30+ Outfit Ideas For The Father of The Bride & Groom That’ll Make Them Look Dapper!

Let ’ s begin by wishing the dearest dads out there a very Happy Fathers Day. You guys are the real number heroes whose capes are inconspicuous but the powers are identical much visible. To honour the cool fathers, we ’ ve found 30+ equip ideas that fathers of the bridget and groom can pick for the wedding day. These are trendy, imperial, and will make the dads look dapper ! Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe us ? Take a expression at these outfits !

Latest Outfit Ideas For The Father of The Bride & Groom

White Outfit That is Always Charming!

No matter what routine, men look highly elegant and sophisticated in egg white. The tinge is so rich and elegant that dads can opt for a white sherwani or Nehru jacket in this coloring material without having second thoughts .

Coordinated Outfits Are Simply The Best! 

father ! Having an element or color which is coordinated amongst the entire wedding party look then dependable at weddings. The photograph turn out to be beautiful and the guests would not be able to miss out on the coordination !

Put A Jacket On It! 

Nehru jackets have become a staple for men when it comes to an indian marriage. Every homo must have one in their cupboard with either a very contrast coloured kurta or one which blends perfectly. Oh, and these dads have nailed their Nehru jacket looks like a BOSS !

Pastels Never Go Out Of Fashion

Pastels work very well for functions like the mehendi function or a day marry. And, we just adore men who can pull off a full pastel Nehru jacket or a sherwani in this color pallette. Lucky for us, we found these father of the bride and groom who was able to pull this off so well !
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Bandgala Two Piece Set For A Royal Look

First of all, we love these cutesy bride & father photograph that will melt your center away ! so, adjacent up if you want your dad to rock the men ‘s ’ spirit then going for a bandgala should be a must. This character of bikini set looks bang-up on fathers and we ’ ll permit you in on a privy, which makes them look thinly and grandiloquent. Isn ’ t that good fantastic ! ?

Three-Piece Suits Are Timeless! 

The one kind of equip which we ’ ve spotted at every individual marry since american samoa long as we can remember is a three-piece suit. It ’ s comfortable to pull off, classy, and looks big on men ( basically a dateless piece ! )
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So which outfit are you gonna pick for your dad? Tell us in the comments section below!

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