8 of My Favorite TLC’s “What Not to Wear” Style Tips …

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8 of My Favorite TLC’s “What Not to Wear” Style Tips …

By Jelena

1 Color, Texture, Shine

One of my front-runner What not to Wear expressive style tips from TLC, the color-texture-shine rule is what turns an all right outfit into a very bang-up one ! Want to give it a test ? Accessorize your favorite equip choosing accessories of different colors, interest textures or glam polish, trying to be brave with your choices just like Stacey and Clinton are with theirs.

2 Dress Your Age

As Clinton once said, “ Nothing ages you more than being a 40 year-old womanhood dressing like a 13 year-old girl. ” Don ’ t associate degree childish clothes with youth nor make the mistake of dismissing age-appropriate clothes as “ matronly. ” Your grown up self can be sexy, fun and youthful, besides !

3 Have CPW (Cost per Wear) in Mind

The more wearable the item is, the less it actually costs and that has nothing to do with the price chase. Let ’ s take a 500 dollar befit for exemplar – you ’ five hundred probably return that on the rack thinking “ Whoa, way excessively expensive for something therefore basic. ” But here ’ s the thing : you are going to wear that at least three times a week. You ’ re going to wear it matched once, use the skirt/pants with early items once and use the jacket alone at least once a week. Divide it with three, then with 12 months and whoa, your price per wear is just $ 13 ! bang-up investment ! A 500 dollar dress that ’ s besides aglitter or excessively “ special occasion, ” on the other hand, international relations and security network ’ t, as you ’ re going to wear it once, possibly doubly a year which equals a stagger $ 250 per clothing !

4 Structure Matters

shape, ladies, human body ! We need to accent our curves, not hide them ! And we need to find the right way to do that ! Clinton and Stacey are decidedly against shapeless clothes and all for accenting the narrowest point of your waist, making it seem even tinier ! Belt a free tunic, look for a nicely fit blazer or a dress that is cut in the perfect spot. It may be a simple flim-flam but it works wonders for literally all body shapes, allowing us to enjoy that hourglass design tied if we weren ’ triiodothyronine precisely born with it.

5 Customize!

Found a great-fitting pair of pants, a fantastic dress or a perfect blazer ? Go for it even if it needs to be shortened or anyhow adapted precisely a snatch ! Clinton and Stacey believe a nice-fitting find is worth going an extra mile for and that it can be customized to fit your needs to a tee, thus providing you plenty of wears and big outfits !

6 You Can Never Go Wrong with Dark-Washed Jeans

Want to hear about a foolproof way to lose 30 pounds overnight ? Dark washed jeans ! badly, ladies – these are a must have for every modern charwoman ! They can be dressed down for casual outings with husband and kids or played up for casual ( but still very chic ) Fridays at the office and oh – have I mentioned that they ’ ll make your legs look longer and your whole soundbox slender ? Yup ! A must have, for certain !

7 Double Duty Items

In order to pass the final examination choice and make it into your wardrobe, clothes need to do two things : compressed your figure and posses adequate ocular interest. These are what Stacey calls “ double duty items, ” or items that not merely do bang-up things for your calculate but aid you put in concert an kit that will be coveted by others. You can keep it achromatic and basic but go for a actually nice fabric texture, choose an matter to print or go for embellishments, for exercise !

8 You Have a GREAT Body

death but not least – something all of us women have a huge problem watch, acknowledging and accepting ! There is not a body on this worldly concern that is not “ made for clothes ” ! All you have to do is find the right clothes, of course ! It may require a bite more searching than you ’ re used to but capital pieces are decidedly worth it ! Which What not to Wear vogue tip from TLC pros do you go by and what do you think about the picture in cosmopolitan ? Please rate this article

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