post coming in the future…
  7. “No white shoes/pants/shorts!” Agreed! Except for white jeans, in my case.
  8. “I usually stop wearing linen after Labor Day.” Yep! I feel like this is just a normal thing that happens because it’s starts getting too chilly to wear linen. But let’s face it, there are definitely some 100 degree days in our future in September. I love this orange linen dress
  9. “I ignore all the white rules. It’s the south and the creation of that rule has no grounds in today’s time!!” I appreciate this!! Even though you won’t find me with white shoes/shorts/skirts on after LD, I like that there are people out there who just ignore it ?
  10. “Just don’t wear white shoes. Everything else goes unless it’s super summery.” This comment really sums up the “modern” take on the Labor Day fashion rules. I can deal with pretty much anything except for wearing white shoes after LD and I probably won’t ever change my stance on that.

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