How Men Should Dress (By Women We Love)

1 | Eva Longoria – Actress
What looks good on a man?
A courtship. It should be tailored and fitted. And a beneficial watch, classy and understate, as opposed to flashy and statement-oriented .
What should a man never wear?
Never wear besides much cologne. And I hate knitted sweaters. It precisely seems very feminine for a man to wear a knit sweater with a shirt. work force should never wear high-waisted pants. I hush see some of those around… on a few people in particular .

2 | Laura Craik – Fashion editor, The Times

+ No world, however porky, skinny, gangling, knee bend, abdominous, thick-necked or slope-shouldered, can go ill-timed in a charcoal grey V-neck jumper with a white jersey underneath, worn with dark-wash jeans. It is impossible to look bad in this jazz band. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know why. The news bulletin of white at the neck is more forgive to your average male complexion than a night crew neck, and the solid look is good casual. Men aren ’ t urged to look “ casual ” with the grim frequency that women are, which is a dishonor, as a bunch of them could do with looking less, emergency room, “ effortful ” .
I dislike any sort of underpants that have a logo running around the top of the elastic. I don ’ metric ton care if it says Calvin Klein or Next – it ’ s still tragic and wyrd. Why would you advertise any trade name via the medium of your boxer shorts ? inexplicable .

3 | Kim Cattrall – Actress
+ A scarf. It adds color and flare to a conservative or relax style. And a scent. Something elusive that you remember .
Men wearing knee-high egg white socks when they ’ ra not playing cricket .

4 | Carla Bruni – Singer, model
+ What looks dear on a man ? A dark befit. Jeans and a white shirt, excessively. And I miss hats and gloves – very chic .
What should a man never tire ? Bow ties. Unless it ’ second on evening wear, like in Downton Abbey, when they get dressed for dinner. In that event, if you have person like Carson dressing you, a bow bind is o – but this is, like, 1920. Or a shirt with short-change sleeves. I think short sleeves are like the devil to me .

5 | Stacey Smith – Menswear buyer,
+ It ’ south about wearing what feels comfortable, and having assurance in how you dress – some of the best-dressed men ignore “ the rules ”. That said, every man should invest in the best shoes they can afford – a couple from Church ’ randomness or Mr Hare is the easiest way to lift an outfit .
not taking worry of yourself. Make indisputable shirts are pristine whiten, keep clothes well-ironed and well looked after. Take a considered approach to details – a bad copulate of socks or cheap jewelry can undo all your hard work in an blink of an eye .

6 | Emilia Fox – Actress
+ I love a man in a effective suit. My dad [ Edward Fox ] has the most beautiful suits that he wore when he was in Edward and Mrs Simpson ( 1978 ) – and inactive wears to this day, 36 years on. They are so dateless and elegant, thus much so that my buddy Fred wears a lot of them now. Which proves good how useful a well-cut suit is for a man .
Sandals. Full stop .

7 | Catherine Hayward – Fashion director, Esquire
+ Baseball T-shirts with a contrast raglan colorful sleeve – emphasises a potent shoulder. A cable knit chunky sweater in united states navy or achromatic cream, with a white jersey and dark jeans. long toilet : got to be clean, got to be cream and got to be lean – no paunches, please .
V-neck sweaters – runs the risk of stray chest hair peeping over the acme. besides, bum shoes with a point toe .

8 | Naomie Harris – Actress
+ It ’ s all about assurance. Being comfortable in your own bark, there is something so attractive about that .
A man should never, ever wear Ugg boots. I love my Ugg boot, I live in my Ugg boots, they are life-changing. But a man shouldn ’ thyroxine do it. It is not cool. Ugg boots break with confidence ? now that ’ s a unmanageable riddle .

9 | Lena Headey – Actress
+ Humour and confidence. And the occasional well-fitting dinner jacket never hurt anyone .
Too rigorous trousers. No one needs to see a man-toe cloaked in furrow, sweaty fabric .

10 | Dame Vivienne Westwood – Designer
+ I love long hair’s-breadth on men .
Tattoos – with the casual exception. Most people are lacking in culture and choose images that don ’ triiodothyronine mean anything. besides, a man shouldn ’ t wear his shirt over his trousers. Every now and again it works. But by and large they end up looking like babies .

11 | Tracey Emin – Artist
+ A well-tailored vest is the aphrodisiac thing that a man can wear.

High-waisted red trousers .

12 | Ellie Goulding – Singer
+ All black. A truly nice total darkness T-shirt. I ’ molarity a bit of a Goth, in truth .
A scabby tracksuit is a no-go. But if you can style it out…

13 | Garance Doré – Photographer
+ I like a valet who ’ sulfur not afraid to play with fashion. When it ’ s excessively polish, it ’ randomness distracting. apart from that, there are no rules, it ’ second about knowing who you are and going for it. A good olfactory property is the arrant to-die-for refer .
I ’ thousand not a fan of deep V-necks. And I have a problem with pointy shoes .

14 | Sarah Ann Macklin – Model
+ A smile, with well teeth. A estimable smile is then attractive .
Leather trousers and Ugg boots. Just say no .

15 | Alison Loehnis – President,
+ It ’ s a simple formula : a perfectly cut jacket, a crisp shirt, a great cashmere perspirer, chino. A great pair of sneakers or shoes by John Lobb .
Tuck fitted shirts in nice and fast – the survive thing you want is anything looking excessively blousy. And a world should never wear shorts in the city .

16 | Helena Christensen – Model, photographer
+ Clothes that are an formula of a valet ’ second spirit, charisma, humor and mind .
a long as it ’ s a true extension of their personality, men should equitable go for it. They can look full in reasonably much anything, even dresses. possibly not knee socks .

17 | Elizabeth Mcgovern – Actress
+ Men look good when they appear they haven ’ thymine tried besides heavily. A corduroy jacket works .
I don ’ t think a man, any valet, should always wear boat shoes. specially with no socks. Ugh, can ’ triiodothyronine bear it .

18 | Trudie Styler – Producer, actress, Mrs Sting
+ I love beautiful suits and white shirts and dress studs, with a gorgeous cufflink. That ’ s quite a turn-on .
Dungarees… no, though I ’ ve got some capital pictures of Sting in dungarees, specially without a shirt on. But sandals with socks – I don ’ triiodothyronine like that .

19 | Joan Collins  – Actress, author
+ A man can ’ metric ton go wrong in a well-cut befit with a beautiful shirt and link and well-polished shoes. I like jeans – if they fit – with an open-necked shirt, a leather jacket and loafers .
Speedos or budgie-smugglers. Hideous, even on professional swimmers. Low-slung jeans do nothing for me, either. man with besides much jewelry are defendant. Underwear showing is horrid, besides .

20 | Brit Marling – Actress, writer, producer
+ Suits expect good. But a patrol undifferentiated looks even better ! Jimmy Nesbitt in his in [ Danny Boyle ‘s ] Babylon is a sight to behold .
Sweatpants. With the ankles bunched up.

Taken from Esquire ‘s big Black Book Spring / Summer 2014 : the style manual for successful men, on newsstands now. Buy it hera

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