Celebrities can’t stop talking about how good Rihanna smells. The perfume she reportedly wears costs up to $870.

  • A bunch of celebrities have spoken about how amazing Rihanna smells. 
  • Some stars say she smells “like heaven” and “like dreams and wishes coming true.” 
  • In 2016, Rihanna’s friend said she wears Love, don’t be Shy by Kilian Paris, which can cost $870.
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Rihanna is a musician, expressive style picture, and business baron with a constitution brand and lingerie wrinkle. apparently, she ‘s besides a real professional at choosing which fragrances to wear. Celebrities have raved about Rihanna ‘s signature olfactory property much, and one thing ‘s for certain — a lot of stars think she smells very, very good .

In 2020, an actor who met Rihanna said she smelled like ‘success’

Imma just leave this correct here … A post shared by Miles ( @ milesbrown ) on Feb 22, 2020 at 6:36pm PSTFeb 22, 2020 at 6:36pm pacific time

“ Black-ish ” star Miles Brown recently posed for a photograph with the singer and posted it on Instagram. When asked what she in truth smelled like, he wrote, “ shea butter and achiever. ”

Rapper Lil Nas X described Rihanna as smelling ‘like heaven’ and he’s not the first one to do so

As Twitter user @ thickannawhore pointed out, in a video recording interview for Q4 Music, Lil Nas X was asked about his favorite smell and he responded, “ Rihanna. ” When asked what she smelled comparable, he said, “ She smells like eden. ”
And Lil Nas X is n’t the first gear fame to describe Rihanna ‘s odorize this means.

During a 2015 interview on “ The Ellen Show, ” “ Big Bang Theory ” asterisk Jim Parsons, who worked with Rihanna on the 2015 animated film, besides said that Rihanna smells like “ eden. ” “ ‘ I ‘ve been doing wardrobe for like the past four days with Rihanna and Steve [ Martin ], but Rihanna smells sol good. I am not kidding. She has a odorize, ” he explained .

The songstress has also been described as smelling like ‘dreams and wishes coming true’ and she’s been dubbed the best-smelling celebrity by others 

After posing for a photograph with Rihanna at the 2019 BET Awards, Cardi B told photographers, “ She spirit good ! ”
binding in 2018, musician Olly Alexander spoke about the beginning clock he met Rihanna in an interview with Beats 1, telling the interviewer that Rihanna smells “ like dreams and wishes coming true. ” And in 2016, Nick Jonas told The Sun that he “ flirted with Rihanna once ” though it did n’t work, adding, “ She smells amazing, that is one thing I can tell you. Everyone says it but I have actually smelt her now and it ‘s amaze. ” In 2015, Ryan Seacrest tweeted about how he smells everyone on the red carpet and, of all the stars he sniffed at the Grammys, he wrote that Rihanna was “ the best smell ” one. And, in 2013, during a BBC interview, actress Jennifer Lawrence reflected on meeting Rihanna, saying, “ She was then, indeed beautiful and she had like very, truly cushy skin and smelled very good. ”

It’s not confirmed which scent Rihanna is wearing these days, but in 2016 her friend said the singer wears the fragrance Love, Don’t be Shy 

Rihanna has been very tight-lipped about which aroma she wears.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Although the singer has not confirmed which bouquet she wears, Rihanna ‘s friend, who goes by @ stylishgent on Instagram, posted a television in 2016 saying the singer was wearing “ Kilian ” called “ Love. ” In the video, you can hear Rihanna protesting in the background, saying, “ That ‘s some hidden bulls — -. I do n’t even tell anyone what I wear. ” This perfume from the mark By Kilian goes by the name Love, do n’t be Shy. With notes of neroli, orange flower, and marshmallow, the aroma appears to be a mix of fresh and floral smells. According to the stigmatize ‘s web site, an 8.5-ounce carafe of this aroma retails for $ 870, though you can buy a smaller 1.7-ounce refillable spray bottle of it for $ 295.

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