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The bucket hat is the perfect objet d’art of headgear for the spring and summer months. With things finally opening up across the earth, a full adjustment bucket hat is perfect for such outdoor activities including hike, golf, fish, boating and more. not lone is it in style but it has enough of utility that will keep you condom from the sun. however, finding a bucket hat that fits comfortably on your point can be slenderly difficult when compared to other headdress. In this article you will learn how to measure your hat size for a perfect meet .Perfectly Sized Bucket Hat

Why Are Bucket Hats Difficult to Measure?

Before we go into measuring a hat size, why are bucket hats then hard to measure ? Because most are not numerically sized, the common 59FIFTY suit sizes won ’ thymine help. The sizing typically runs at S/M and/or L/XL separate, which can be confusing. A dim-witted firearm of advice on how to measure hat size is by plainly trying on the hat in person and returning it if it does ’ metric ton meet. however, in the senesce of e-commerce and on-line shopping, this can be frustrating and time devour. When looking for the perfect hat size, you want to make certain that the crown of the hat very fits on the circumference of your fountainhead. Meaning you want to have some jiggle room around your attic, when measuring a hat size .

How to Measure a Bucket Hat Size

Measuring Tape for Hat Size To avoid the frustrations of buying a hat that does not fit, here is a goofproof manner to find the perfective fit. The simplest way is to find a hat that you already have that is similar in size and dash to the hat you are looking for. however, if that does not work, there ’ s another way to measure your hat before making your beginning bucket hat leverage : measure your drumhead ! hera are the typical hat sizes for adults : S/M ( 57.5 curium ), M/L ( 60.5 centimeter ), and XL ( 62.5 ). now that you know these sizes, let ’ s find the circumference of your promontory ! Step one is to grab a videotape bill or piece of string. future, wrap it around your head, above your ears and across your eyebrows. Step two is to stick your finger under the tape so that there is a little room for comfort, and now you have your hat size ! If you used a string, use a ruler or measuring tape to calculate the length of the fortune used to wrap around your head.

now that you have the measurement for your hat size, hera are some lend considerations. What makes bucket hats so functional is that they can protect you from the sun ! however, not all bucket hats are equipped with UPF 50 fabrics. In light UPF ( Ultraviolet Protection Factor ) clothe works to protect the hide from the sun ’ sulfur harmful rays. If you ’ re an avid outdoors person like we are at Rayward Apparel, having a bucket hat that can protect is a must have. In fact, Rayward Apparel ’ s Sun Ops UPF 50+ collection of bucket hats is arrant suit for your future outdoor guess !

now that you know how to find your perfect bucket hat size, go ahead and hit the outdoors in style !

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