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We might all not be Carrie Bradshaw, but us women decidedly love our shoes !
How often have we all adored a perfect trim on person, staring in awe from head to toe, merely to realize that their shoes ( or footwear ) spoiled it all ! That ’ second true, its an understated reality which therefore many of us do not pay much attention to, at least most of the time ; your footwear can make or break your whole equip !
You might be wearing that arrant LBD or a well fitted pencil dame and chose a pair of flip flop like sandals to go with it, then you have in full got it wrong and no Manolo Blahnik can save you !
therefore, to make things a bit easy, here is a little lead to help you women choose the mighty footwear to go with your outfits according the length of your hedge ( or equip ).

Footwear-Dress Length Guide

nowadays for the purpose of the steer, let ’ s divide the apparel lengths into 5 general categories : Full or Maxi duration, Calf length, Knee length, Above the Knee or Thigh length and Minis .
Skirt length and footwear guide

Full or Maxi length

With full duration skirts or dresses, strappy sandals are a capital mind, indeed are bellies or ballerinas, wedges and pass flops. If you are looking to wear a casual maxi dame or maxi dress during the day, then strappy sandals or comfortable first gear heel wedges are ideal and for a more slenderly more sophisticated equip during the evenings like a party or fondness event, you can match them with strappy heels .
With maxi, keep off pumps ideally, but if you in truth want to wear heels, you could possibly pick peep toes. besides, you could choose platform heels.

Calf length

footwear ideal for any calf length or below the stifle distance skirt or dress includes wedges, kitten heels, cheep toes, sneakers, loafers and stilettos. Strappy sandals might not actually be a great idea to pair with this. even knee high boots go well with calf length or midi style outfits .
lean : Since your footwear would be visible, to create a statement look, you can try choosing a shoe or sandal that has detailing in it like loafers with tassels. similarly, try to pick your footwear in a compliment or contrasting tad .

Knee length

Of course, today sneakers are making a great manner tendency and are seen being paired even with lehengas ! But in truth, sneakers do make a great combination with knee length dresses and skirts and look identical sporty and chic. besides, great are wedges, peep toes and kitten heels .

Above the Knee or Mid Thigh Length

Wedges, bellies, loafers, ankle length boots and sandals are perfect to go with dresses that have a hemline above the stifle or of a mid second joint distance.


fortunate rule : The shorter the hemline or length, the lower the heel. A miniskirt wear with stiletto may end up looking tacky than trendy, but when paired with loafers, ballet flats or even white sneakers will look chic and polish. similarly, prizefighter sandals and ballerinas or kitten heels are besides a good mind for above the knee duration outfits .

A few footwear choosing tips

finally, here are a few simple however useful tips to keep in judgment when trying to match your dress and footwear .
As a first move to ensure that you have got your complete equip ready, is to get a broad length mirror .

  • Try to pick complementing colors to go with your outfit rather than total matching shades, since that would look quite odd, matching from head to toe. Similarly, you could try to match your footwear with a particular element of your dress like the color of the belt or bow, scarf etc.
  • Always have a pair of comfortable shoe handy and ideally browns and blacks are good idea since they go well with almost everything.
  • Always consider the season when choosing your footwear.
  • Make sure you always choose the most comfortable fit when it comes to footwear. Buying a tight one, presuming it will stretch over the time, can most often prove to be a bad move.
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