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Hello out there any of my fashion lovers. If you are, then you have credibly watched one of my all time favorite television receiver shows “ What not To Wear ” ( TLC, Tuesdays at 9pm ). I love the moral force of the hosts, Stacey and Clinton, and the liveliness changes that happen on the show. For those of you who have never watched it is a makeover appearance, but the best of the bunch in my opinion. Scoff all you want, but this usher has its deep moments. People ’ randomness lives change on the prove. The way people start to see the prize of themselves and gain assurance is in truth inspire. Stacey and Clinton truly show them that what they are wearing is just a mirror of the fantastic person inside. They are besides actually amusing together and who doesn ’ triiodothyronine like a good earlier and after ? ! so as I have been pondering on what reoccurring mail I would like to start, this week ’ s episode gave me an theme ! On seasons of WNTW, I will do a recapitulation post of the transformation of the episode, of course indulging on the earlier and after pictures but besides going into any great, inspire moments there with ahead and after posts ( if they are posted on their web site – they aren ’ thymine constantly seasonably ). And of course I have to post some great Stacey London manner shots .
Christine was featured on this workweek ’ second episode. unfortunately, no pictures up yet of her earlier and after, but she did have an revolutionize report. Christine is an ex-military person who has let herself go after her life become all about caring for her syndicate, particularly her conserve who was diagnosed with cancer. She was celebrated for wearing her scallop jean capri that made her look identical short and old, no-shape boxlike clothes ( like most people on the show ). She was a person that was identical exposed to the indicate. Some people can get very hurt and disturbance to be nominated. then they won ’ t let go of their bad style and argue with the stylists the whole time. The one matter that I very took away from this episode was her cheery demeanor. She was so happy and receptive. It was refreshing and it showed that whatever life throws you, you can always make it a positive time in your life.
Since there were no Christine photograph, Stacey will have to do ! On the unwrap day at a military function, Stacey was appropriately, even subtly dressed in army colors .

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She besides rocked some great accessories, showing off the bejewel tones that this winter is all about .

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How can you not love the bluff swerve of very colorful pants/jeans that are everywhere ? I think it ’ sulfur clock time to find a ( bargain ) pair of this tendency ( because you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine spend a batch on trendy pieces in my public opinion ) .

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Something that I have very been embracing recently is taking chances in fashion. Why not ? The alone things that can happen is that you realize that something didn ’ t work / international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine matching halfway through the day ( yes, I am pulling from personal experiences ). It merely provides a chuckle when you realize it and then again remember not to take yourself ( and liveliness ) indeed badly. so travel ahead, try something fun like this chunky necklace !

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sol what do you think ? Do you like the idea of this reoccurring mail ? Any early suggestions of reoccurring posts you would like ?

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