Sons Of Anarchy: 20 Crazy Details About Jax’s Anatomy

Sons Of Anarchy was a electrifying biker drama from the twistedly bright judgment of Kurt Sutter. The appearance was well known for its exceeding characters, pulse-pounding action, and heartbreaking passings. It may have been several years since the show ended its critically acclaimed run, but for many fans, the prove will never die. It ’ south distillery one of the most spill about and rewatched series of all prison term. The newly series Mayans M.C. is putting the master FX series back in the populace mind frame of reference. While many fans are finding more things to love, there are besides a few details that don ’ t quite fit .
Of the celebrated characters in the series, the one who still stands out amongst all of the ride or die rebels of SAMCRO is none other than the show ’ south leading man, Jax Teller. Played with barbarous intensity, Charlie Hunnam carried the character throughout seven universally praise seasons. He gave the quality a life of his own and helped Teller live on with other icons from the early days of the golden old age of television receiver like Breaking Bad ’ second Walter White, The Shield’s Vic Mackey, and Mad Men’s Don Draper .
Jax wasn ’ thymine just a leader though. He was a lady ’ sulfur man, a risk taker, and a season street fighter. This being said, there are several things about Jax ’ s anatomy that precisely don ’ t make any sense. All television shows heighten reality to a certain extent but for a show that prides itself on game reality, a few minor details seem awry .
hera are 20 Crazy Details About Jax’s Anatomy.


20 13. His Healthy activites

Jax has a chat with Trinity after learning that she is his half-sister Jax Teller does well with the ladies. in truth well. His choice of relationships, however, are not always the smartest. certain, Tara is a reasonably dainty female child all things considered, but the pillow of his conquests are not precisely the classiest crowd. Among Jax ’ s many romantic pairings in the series, there have been biker girls, addicts, and about his half sister. At no steer does it in truth seem like Jax is using condom methods .
Seeing as Tara is a medical professional ( and a very hardheaded person in cosmopolitan ) and the fact that she and Jax had a surprise pregnancy, it ’ second safe to assume that they were regularly unprotected. Tara wouldn ’ triiodothyronine have probable done that if Jax weren ’ thyroxine perfectly goodly .

19 12. Ssn4 Short Hair

Jax Teller may be well known for those trademark locks but there was one season where those locks were M.I.A. In season 4, alternatively of his celebrated Legolas hair, he had an atrocious buzzed look for the whole season. The count does make a little sense in context. Jax was precisely out of a small stint in prison. For multiple reasons, having hanker pretty blond hair is not satisfactory inside .
This doesn ’ t very explain why it ’ s so dreadfully maintained throughout the serial. For person who looks like he has four or five unlike brands of hair manage products he uses daily every other season, it doesn ’ t truly make sense as to why he ’ five hundred just completely give up for a unharmed year. It must be true what they say. Prison changes you .

18 11. Cartoonish John Teller Tat

Tattoos are very significant to members of an MC like the Sons. In order to be considered a full-fledged member, you have to get an extensive back tattoo. aside from that, most Sons frequently show off their personal ink. normally, these tattoos are about family or some other profoundly personal symbol. While most of them look reasonably good, there ’ s one that ’ s queerly cartoonish .
Jax ’ s father JT not only passed aside fairly young, but he was besides one of the founders of the Sons. It makes sense that he ’ vitamin d get a tattoo permanently honoring his late big beget. What doesn ’ t make common sense is why the tattoo itself is so bad. It depicts John Teller ’ s gravestone in blockish, cartoonish art. It ’ s so odd that it wouldn ’ t look out of station if Garfield or Scooby Doo were hanging out by the gravestone. At least his tattoo game got better with clock .

17 10. Healthy Lungs

Tara and Jax make out while reading books. pretty much any time Jax international relations and security network ’ thymine getting in fights, with a girl, or riding his Harley, he ’ randomness fume. This international relations and security network ’ t such a strange thing for SAMCRO though. Clay precisely vitamin a often has a slurred cigar in his hands .
What is odd is how healthy Jax is despite his constant fume. Jax spends much of the usher in some sort of rigorous action. pretty much every sequence has a furrow scene of some sort. none of the episodes feature Jax doubled over as he ’ south trying to catch his breath. One would think they would ’ ve learned from Piney ’ s debilitating emphysema. Though people in biker gangs aren ’ triiodothyronine constantly the most forward-thinking bunch .

16 9. White Shoes

It may be a well-known fact that Jax takes special concern of his Harley, his guns, and his hair. There ’ sulfur another detail in his possession that he takes incredible concern of though that most people don ’ thyroxine notice. once you do notice though, you can ’ thyroxine unsee it .
Jax Teller wears blindingly white tennis shoes throughout the integral series. It ’ s not necessarily weird to see a ridicule keep a good copulate of shoes for several years. It is weird for those shoes to look brand new forever. For a world that spends most of his fourth dimension delivering slaughter and chasing people down, his kicks are amazingly immaculate .

