Wear your men’s black jeans with style (outfit guide)

Black jeans are a homo ’ s raw material that go with basically everything. Play with them and dress them up and toss off to feel comfortable and look put together all the time. On the other pass, black jeans never look dull! Mix them with interesting tops, shoes or let them stand entirely if you go for a copulate of rip or exhausted jeans. At Hockerty, we offer you an choice to design your own black, customs made, made to measure jeans in many fits : tight-fitting, reduce, straightaway, bootcut …you appoint it. Contemporary, modern, but dateless .

men's black jeans style
Black men ‘s slender jeans

What to wear with black jeans for men? 

This question is very easy to answer. Everything ! flush if you put on your favourite black jeans, basic white jersey and your comfortable sneakers, you wo n’t look boring. That is unless your jeans are ill-fitting or besides worn out. Learn how to take care of your jeans and how much you should wash them here .
As we understand that saying you can combine your total darkness jeans with everything is besides undefined to help, no worries, we will provide you with some styling ideas. This way, you can wear your black jeans every day while still looking concern and different .

Black jeans with black shirt – keep it all black

men's black jeans
Jeans, blazer, shirt, boots

All black outfits are a must try ! Black is a colored semblance and complementing your black jeans by another black pieces is a statement move. Saying that you will look aphrodisiac in a black shirt and black suit blazer is an understatement. Add a pair of high quality, bootleg leather boots and you have it, Joe Black .

black jeans for men outfits
Custom made black Chelsea boots

Black jeans with white shirt – keep it basic

The most simple and the most stylish combination out there – your favourite black jeans with your white shirt. Such a dateless and casual, even elegant combination that you can wear basically anywhere. Play it safe and to keep things casual, put on a colored open shirt over your jersey, fooling jacket or wear sunglasses .

Black jeans and a black field jacket – keep it stylish

battlefield crown is a universal piece that can, similarly to jeans, be dressed up and down based on your preferences. originally a military piece, nowadays it ‘s been lento coming to wardrobes of more and more stylish men. Upgrade your jump or fall spirit with it, combine your black field jacket with your black jeans and you will look like a movie headliner .

Black jeans with boots, loafers and dress shoes – keep it all-year round

We have written a whole separate blog station about which shoes to wear with your jeans. To recap the most crucial things : your men’s black jeans will look fabulously well with a pair of brown or black men ‘s boots. Choose from chelsea, dress boots or chukka and you will always look on point. For the transitional periods, compass for your sneakers or dress shoes. Remember : the more details are featured on your shoes, the more fooling your final black jeans outfit will look. And final but not least, enjoy your favorite pair of cutting on loafers in summer. This will add a nice loosen equal to your black jeans on a hot summer days .

Find out more custom black jeans here. Decide about details, washings, threads and so much more. 

For a more ocular and outfit inspiration, we recommend you to watch a video from Parker. Learn how to wear your black jeans for men with style:

Check black jeans Hockerty collection :

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