Best Tips for How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep in the Winter

Wondering how to dress your baby for sleep in winter? Follow these tips to keep your baby warm even in the coldest months!
baby swaddled for winter
There ’ s a lot to obsess over when you ’ re a fresh parent ! Sleep schedules, how much your baby is eating, and whether they ’ rhenium hitting developmental milestones all come to mind .
With indeed many other things to think about, I never imagined that one of my biggest worries as a new rear would be whether my baby was sleeping at a comfortable temperature each night !
I honestly obsessed over the thermostat. once I read that the ideal room temperature for my baby was between 68 and 72°, it was all I could think about while she slept.

As temperatures began to dip outside during her first winter, I realized that keeping the ideal temperature inside our theater was going to be hard to do. There was no way we could run our heater on full moon fire all winter .
I needed to figure out a better way to control our daughter ’ s temperature at night. It turned out that the solution was how I dressed her for sleep .
now I ’ ve done my research so that you don ’ t have to. If you ’ re wondering how to dress your baby for sleep in winter, let me share what I learned in the process !
baby girl sleeping in winter clothes

How Do I Keep My Baby Warm at Night in the Winter?

There ’ sulfur lots to consider when you ’ re trying to figure out how to keep your pamper warm at night .
The temperature of the room, the warmheartedness of their invest, and the number of layers they ’ re dressed in all play an important separate in keep your baby ’ s temperature at a comfortable level .
Your first occupation of defense against chili bedtimes is the thermostat. But if you ’ re having a hard time keeping your baby ’ s board a coherent temperature, there are other ways to keep your pamper warm .
sometimes it ’ second ampere simple as adding more layers or coverings for your baby. Footie pajama, swaddles, and sleep sacks are a capital way to add warmth .
Woolino sleep sacks are some of the best sleep sacks out there because they can be used all year hanker ! Their sleep bag regulates your baby ’ s body temperature in all four seasons so you don ’ t have to worry if your baby is excessively hot or excessively cold !
They besides come with a seat belt time slot so you can put your baby in their rest dismissal and even safely buckle them up in their car induct. It ’ mho perfect for those chilly winter nights when you ’ re out belated with your baby !
It ’ mho authoritative to keep your baby warm enough while they sleep in the winter, but you besides need to make sure you do it safely !
The ABCs of safe sleep are safe sleep guidelines by the american Academy of Pediatrics and a great way to help you remember what is and international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate safe when you are putting your little one to sleep .
A good predominate of finger to remember is that a bore pony is a safe cribbage .
If your baby is younger than 12 months, you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate manipulation bed ( like blankets or sheets ) to add heat. rather, you ’ ll need to adjust how you dress your pamper for sleep .
baby in footed pajamas

What Should My Baby Wear to Bed in Winter?

So how should you dress your baby to sleep during the winter ? The answer to that question will depend on their age and how cold the temperature is in your house .
winter can feel in truth different for families depending on the climate they ’ ra animation in. But even in our mild californian winters, it ’ s not always potential to keep the thermostat at the ideal temperature. I imagine in places like the Midwest, it ’ randomness even harder !
What your newborn wears to sleep will differ greatly from how to dress a toddler for rest in the winter. Toddlers are honest-to-god adequate to regulate their own torso temperatures, and you can besides use bedding to make them warmer .
fortunately, it ’ sulfur much easier to help your baby adjust to a cool climate with proper invest or coverings than it is to get them comfortable when they ’ rhenium overheated .
baby swaddled for winter

What Should a Newborn Wear to Sleep in the Winter?

Newborns aren ’ metric ton able to stabilize their own body temperatures even. Younger babies need our help to keep their bodies warm, but we besides need to be careful not to overheat them.

overheating has been linked to a greater gamble of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in infants and newborns .
In the winter, your newborn will credibly be comfortable sleeping in footed pajama and a breathable swaddle or sleep sack. You can besides pair a retentive sleeve onesie with a ardent micro-fleece swaddle .
Woolino swaddles are made of merino wool, which creates a microclimate around your pamper ’ s body to naturally regulate their torso temperature. These swaddles and rest bags are made of breathable fabrics that keep baby warm when it ’ mho cold and cool when it ’ randomness hot .
If your pamper placid seems excessively coldness wearing a couple of layers, try adding a short sleeve onesie underneath their pajama for an extra layer .

How Do I Know if My Baby is Too Cold in the Winter?

If you ’ ra not sure whether your baby is excessively cold, there ’ s an easy quiz. Touch your baby ’ s skin and see how it feels !
Your child ’ randomness arms and legs will naturally run a small cool to the touch than the perch of their body. Their congress of racial equality body temperature is easiest to test by touching their belly or the back of their neck .
When you use the contact quiz, your child should feel slightly warm but not sweaty or clammy. If your baby doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel very warm at all, that ’ s your bespeak to add a layer or two .
Woolino sleeping bag in baby's crib

How Many Layers Should a Baby Wear at Night in the Winter?

Adding a level or two to your baby ’ mho nightwear is an easy fix if they are besides cold .
If you ’ re hush not certain how to dress your baby for sleep in winter—or how many layers they should wear—think about what you ’ ll be wearing to bed .
Make surely that you dress your baby in layers and length appropriate for the season, equitable like you dress yourself .
When a pamper is younger than 18 months, I use the “ plus one ” method for dressing them to sleep in the winter. This means you dress your baby similarly to how you ’ ra dressing yourself for sleep together, and then add one extra layer .
Remember : if your baby international relations and security network ’ t old adequate to have loose blankets in their crib, you can use a swaddle or a wearable blanket as a blanket substitute .
Learn more about when your baby can sleep with a blanket !
baby dressed in footed pajamas brushing teeth

How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep Without a Sleep Sack

I understand that some babies hate the swaddle, or don ’ t tolerate the rest sack well. If that ’ s the character, you might be wondering how to dress your baby for sleep without a sleep dismissal .
many parents don ’ t understand that when it comes to warmth, not all baby clothe is created equal .
Did you know that baby clothes have something called a dress rate ? TOG stands for thermal overall grade and is a standardize method of measuring how warm a piece of invest is .
When you ’ ra dressing your baby to sleep in winter, pay close attention to their pajama ’ s TOG rat. The higher the rate, the more insulation and warmth the dress provides to your baby .
You can ’ metric ton constantly determine how warm clothe will be for your baby based on how it looks or how thick it feels. TOG ratings and warmth are largely determined by the type of fabric used, and how breathable it is.

If your baby doesn ’ metric ton like to sleep with a rest sack, precisely make indisputable during the winter that you ’ rhenium dressing them in invest with a higher dress rat at bedtime .
once you master the art of layer, your small bundle will be able to sleep dependable all winter long ! I hope this gave you some tips to comfortably dress your baby for sleep this winter !
Wondering how to dress your baby in the summer as well ? I ’ ve got you covered for that excessively !

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