15 8. Perfect Skin

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy distinctly, his bathroom is filled with respective different hair care products and beard trimmers. From the expect of him, he credibly has quite a few moisturizers on hand .
Most of the early Sons look like they ‘ve spent far excessively much fourth dimension in the sun for their own dependable. Members like Happy, Bobby, and Tig sure do n’t look like they buy a set of exfoliating creams or anti-aging skin care products. It ’ s identical doubtful that any real-life biker has completely immaculate bark. ( particularly considering how much they are associated with Meth. ) Looking at Jax, it ’ s likely he goes to bed with one of those mud masks on .

14 7. Too Pale For Southern Cali

The bright little town that Sons of Anarchy is set it in, lies in the Southern region of California. If southerly Cali is celebrated for one thing, it ’ s the sunday. Though some of the draw might not know this .
Charlie Hunnam hails from the United Kingdom so his clamber tone is a touch different than person ’ randomness who presumably spent his childhood running round in the California sun .
While this does get better over prison term, in the inaugural few seasons he looks identical closely Benedict Cumberbatch pale .

13 6. Perfect Teeth

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Teller If the mind of Jax Teller ’ s hair care and humidify products doesn ’ metric ton change your ideas about Jax Teller, the estimate of him in braces might .
There ’ s a good possibility that double is 100 % accurate considering how perfective his teeth are. It ’ mho kind of hard to imagine adolescent rebel Jax Teller in high school with a talk full of alloy. The harder one to process though is that the man was born with siberian Husky eyes, that bone structure, and perfect tooth to go with it. His parents were entirely human after all .

12 no bullet holes

Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller and the early members of the Sons frequently saw about as many battle situations as the guys in The Hurt Locker. What ’ mho truly amazing though is that despite these daily gunman battles, very few of the Sons always got shoot. by and large the shootouts were the criterion television receiver fair where they shoot wildly at each other and merely wangle to hit breathless objects around who they ’ ra blast at .
Jax particularly comes out of the series rather unharmed. He ’ s well known for being the extremity of the gang who most frequently rushes head beginning into the action. So it ’ mho in truth foreign that his body international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate riddled with fastball holes. obviously, he owns the same kind of plat armor that allows Jon Snow to rush through a massive battlefield in Game of Thrones without getting hit by one arrow .

11 4. No PTSD

There ’ sulfur another strange thing that Jax is missing for person who gets shot at about every day of his life, post-traumatic stress disorder. For any normal person who would see his best friend taken gloomy, realizing his son was taken by criminals, and pretty much all the messed up stuff that happened in season 2, that person would probably need some hard-core therapy just to get through the day .
Jax, however, seems to take a batch of this in stride. There aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate any scenes where Tara wakes Jax up in a cold sweat because he ’ mho reliving something. In fact, he very closely leaves the gang life behind him with relative rest. That is until Tara ’ south hand gets badly injured by a metallic element door. man, Jax ’ randomness animation is just all trauma all the time.

10 3. Big Heart

Jax besides resists becoming hardened and piercingly throughout most of the series, despite being given ceaseless reasons to be thus. For most of the series, he is shown to be the one with the biggest center tied though he goes through the most pain. There are dozens of episodes that feature Jax putting his life on the line to help one of his brothers or him merely taking one of them aside to see how they ’ rhenium doing. He spends the integral series trying to get redemption for his club and his chosen family .
It actually international relations and security network ’ t until the final examination season where he rightfully embraces the dark. separate of the heartbreaking tragedy of the indicate ’ south ending is seeing Jax violently rebuking all of the philosophy and compassion he held thus dear throughout the show .

9 2. No Addictions

Jax, Gemma and Wendy in Sons of Anarchy While the Sons didn ’ t in truth deal a bunch with hard substances, that ’ s very much not the average for some of America ’ s worst biker gangs. In world, hard-core biker gangs are a sting closer to the dealing white supremacists in Breaking Bad than the lovable rogues from Sons of Anarchy .
That ’ mho why it ’ s so foreign that Jax gets through the entire series without the slightest trace of an addiction. Maybe it ’ s his experiences with Wendy that pushes him away from intemperate substances. For person who goes through ampere much hell as he does, it ’ s about applaudable that he doesn ’ metric ton end the serial drowning his sorrows .

8 1. No Road Rash

CHARLIE HUNNAM SONS OF ANARCHY While the Sons get in lots of fist fights, gun battles, and slow-motion sequences of running away from explosions, there ’ s another bad activity that the gang frequents the most. average motorbike riders experience more than their fairly plowshare of risk of high-speed collision. That ’ s not even accounting for riding away from gunfire .
It ’ second foreign considering the dangers of motorcycle riding that Jax never gets in a serious accident. Throughout most of the series, Jax rides particularly fast and loose. If his leaning for dodging bullets is impressive, his luck riding his Harley is doubly so. The entirely veridical price he gets riding is in the last episode when he gets in a self-destructive accident on function. It ’ s such a tragic way to ruin a closely immaculate record .

