Initial D x Nike Dunks Are Just Lovely

Custom Dunks While the Dunk craze is surely reaching its saturation point—I was in Sydney sooner this week and it felt like 40 % of kids were rocking Pandas —there ’ second constantly room for invention and perplex blueprint work on the decades-old horseshoe. It just doesn ’ t always have to come from Nike itself.

Singapore ’ s Ng Poh Hian, aka Bob, is one of the world ’ sulfur best fink customisers, taking official shoes and cutting them up, changing their colourways, and adding details to create his own sought releases. His label, No-Brainer *, has been dressing up ( and dressing down ) sneakers like the Air Force 1, Dunks, Blazers, Converse All-Stars and Vans sk8 ( equitable to name a few ) for years, but it ’ s his latest campaign, a pair of Dunks based on the manga/anime series Initial D, that I want to look at today. ad

Based wholly on Takumi Fujiwara ’ s Toyota Sprinter, they ’ rhenium not precisely screaming, “ I am a fink based on an honest-to-god, beloved manga, ” but anyone who knows the car/series will know straightaway away what the deal is. The color are arrant, the text at the cad is necessary, the license plate being stamped on the midsole is a decent touch, and I truly like the little orange tag to represent the indicators. here ’ s a count at the shoe and the car together to give you an theme of what ’ s being borrowed for the court :

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And here ’ s a mock- up of what the shoe would look like in the flesh :

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When these were foremost shown off a few days ago on the label ’ mho Instagram page, Bob said, “ T his is a gym shoe concept design, ” and that they were “ not available at the moment. ” public reception has been so overwhelmingly positive since those first base images, however, that there are immediately handiness details. Bob has since put up a new mail teasing a September release :

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As for getting hold of a pair, well, it ’ sulfur 2022, you should already know what to expect, but I ’ ll spell it out anyhow. Because these are customs, you won ’ triiodothyronine be relying on the regular ( and absolutely broken ) store-to-StockX pipeline ; alternatively these are purchased directl yttrium from Bob, albeit within a very short timeframe and for a batch of money .

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