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Going to an indoor edm concert can be a distribute of fun, but if you don ’ thyroxine know what to wear, you might end up looking like a sum jerk. Our guide will help you avoid that destiny !
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today we ’ ra going to cover the best kit choices for an indoor EDM concert. This is a fairly niche subject, but I ’ megabyte certain you ’ ll find it interesting—and possibly even helpful !
First things first : why are you going to an EDM concert ? Is it because your favorite DJ is playing, or because you love the music ? Or maybe it ’ s fair because you need something to do on a Friday night. Whatever your reason, we ’ re here to help you look bang-up while enjoying an flush of musical entertainment.

What to wear to an indoor edm concert

Hello, readers ! I ’ m so excited to share with you my guide to dressing for an indoor electronic dance music concert .
What is EDM ? Electronic dance music, or EDM, is a genre of music that originated in the early 1980s in Chicago and Detroit. It ’ s characterized by insistent beats and synthesizer sounds .
Though EDM has many different subgenres, the most popular one is techno. popular artists include Skrillex, Deadmau5, and The Chainsmokers .
When you ’ re headed to an EDM concert, you want to make certain that you look estimable .
But what if you ’ re going to an indoor EDM concert ? What should you wear ? here are some tips for making certain that your outfit is both comfortable and looks good .
You know, I love going to concerts .
But one thing that always stresses me out is what to wear .
When you ’ re in a large crowd, it ’ south easy to get lost in the shuffle—and I don ’ t want to be the person who shows up in jeans and a jersey, lone to realize everyone else is wearing formalwear ! But on the other hand, if I go all out with my kit and it rains or gets cold, then what ?
I ’ ve put in concert this usher for outdoor concerts so that no matter what happens at your following concert experience, you ’ ll be prepared for anything .
The summer concert season is upon us, and you know what that means : it ’ sulfur fourth dimension to pack your bags and head out to an outdoor venue. Whether you ’ re attending a festival or seeing one of your favorite bands in an open field, you ’ ll need to know what to wear therefore that you can stay cool, comfortable, and stylish all at once !

so what should be on your checklist ? First off, think about the weather. Is it going to be hot out ? Is it going to be rainy ? If sol, try to bring some water with you—it will help keep you hydrated while besides keeping your skin moisturized with a little SPF .
next up are shoes. You want something durable enough for the crap and grass ( or gravel ) but besides comfy enough that they won ’ t make your feet huffy by the end of the night .
last, think about accessories—you don ’ t want anything excessively heavy or bulky because it could get in the manner of dancing ( or worse : get lost ). But if you can find something light that adds just enough color without being distracting, then go for it !
It ’ s last here ! You ’ ve been waiting for months, and now it ’ randomness about time to go. You ’ ve been waiting all year for this concert, and it ’ s finally here—but what are you going to wear ?
If it ’ mho cool outside, consider wearing one of your favorite stylish tees (or a band tee) with a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are extremely fashionable and can take any casual kit up a notch. This weatherproof crown is lightweight, so it won ’ thyroxine be besides heavy for an outdoor testify .


What to Wear to a Concert: 15 Rockin’ Outfit Ideas
Half the fun of attending a bouncy concert is picking out what to wear, correctly ? You want to stand out in a ocean of fans but hush be comfortable enough to dance your butt off all night long. Need a sting of inspiration ? Check out these 15 ideas for what to wear to a concert. Rock on !
Bodycon Skirt + Tee + Studded Heels

Do you love getting dressed up for events but still want to look like you just threw on an amazing outfit ? Julie of Sincerely, Jules absolutely killed it with this grey bodycon surround. The stud heels add a bit of bling to dress it up. Swap out the jean for a leather jacket for extra boundary, or swap a basic tee for a diaphanous clear .
Leather Overalls + Biker Boots

Looking for something super-trendy with a bit of edge ? Give a pair of leather shortalls a become. If you ’ rhenium daring like Chiara of The Blonde Salad, wear a flashy white brassiere or crop top underneath and team with a funky pair of shoes. We love sneakers or loafers—cute and, more importantly, comfortable .
Flowy Dress + Western-Inspired Ankle Boots