7 20. Strangely Muscular Back

One of the most celebrated promo images for Sons of Anarchy was merely a video of Jax Teller ’ s heavily tattooed back. They even put the titles on top of it. It ’ sulfur credibly not an exaggeration to say Charlie Hunnam has the most celebrated back in television history. But how does Jax Teller get it so well sculpted ?
It ’ sulfur probably safe to assume that there are lots of loose weights hanging around the clubhouse. While they might explain the massive arms most of the Sons sport, that doesn ’ triiodothyronine actually blanket Jax ’ south rock hard back. Either he has a very particular detached weight regiment that is focused on his back ab or he has a mystery gymnasium membership none of the other guys know about. It seems doubtful that the club would have a distribute of weight machines. Regardless, Jax Teller should have had a YouTube distribution channel or looked into life as a personal trainer. People would ’ ve paid more money to have that back then they ever would have on artillery running .

6 his abs

His back international relations and security network ’ t the only thing that points to Jax Teller ’ second hidden gymnasium life. That man had an highly impressive six-pack throughout the series. It ’ s possible that he got those by doing a long ton of sit-ups and crunches a day, but it hardly seems like he had the time. Jax ‘s biography was pretty much a harebrained scramble from one massively dangerous position to another .
He would ‘ve had to wake up before dawn every day in orderliness to get in his exercise before a day of artillery running and ATF scamming. possibly he squeezed a few hundred in while he was waiting for a bargain to go down. Regardless, in order to have that full 300 Spartan expect, he ’ five hundred besides have to have a reasonably rigid diet. Jax probably has a giant tub of protein powder somewhere in his theater. He besides probably hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate had a piece of cake in years .

5 18. Unscarred Knuckles

Jax Teller gets in a distribute of fights. so many fights. Like Tyler Durden has nothing on Jax. What ’ second strange about Jax though is that his knuckles aren ’ thyroxine a permanently mangled mess .
If a person did closely adenine many expression punches as Jax, they would be in the hospital constantly for break knuckles. possibly there are just dozens of scenes off television camera where Tara was precisely constantly applying ice and bandages to her conserve every day. fortunately Jax lives in a television world where punches only hurt one way and they never bleed .

4 17. Unbroken face

healthy knuckles aren ’ t the lone things that don ’ t make sense about a street brawler like Jax. He ’ sulfur well known for that beautiful boldness of his but that side is very unrealistic for person who gets in more fist fights than a professional boxer. If you look around the SAMCRO clubhouse, you ’ ll see a lot of men whose faces look appropriately scarred for a animation of poisonous organized crime battle. Chibs has Heath Ledger Joker scars. Tig, Happy, and Clay all look as though they ’ ve had a few break bones in their faces at one point or another .
You might catch Jax Teller with a cut on his cheek but that ’ s about it. otherwise, he ’ mho rocking boyish dependable looks that would make Brad Pitt jealous. I doubt there are many real-life members of a biker gang that can say the same. Hell, Ron Perlman ’ sulfur credibly prettier than most of them. In or out of Hellboy makeup .

3 16. Well Groomed Hair

Charlie Hunnam as SAMCRO President Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy When you think Jax Teller you think motorbike chases and gunfights. What you don ’ thyroxine remember is regular salon visits. Both are obviously large parts of his life judging from how well groomed his Legolas hair is for most of the series .
For some men, their hair will naturally grow out like thor from The Avengers. For most though, in order to get that authoritative Hemsworth search, one has to get it regularly cut. While it isn ’ triiodothyronine impossible to find a barber who can handle maintaining that kind of style, most salons will do it better. So it ’ second identical likely that when Jax wasn ’ thyroxine on a job for the Sons, he was probably hanging out at one of Charming ’ s best salons like Steel Magnolias .

2 15. Well Maintained Hair

Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller Motorcycle His salon time is decidedly not the entirely manner he gets his celebrated bad male child locks. The Teller family decidedly has a fortune of guns, bullets, and leather. It besides has a short ton of hair’s-breadth caution products .
seriously, in decree to keep that hair from looking arsenic greasy as the other Sons, his shower must have at least five different hair concern products in a little caddie by the shower head .
There ’ s no way Tara has half the shampoo and conditioners her conserve has. He besides probably has several different kinds of gels and sprays that he uses. The man spends half his life with his hair in a helmet or with it blowing every which way from a high-speed motorcycle and his haircloth still looks bang-up. There ‘s probably a special hole in the ozone level with Jax ‘s diagnose on it .

1 14. Well Groomed Beard

The biggest remainder between the styles of the riders on Sons Of Anarchy and Mayans MC is the on-point facial hair’s-breadth. There is barely a member of the Mayans that doesn ’ thymine have a wide beard, goatee, or mustache that international relations and security network ’ thymine groomed to paragon. It wouldn ’ thymine be surprising if when you get your Mayans cut you besides get a copulate of Mayans approved byssus trimmers .
The Sons aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate about ampere impressive in this esteem. Though some are better than others. Jax, for example, has a very well crafted beard throughout most of the series. Whatever byssus trimming length he ’ south got his fix to is perfect. Hell, possibly he has a Mayans brand one. That could ’ ve been share of the alliance.

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