What not to wear to an interview (and what to wear instead)

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What not to wear to an interview (and what to wear instead)

By indeed Editorial Team

Published 30 November 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail The indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and discipline matter experts equipped with indeed ‘s data and insights to deliver utilitarian tips to help guide your career travel. Making a good first impression during a caper interview requires that you give estimable answers, interact well with others and know how to present yourself. Dressing professionally is a capital way to show the interviewer that you ‘re a credible candidate who ‘s determined to get the caper. You can make sure that your overdress is professional adequate by learning about the ship’s company ‘s policy and understanding which clothing items may be excessively casual. In this article, we explain what not to wear to an interview, tell you what you can wear rather and share extra tips for choosing your interview equip .

What not to wear to an interview

hera are some things that you ‘d rather not wear to an interview and their more professional alternatives that show your professionalism :


even if you know that the employer you ‘re interviewing with allows their employees to wear T-shirts to work, you may find it more beneficial to wear something more conventional to your interview. alternatively of choosing a jersey or layering it under a blazer, consider opting for a button-up shirt and pairing it with a dainty jumper or cardigan. typically, another good alternative to T-shirts are blouses or something equally conventional that goes well with the rest of your outfit. If you ‘re diffident about finding dress that matches well, go for natural colours, such as black or brown university. Related : Guide to smart casual dress code

Ripped or dyed jeans

Although straight, black jeans may be appropriate for more creative interviews, such as if you ‘re interviewing for a position in graphic design, slacks or dress pants are a estimable option regardless of the industry or position. If you decide to wear a business dress or a formal surround rather, make sure its distance is appropriate. Most employers consider knee-length a safe choice. If you ‘re concerned about the hedge, dress or pants that you ‘d like to choose, test out how it lays when you ‘re sitting down and decide if it ‘s comfortable enough .

Open-toe shoes

Open-toe shoes are arrant for informal situations, such as meeting with your co-workers for dinner after shape, but there are some safer choices if you ‘re preparing your interview overdress. More formal shoes that normally make you look more professional include Oxfords, flats or closed-toe heels. Consider choosing higher-quality materials, such as actual or fake leather. Another tap that can help you dress for the interview is making certain your socks match your shoes and are long enough to avoid showing off skin. If you ‘ve decided to get a new match of shoes for the interview, make sure to practise walk in them at home. New shoes may need some time until they become comfortable to wear all day .

Oversized clothes

Wearing oversized clothe for an interview may seem like you ‘ve not spent enough prison term preparing for the consultation. It ‘s crucial that you choose your kit ahead of time and try it on to ensure it fits well and that you ‘re comfortable in it. nicely tailored dress instantaneously makes you look better in what you ‘re wearing. By investing in high-quality clothing that fits you well, you ensure that you ‘d always have something to wear to work .

Too much jewellery

Wearing excessively much jewelry to an interview may be distracting and make the interviewer stress on your expect preferably than your answers. When accessorising your equip, you can opt for more classic jewelry rather. For example, you can go for a nice-looking watch, some dim-witted earrings and a minimalistic necklace. Remember that the accessories that you use are there to complement your outfit. Showing that you know how to present yourself in a professional typeset normally signifies that you can cursorily adapt to working in an office environment .

Decorative headwear

similarly to jewelry, things such as hats, beanies or headphones may become a beguilement when interviewing for a subcontract. If you ‘re determined to wear something to support your hair, consider choosing a simple headband. Remember that this rule does n’t apply when you wear headwear for religious reasons, as you can feel comfortable expressing these aspects of yourself at all times, including during interviews and conventional situations.

Athletic clothing

Although it ‘s possible to expressive style some acrobatic clothing and make it appropriate for cultivate, during a problem consultation it ‘s best to stick to more conventional clothes. Consider leaving leggings, sweatpants or hoodies at home and alternatively, you can choose a more professional equip. You may stick to natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool. Typically, even wearing a three-piece formal suit can be better than wearing a tracksuit .

Transparent materials

Wearing transparent invest for an interview may be inappropriate because it can make you look unprofessional. Before leaving for your consultation, remember to check if you ‘ve successfully covered your underwear and other undergarments. You may want to pay particular attention to this if you decide to wear light-coloured clothes for the interview .

Faded clothing

If you have extra dress arrange for especial occasions, such as job interviews or caller events, it ‘s significant to check if it has n’t faded before wearing it. Clothes normally fade over clock or when you wash them in hot water, and it frequently shows more on dark clothes. If you notice that your clothes have faded or become outdated, consider investing in a new conventional adjust, which you can then reuse on early occasions .

Why it’s important to know how to dress for an interview

here ‘s how dress appropriately for a job interview can help you advance your career :

It can help you make a good first impression

typically, an interviewer starts observing you from the moment you enter their office. This means that your outfit and how you present yourself are some of the first things they notice about you during a problem consultation. Choosing a dinner dress outfit can help make you look confident and show that you ‘d know how to maintain the company ‘s adept repute during customer meetings and industry events. Related : Interviewing techniques and tips to make a great impression

It can show your commitment to the job

Dressing appropriately for your speculate interview and giving confident answers to questions shows that you ‘ve spent enough time preparing for it. This is because the way you dress can be a shape of non-verbal communication that allows you to let the interviewer know that you ‘re committed to getting the problem. Your outfit can besides influence your body lyric and influence your mood .

It can make you look credible

dress is an important element of communication during a job interview because it influences how the interviewer perceives you. When you know how to dress for the occasion, you may situation yourself as a credible and trustworthy person who cares about performing well in a professional set. This is particularly important if you ‘re interviewing for a customer-facing role because it shows the interviewer how your customers or clients might perceive you when you approach them. Related : key attributes of professionalism in the workplace

Tips for choosing your interview outfit

now you know what you may not want to wear to an interview, here are some extra tips for choosing what to wear to a problem interview :

  • Iron or steam your clothes : Wearing clean, iron clothes is one of the easiest ways to boost your appearance during a job interview .
  • research the company : You may consider asking the interviewer about the company ‘s dress code before your interview. Understanding what their current employees wear to work may help you put together an appropriate outfit because it tells you if you can have a short more playfulness with your attend .
  • Consider borrowing clothes : If you ‘re diffident about buying new clothes precisely for the interview, consider borrowing something from your friends or family. This way you can take wish of your budget while keeping your kit more sustainable .
  • Pay attention to your constitution expression : If you ‘d like to wear makeup to the interview, consider a more lifelike, dateless count. For exercise, you may go for a nude lipstick and a natural eyeshadow that complements your skin tone .
  • Show your personality : Although you may typically prioritise wearing dinner dress clothing, choosing pieces that reflect your personality may make you feel more comfortable during an consultation. For example, you can go for small bubbling earrings or a pattern tie .
  • Have a preen rehearsal : After selecting your clothes for the interview, put them on and check how they look on you. Consider doing this at least a week before the interview, just in casing you ‘d need meter to perform some small repairs or bring it to the dry uninfected.
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