If Jack Johnson always decides to leave his island home again, we know what we ’ ll be wearing. A simple flowy dress is the easiest way to be comfortable and fashionable at a summer concert. We love how Kimberly of Eat Sleep Wear juxtaposed her blowy boho dress with Western-inspired booties. Add a diskette hat and sunglasses for outdoor summer days .
Slit Skirt + Simple Tank + Sandals

A bare equip like this is perfect for outdoor music festivals in the summer. Trine ’ s blowy skirt keeps her overlay yet cool, and a dim-witted exceed dresses down the look for an effortless vibration. Add a strappy pair of sandals or metallic slip-ons, and don ’ t forget your carryall bag ( with lots of sunscreen ! ) .
Lace Romper + Cowboy Boots

No country-show look is dispatch without a trusty match of cowboy boots. We love the way Aimee of Song of Style gave hers a sweet vibration by pairing them with a lace romper. A lightweight jean jacket or chambray shirt is perfect for when the sun sets and the bass—er, temperature—drops .
Sporty Duo

We fell in love with the sporty vogue that ruled summer 2014, and, lucky for us, it translates into the perfective outfit for a concert. The white-on-white-on-white of Christina of Trop Rouge ’ south ensemble is chic. Keep your look monochromatic, and add a popular of color with accessories .
Graphic Sweatshirt + Red Lips

A graphic sweatshirt and a well-fitted pair of jeans make a simple and effortless attend for any concert. Channel Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland adds excess special air service with a boldface red sass. Swap the heel booties for sneakers for more comfort ( though the booties look wholly BA ) .
Graphic Dress + Denim Jacket + Fedora
what to wear to a concert
Dressing up for a concert is a capital time to play with colors and patterns. The strike red-and-black convention on Saray ’ s chemise dress stands out in a push. Swipe on some graphic melted eyeliner, and flip on a structured wide-brimmed hat for a cool yet casual vibration. Chunky booties are the arrant finish up contact ( plus your feet will be dependable when you venture into the mosh pit ) .
Black on Black on Black
what to wear to a concert
An all-black corps de ballet is a no-brainer when it comes to concert attire. Swap out the common black pants and black top for a black musical instrument digital interface dress and leather booties. A leather jacket toughens it up a bit. Bonus points if yours is customized like Denielle ’ second of We Wore What. now that ’ s badass .
Patterned Pants + Loose Top
what to wear to a concert
Looking for something comfortable yet stylish to wear to a concert ? We ’ re obsessed with these loosen cotton pants and this satiny top on Lucy of Fashion Me now. Toss a blazer over lead for a more elegant count, or wear the duet as is to a concert on the beach .
Circle Skirt + Slit Top
what to wear to a concert
A lap annulus and a comfortable top is our darling go-to outfit for a summer concert. Sarah of Framboise Fashion paired her ensemble with heels, but we think a whiten couple of sneaks would do the trick excessively. Whether you ’ rhenium sitting on the green fetching in the summer tunes or dancing your fuck off in a sweaty sphere, this equip is sure to steal the usher .
Boyfriend Jeans + White Tee + Sneakers
what to wear to a concert
dirt is at the apex of a huge comeback, and what better venue than a concert to show your love for the ’ 90s ? Whether you groove to Garbage or swoon at the voice of Jeff Mangum, you can ’ thymine go faulty with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a childlike white top. Toss on a chain-link bag and animal-print sneakers to complete the count .
Cutoffs + Kimono
what to wear to a concert
Cutoffs are a summer music festival staple—no newsworthiness there. This year, up your stylus game with a floor-length floral kimono. Look for one with pops of color and small details like fringed hems. team with a copulate of moto booties for all-day comfort in vogue .
Floral Dress + Tough Boots
what to wear to a concert
A floral dress teamed with tough boots is partially girly, separate dirt. We love the skater cut of Rumi Neely ’ s ’ 90s floral dress. Add an outsize and distress denim jacket to keep you warm in the cool night breeze. nowadays can we see the Coachella batting order, please ?
Leather Skirt + Sweatshirt + Beanie
what to wear to a concert
If Kylie Jenner is your style idol, you ’ ll love this look ( plus Kanye would wholly approve, we think ). Start with a leather lap dame, and then add either a sweatshirt or an outsize graphic tee—the sporty the better—up top. finish with a long-winded beanie and high-top sneaks for a flirty and fresh concert equip .


not certain what to wear to a area concert ? then check out our nation music concert vogue guide for women. Get ideas for your adjacent nation concert outfit
state concerts can be a great time, whether indoors or outdoors. There ’ sulfur music, dance, and gay food and beverage, but a bad part of the playfulness is getting to break out your best copulate of cowgirl boots. At a country concert, you ’ ll likely be on your feet for an drawn-out period of time, thus comfort is samara here. Need divine guidance ? here are some easy-to-pull-off ideas on what to wear to a country concert .
woman with guitar

What Should Women Wear to a Country Concert?

When it comes to choosing what to wear to a area concert, you can ’ thymine go wrong with cowgirl boots, denim, and a T-shirt or flowy top. wear cheeseparing jeans tucked into your boots—or denim shorts for a fun, casual look—along with your favorite blouse or flannel button-down. Shop our latest women ’ mho westerly fashion finds !
Dresses are besides a great option, particularly for warmer weather. Try a flowy midi dress with a simple pattern, paired with a stylish pair of short cowgirl booties .
For western dresses and tops, go for solid colors—or add a bit of flair with embroidery, flowered patterns, or geometric designs .
If you want to go full-on cowgirl, wear a washcloth or tartan top over light-wash, boot-cut jeans, throw on your cowgirl boots, and top off the search with a felt hat and some jewelry .

The Boots Are Everything

When putting in concert your outfit for a country concert, the boots are the most important separate. Make a statement with a copulate of cowgirl boots in bold colors or try a fall design with a Southwestern-inspired pair of cowgirl boots. Headed to an even country concert ? Studded cowgirl booties are the cowgirl boot equivalent of senior high school heels. Wear them with capri, shorts and a dressier top, or a flowy full-dress for a head-turning state concert outfit .
three woman in front of house

Hats and Hair

When thinking approximately what to wear to a nation concert, don ’ metric ton forget to top off your spirit. Hats are a raw material in a western wardrobe. When attending an outdoor concert, wearing a hat is a big way to show off your style while besides protecting your face from the sun. If you ’ re going for a traditional look, wear your cowboy boots with the quintessential topper : a classical cowboy hat. Match the color of your hat to the coloring material of your boots and dance the night away. But don ’ t feel like you have to stick with tradition. Add some personality with a teamster hat or snapback cap—or forgo the hat entirely and let your hair do the talking .
There ’ s no one way to vogue your haircloth for a state concert. Some people love getting a runaway to wear to a country concert ; others prefer to keep it simple by throwing their hair up in a ponytail. The period of a state concert is to have playfulness, so style your hair in a way that makes you feel felicitous, confident, and comfortable .


The type of clear you wear to a state concert largely depends on the rest of your kit. If you plan on wearing a match of distress brown cowgirl boots, stick to more casual top, like a denim button-down, chunky knit, or graphic tee. Or dress up a pair of cowgirl booties with an off-the-shoulder top or flowy cardigan.

three women's legs

Pants or Shorts?

Whether you wear pants or shorts to a state concert depends on the weather, your preference, and how traditional you want your kit to be. Traditionally, cowboy boots are worn with pants or jeans, and if the country concert you ’ rhenium attend is in the fall or winter, you might be more comfortable in pants. For outdoor concerts, particularly in the summer, wearing shorts can keep you cool while you dance to your favorite birdcall .

Should You Wear a Dress to a Country Concert?

absolutely ! Wearing a cunning and dim-witted sundress, midi dress, or Western-style dress with cowboy boots to a area concert allows you to look cute while staying comfortable .
No matter what you wear to a country concert, the important thing is to have a good clock. And don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to go full-on country—that ’ s partially of the fun !

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